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Backpack brand recommendation: 16 backpack brands with the highest frequency

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LSome time ago, I wanted to change a commuter bag for myself, and sorted out 16 backpack brands that were mentioned more frequently. Although almost all the pictures are backpacks, many brands not only have backpacks, but also travel bags, computer bags, school bags and even mountaineering bags.

When purchasing a backpack, you should not only pay attention to the shape design, but also pay attention to the practicality, size, volume, materials and other parameters. Finding a good looking and suitable backpack is as difficult as finding a good looking and decent dress. Be patient.

In addition, in order to meet the needs of friends around us, we also did homework, and separately collated articles about women’s bags and schoolbag brands. If you are interested, you can look at them.



Finally, I hope you can remember our website. If you bought the wrong website, the website is the pinyin of “bought the wrong website”: maicuole com 。 This article has many paragraphs and long words. If you want to buy a really good bag, you need to read it patiently. You can bookmark after reading for more than one time.

1.Eastpak · Characteristics: durable and stable

Eastpak, a famous luggage brand in America. In the history of backpacks, it was the first manufacturer to use DuPont fabric Codura for backpack manufacturing, which greatly improved the durability of its backpacks and even won orders from the US military.

Eastpak’s backpacks are famous for their firmness and durability. Every backpack produced by Eastpak has a 30-year warranty commitment. In the first two years, the warranty is almost unconditional, so keep the invoice. It is quite durable, and it is not easy to wear it out.

Eastpak bags

Eastpak bags

Eastpak’s style is simple and generous, but it is relatively monotonous on the whole, but it is good to match. When the backpack is first used, the shoulder strap will be very hard. It will take a while to shape. It has the function of reducing pressure. It will become more comfortable after a long time.

DuPont fabric is used as the fabric, which is waterproof but cannot be soaked for a long time. Neutral detergent or detergent should be used for cleaning. Do not use chlorine bleached detergent and fabric softener. Its accessories Japan YKK zipper is also very smooth to use.

The disadvantage is that there are few inner bags, especially for girls, which are inconvenient to place. In addition, a close friend mentioned that because the quality of the backpack is so good, the backpack used from junior high school to senior high school graduation is not broken, so there is no reason to replace the backpack. It is also considered that when things get too far, they will turn against each other. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Eastpak’s backpacks range from over $20 to $100. However, most backpacks are priced in the range of $20 to $50. If they are used as school bags and commuting bags, they are very cost-effective considering the adverse quality.

2.JanSport · Features: durable and young

JanSport, a backpack brand founded in the United States in 1967, started out as a manufacturer of mountaineering bags. It was very famous in the United States due to its high quality and durability, but was later acquired by VF Group.

The JanSport backpack is divided into many series, including tourism, common use, classic, thick leather, etc., to meet the needs of daily life, learning, tourism, exploration, camping, etc.

JanSport bag

JanSport bag

His backpack has the same decompression effect as Eastpak, but the quality is still inferior to Eastpak, but the price is cheaper. The main material of the backpack is a new type of DuPont fabric, which is waterproof, wear-resistant, flexible, high-quality and colorful.

In terms of style, Janport is younger, with more patterns and styles, and Eastpak is more calm and simple. If you want to buy a backpack of good quality, JanSport is a good choice.

In terms of price, JanSport backpacks range from $31 to $123, but most of the bags cost less than 400 yuan, and 189 yuan is the mainstream. If you are sensitive to the price and want the backpack to be durable, JanSport is a better choice than Eastpak.

3.Herschel Supply Co · Features: Canadian national package, high appearance rate

Herschel is a bag brand in Canada, which is very popular in Canada. It is said that almost every Canadian student has one (affordable brand), but its popularity in China is not high.

Classic, little America and settlement are relatively common, among which little American is the most popular. This may be because it often appears in some Korean dramas and variety shows, but because of the price, the classic is the one that really sells the most.

