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Cat food brand recommendation | Select 26 reliable brands from six dimensions including low-temperature baking, crude protein, and allergenicity

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LI said before how to judge the quality of a cat food through the list of ingredients and ingredients, but many people said that they don’t want to read such theoretical articles, but want to know which brands of cat food are recommended. But when it comes to choosing cat food, you still need to look at the essence through the phenomenon, and blindly recommend it without explaining the truth clearly. No matter how you think about it, it tastes like an IQ tax.

What should a truly ideal cat food look like? First, the content of fresh meat is extremely high, and the content of carbohydrates and beans is extremely low. The second is high in protein, and most of it is animal protein. Third, the allergenicity is low, that is, the variety of meat is single, and the content of beans is low. Fourth, there will be no false standard or unstable quality. Fifth, cost-effective.

Here is a little knowledge about cat food, ordinary puffing and low-temperature baking. To put it simply, in the process of making cat food, whether high temperature or low temperature is used in the puffing step. The advantage of low temperature is that the nutrients will be preserved more completely, and cats are easy to digest, but the disadvantage is that the output is low and the production process is complicated, so the price is generally higher.

In fact, I really want to talk about every brand of cat food, but there are too many varieties of cat food, one is that the quantity is too large, and it is estimated to have to write hundreds of thousands of words, and the other is that it is of little practical significance to everyone, so here Just did a summary.

According to the type of meat in the ingredients, whether it is baked at low temperature, the standard value of crude protein, the measured or estimated value of animal protein, allergenicity, and grain content, a rating is made for all mainstream cat foods currently on the market , so that it can be clear and straightforward to tell everyone which brands of cat food are good, but there is only one grade of peak jerky.

Six dimensions for evaluating cat food: low-temperature roasting or not, standard value of crude protein, measured or estimated value of animal protein, allergenicity, and grain content.

Dianfeng jerky is made of fresh meat, with extremely low carbohydrate content and a reasonable proportion of internal organs. The quality is very close to the ideal cat food. The only problem is that the palatability is a bit confusing, and many cats don’t like it. Another one is really expensive, about 150 yuan per catty.

The first grade is the best in cat food, almost meeting all the standards of good cat food. The fresh meat content in the recipe is very high. There are 5 brands in total, Dejin, RAWZ, Jiahui, Longing (chicken, fish, red meat), and Pelikan loaded with high protein to expand.

Jiahui is a low-temperature baked grain, but the price is relatively high, around 85 yuan a pound. RAWZ was previously reported on the Internet as baked food, but it is not actually baked food. Its low temperature is in the step of food pretreatment, not in the step of cat food puffing, so strictly speaking, it is not baked at low temperature. The price It’s about 65 pounds a pound, and the price/performance ratio is not too high.

The content of fresh meat in Dejin is slightly lower than that of other brands in the same class, but there are no other shortcomings. The content of crude protein, including animal protein, is not too high, but fortunately, the source and quality of its meat are reliable. controlled. There are a lot of varieties of beans in the formula, which is not hypoallergenic, and there are many feedbacks about soft stools. In addition, some institutions have recently found that there is a false standard of protein in the actual test, but there is no real hammer yet.

As for Pelikan’s high-protein packs, starting from the batches starting from the Spring Festival, there has been a relatively serious phenomenon of worms, which has not been completely resolved so far. Except for RAWZ and Jiahui, the price of this cat food is basically around 50 pounds.

The second grade belongs to the middle and high-end cat food. The formula is basically based on fresh meat. If it is mainly meat powder, the meat powder is also high-quality meat powder. There are 11 brands in total, Owen Baked, New York Tris Black Diamond (chicken, red meat), Halo (adult cat, kitten), Vigorous Maple Leaf Black Gold (turkey, deep-sea fish), Icona (chicken, fish), Blue Jazz (adult cat, kitten), NOW (adult cats, kittens), Bailey (fresh chicken, grain-free chicken), go (nine kinds of meat, three kinds of fish), Mali (kittens, adult cats), Green Formosa.

Owenbai is a low-temperature baked grain, but there are some vegetable proteins and beet pulp in it. Beet pulp is a bad raw material and the price is very cheap. It is often found in horse or cattle feed. Generally speaking, it has a slight antidiarrheal effect. However, there will be dependence, which will easily lead to difficulty in changing grains, which is why it has been downgraded by one level, but fortunately, the content in Owen Bakery is very low.

Newtrix and Jinxi and Blue Tide have similar recipes to Black Diamond, but there is less freeze-drying in it, so overall it is not as good as Black Diamond. Acanna and Longing are from the same factory, and the source and quality of the meat are both good, but they also have the same problem. The content of beans is relatively high, which is more likely to cause soft stools. The formula of Lanjue is very good. Of course, there has been an agent incident recently. The supply is not particularly stable, and it is often easy to be unavailable. It has not been resolved yet.

And Baili, the first grade we mentioned just now is Bailijin Packed with High Protein. This grade is about the formula of fresh chicken and grain-free chicken. The three of them are different, so you must check clearly when buying , At present, there are also the same pest problems as high protein. The formula and nutrition of Green Formosa are relatively OK, but the supply of goods is very chaotic, and it is easy to buy fake products. When buying, try to choose reliable stores to buy. The price gap of this grade of cat food is relatively large, ranging from more than 30 yuan per pound to more than 40 yuan per pound, and even 50 yuan per pound.

The third tier is mid-range cat food, there are 6 brands in total, Kirby (grain-free chicken, salmon), Su Li Gao (also known as Jinsu), Wilderness Feast (venison), Wilderness Feast PREY (turkey, beef), go (chicken), Newton. There are more or less problems with this grade of cat food, such as mixed reviews