Herschel Supply Co Bags

Herschel Supply Co Bags

Herschel is characterized by its ease of carrying, ability to pack, different styles and many styles. The disadvantage is that the metal zipper is difficult to pull, the leather zipper is easy to fall off, and the thread ends are easy to crack. The bag is also durable, but not as good as Eastpak and JanSport. Waterproof is also good.

In addition, there is a simple and crude method to classify Herschel’s backpacks according to the way of backpack opening. Herschel’s backpacks are divided into two categories. One category uses magnets as the opening, represented by Little America; The other is the zipper opening, represented by Heritage.

The advantage of Little America is that it has a computer interlayer and shoulder pad. It’s not so hard to carry it. However, for smaller girls, Heritage may be more appropriate. Of course, it depends on personal preferences.

In terms of price, it is not cheap compared with Eastpak and JanSport. The price of backpack is $30-$90, but the mainstream price is $40-$60. If you really like their backpacks and mind the price, you need to carefully consider and compare different styles and prices. But if you are not sensitive to the price, if you choose the expensive one, the package collision rate will decrease straightly.

4.Fjällräven · Feature: Wen Qing’s Love

Fjällräven is an outdoor brand in Sweden. Its products cover backpacks, tents, sleeping bags and outdoor clothing.

The most popular backpack of the arctic fox is KӒNKEN series, the backpack style of this series is not very different, but slightly different in details, color matching and size. It is very popular in northern Europe, and there are countless fans in China.

The design of KӒNKEN series backpack is simple and atmospheric, which is very popular among the literary youth. Many people love it. Although the style is single, there are many colors. It is a very light bag.

Fjällräven bags

Fjällräven bags

The waterproof effect is very awesome, wear-resistant, and can be loaded, but the shape is hard, and there are few pockets designed. In addition, the straps are very thin. It doesn’t matter if you usually carry less, but if you have more things to carry, remember to buy an official pressure relief belt, otherwise it will be uncomfortable.

Compared with ordinary bags, the most criticized one is K Ӓ The NKEN series backpacks are not resistant to dirt and fade easily. It is not recommended to wash them. They will fade after washing, and the edges will turn white. If the backpack is slightly backed, the version will collapse and will not support. If you really need to clean, you must use a special decontamination wipe, which is available in official stores.

In addition, it also needs waxing and maintenance. The maintenance method is to first coat the whole bag with wax, and then blow it with a hair dryer. The wax will melt into the fabric immediately. Wax sticks are available in official stores. After waxing, the bag will become very new, and the color will be bright.

In terms of price, the price range of the Arctic Fox backpack is $45-$120, but it is mainly concentrated in the $50-$80. However, the $79 version has the highest sales volume. It seems that everyone is very compromised.

5.Cote&ciel · Characteristics: design frontier, beauty first

I first knew that this brand was through the ISAR RUCKSACK that they cooperated with Impression Notes. At that time, it was a deep user of Impression Notes, so I got to know its peripheral products.

Cote&ciel is a young brand founded in Paris Marais in 2008. Cote&ciel, which means “coast and sky” in French, symbolizes the respect for the interaction between coast and sky, and draws inspiration from nature.

Compared with other backpacks, the shape design of cote&ciel backpack is very bold. Many styles are considered to be very cutting-edge designs in the backpack industry, and the same style is hard to find in the market. The most important thing about this brand’s bag is its design, which can be said to be its soul.

cote&ciel bags

cote&ciel bags

Cote&ciel’s product line covers a wide range: backpacks, mailman bags, dumpling bags, handbags, travel bags, handbags, storage bags and wallets. Moreover, some co branded products are often produced. For example, in addition to the products jointly produced with Impression Notes, a series of Apple product accessories have also been jointly launched with Apple.
Every year, there will be new styles, which are used in design (various patterns, lines, color contrast or solid colors) and materials (canvas, coated canvas, leather, polyester fiber, environment-friendly yarn, etc. have been used).

In addition, almost all cote&ciel backpacks have their own computer compartments, which are suitable for use by program apes. The fabric and zipper are waterproof, dirt resistant and maneuverable. The disadvantage is that for modeling, they have made sacrifices in size and weight. Most backpacks are not light in weight. The design of the backpack system is also very common, which makes it difficult to carry.

In addition, cote&ciel’s backpack is more suitable for tall people, and short people are hard to control. Be careful if you are less than 175cm tall!

The price of cote&ciel is really expensive, ranging from $220 to $771. However, the price of major backpacks is still between $320 and $390. In fact, I really don’t recommend their backpacks. Personally, the upper body effect is not very ideal.

6.Spreadground · Features: street, fanaticism, graffiti

Some people say that there are two kinds of backpacks in the world, namely, Sprayground and other brand backpacks. Although this is a bit exaggerated, it is not unreasonable.

Spreadground is an American brand (), founded by David Ben David (also known as DBD), a New York design lion. At first, the brand was positioned as a graffiti style backpack, with a style of focusing on pure street culture. In the later period, the worship of fashion and culture made DBD and his team decide to inject new labels into it.

Many people think that the backpacks of Sprayground are schoolchildren’s backpacks. Although not all of them are suitable for schoolchildren, after all, are there three good students?

Sprayground bags

Sprayground bags

This brand has a lot of backpack styles, which are colorful, cool, and street style, and the design on the bag is very creative. It mainly focuses on spoofs and graffiti, most of which are exaggerated and avant-garde. The style is updated very quickly, and each new product can make people see. The creativity is really unlimited.

The details were handled in a good way. Although there are some threads and the wiring is skewed, the overall situation is pretty good. The materials are thick and solid, and there is no problem in daily use.

Generally speaking, people who like fanatics prefer this brand, which is suitable for children’s shoes with exaggerated street style. It can really be said that it is a backpack brand that people like very much, and those who don’t like it dare not carry it.
In terms of price.

In fact, it is difficult to estimate the price of other bags before you choose them. Because you like bags with such strong style, there is little difference in style. Printing is the selling point, so it is more by the eye. You have to buy whatever you like, right? Never buy something you don’t like.

7.Kipling · Characteristics: female, regular

In 1987, kipling, was founded in Antwerp, Belgium. It was acquired by VF Group in 2004. It is a world famous fashion and leisure bag brand with a symbolic monkey on the bag.

At present, Kipling has counters in most cities in China, and the price is about hundreds to thousands of yuan. If you are a person who attaches great importance to the quality of bags, the cost performance of kipling bags is very good.

kipling bags

kipling bags

Kipling is mainly aimed at female consumers. Its bag design is standard, simple and generous, very European and American style, and is very good at using bright and bright colors. Each bag has many colors to choose from.

The material is generally made of ultra-thin high-grade nylon, which is wear-resistant, waterproof, easy to fold, easy to stain and easy to clean, especially suitable for various functions required by travel.

Kipling bags are not limited to backpacks. They range in price from $44 in pocket change to $128 in backpacks, mainly satchels. The mainstream price is below $100, and the distribution is relatively uniform. Of course, it is still much more expensive than the bags in some small stores. If you are a girl and are pursuing quality of life, you can learn more about this brand.

8.LeSportsac · Features: Women, Print

LeSportsac, a brand founded in New York in 1974, is mainly aimed at female consumers. It is the first to make classic folding nylon bags with parachute materials. The characteristics of the brand lie in the integration of American sports style, the combination of various colors and prints, and the emphasis on functionality. In 2007, the brand entered China, and now there are more than 100 physical stores.

LeSportsac bags

LeSportsac bags

As far as backpacks are concerned, there are many styles. The material is light and impervious. The interior and exterior structures of the bag are rich, and the zipper is also very smooth. Compared with kipling, LeSportsac has a wide range of styles and colors, which are very pleasing to the eye. However, due to the material, it is not very wear-resistant, so pay attention when using it.

The price positioning is similar to that of kipling, and it is also dominated by women’s satchels. There are $42 change purse to $202 handbag, and the price is relatively evenly distributed between $90 and $188, which is not cheap and suitable for girls who pursue quality.

9.Converse · Features: Converse, Students

In fact, this brand doesn’t need too much introduction. Converse, is very familiar at once, isn’t it?

Converse bags

Converse bags

Converse’s backpacks are not many, but not too few. The product quality is up to standard, and it is also very durable. Most of Converse’s backpacks have quite a few sandwiches. They are no longer afraid of having nowhere to put wallets, bank cards, ID cards, aunt paper, and private money. They have too many sandwiches, and people with poor memory have to doubt life! And the space is also large enough, no matter travel or school, anything can be stuffed into it.

The price is not too expensive. There are often activities. Students who are short of money can take advantage of the activities, which are much cheaper. Even if they don’t participate in the activity, their bags are mainly between $19 and $88 yuan, which is more conscientious than other brands above.

10.ROOTOTE · Features: Japanese civilian bag, dual-use backpack



In addition to the simple tote bag, ROOTOTE also launched a series of backpacks, which are very ingenious in design. They can be carried by hand or carried on the shoulder. They are not only beautiful, but also very functional. In addition, ROOTOTE attaches great importance to freshness and sense of design. It has co branded with many artists and attracted a large number of fans. In Japan, street bags exist and are very popular with young people.

Although the structure is simple, the ROOTOTE handbag has enough capacity and is very practical. With the lovely and fashionable design and lightweight canvas material, it can be used in shopping or out of the street. The key price is user-friendly, convenient to carry, and can reduce the use of plastic bags when shopping, which is very environmentally friendly. And the product line is very rich, you can always find one you like.

In terms of price, almost none of the bags in his home exceed $70, which is a bit like the children’s version of Converse. It’s really civilian. It is a little more expensive than the bags in the street shop, but the quality has improved a lot. It is very suitable for girls who are a little short of money but pursue the quality of life.

11.Casselini · Features: female, retro, lovely

Casselini is a female luggage brand founded in Harajuku, Japan in 1987. People who often read Japanese magazines must be familiar with this brand, which is very popular with women in Japan.

Casselini bags

Casselini bags

The luggage style of this brand is retro and lovely, and plush, folds and tassels are common elements. The design style is very unique. Each bag is not only cute but also practical. However, there are not many styles of this brand of backpack on Tmall, only a few.

In terms of price, Casselini’s bags are almost all below $130, but most of them are concentrated in several prices below $80. It is similar to the ROOTOTE of the same Japanese brand, but there are many more styles. Anyway, it is worth visiting by female friends.

12.Cath Kidston · Features: British, retro, floral

Cath Kidston is a relatively small brand in Britain. The brand was founded in 1993 by Cath Kidston, the founder. It was originally a traditional grocery store in Notting Hill, England. The store mainly sells traditional fabrics, furniture, classical appliances and other goods.

However, this is also the source of inspiration for Ms. CathKidston. She changed the traditional patterns of British rural style into fashionable and lovely prints, and applied them to various small things in life. The classic and retro small flower patterns created by Ms. CathKidston quickly captured the hearts of many women!

Cath Kidston bags

Cath Kidston bags

This brand has a wide product line, ranging from bags, clothes, accessories to various home products. Her family also has a wide range of bags, including mini bags, messenger bags, leather bags, shoulder bags, handbags, versatile cloth bags, suitcases and travel bags, all of which are full of British retro style, among which its printed handbag is the most popular classic design of the brand.

In the case of backpacks, there are only two models in the official store of Tmall, but they are very cute. The style is still floral, and girls will look very young. Although the bag looks quite big, the actual product is not big, and the quality is reliable.

In terms of price, the bag positioning of his family is similar to that of the British brand kipling at the same time. The slightly decent bag $10 starts, which is suitable for girls with a relatively comfortable life.

13.Hype · Features: Britain, Street

Hype is a trendy brand founded in the UK in 2011. Two young people who love design designed T-shirts to pass the summer vacation, but they inadvertently became popular. Hype is not only fashionable street style, but also full of humor and subversive spirit.

hype bag

hype bag

His backpack style is similar to Jansport and Eastpak, but he is better at using rich colors and patterns. Among them, the Star Bag is the most popular and became popular as soon as it was introduced, but other styles are also good. Besides backpacks, there are many other products in his family.

Hype’s backpacks are high in appearance, mainly in college style, light and durable. The interior design is relatively simple, with only one computer compartment.

In terms of price, there are only two kinds of bags, 299 and 319. However, there are few styles, and the style is similar to Eastpak, but the choice of surface and wear resistance are not as good as Eastpak.

14.Everylane · Features: Minimalism, frigidity

Everlane is a fashion brand founded on the West Coast of the United States in 2011. It has won a large number of fans by adhering to the concept of online sales of “modern basic models” and “radical transparency”, and has become the favorite of the “moral fashion industry”.

The interesting thing about this brand is that it claims to make clothes that will last for ten years, and it also lists the cost for you. Most of Everlane’s clothes are made in China, T-shirts are made in the United States, and bags and shoes are made in Italy.

everlane bag

everlane bag

The Everylane backpack inherits its consistent design style. It is minimalist, frigid, and a little artistic and retro. It has a high overall appearance.

The workmanship of Everylane’s backpacks is fairly good. Although they are compact, they can also hold many things.

15.Elecom · Features: Program Ape, Photography Lion, Powerful Storage

Elecom,  is not a professional bag or clothing brand, but a computer accessories brand established in Osaka, Japan in 1986. His computer accessories have won many awards and are very popular in Japan.

everlane bag

elecom bag

Although it is not a professional bag brand, the backpack designed is not careless at all. The appearance design is simple and Japanese style. The design of the internal storage system is very professional, giving full play to the Japanese storage habits, and the details are handled very well.

Open the backpack, and various storage bags of different sizes are arranged inside. Computers, power supplies, data cables, power packs, and pens can be stored separately, and a pile of things can be packed neatly. In addition, small storage bags are designed on the outside, side and shoulder straps of the backpack, and there is special camera space at the bottom, which can be said to be very intimate.

Although the storage function is very strong, because the bag is so large and can hold so many things, not everything can be loaded as imagined, but it is basically enough. Generally, it is OK to travel. The design of the weight bearing system is also reasonable. It is not tiring to carry, and the backpack itself is light.

It should be noted that the size of the backpack is not large. If it is too tall, it will feel small and awkward to carry.

There are only a few kinds of backpacks that can be selected. The prices are $56 respectively. They are very pure. There is no barrier to choose. Just choose according to your own needs.

16.Original Penguin · Characteristics: male, conservative

Original Penguin originated from a clothing manufacturer specializing in underwear and military uniforms in Minneapolis in the 1950s. Since the beginning of the 21st century, this old brand has become one of the most popular brands in the United States again after it changed ownership. Many Hollywood stars are its fans.

Because its logo is a cute penguin, it is also called Penguin Brand. At present, this brand only sells products in America and Europe.

original penguin bags

original penguin bags

All products of Original Penguin are only for men. The style of backpack is not too many, and the style is conservative. The quality is pretty good. It’s quite durable. However, there are relatively few domestic users, and it is not as popular as other brands introduced above.

Flagships are available on Amazon for $80-$150,If you like it, you can click this link to buy it。

Although the backpack brands collated here are not complete, they also cover quite a few mainstream brands. I hope you can find the style you like. If you have other brands to recommend, please leave a message.

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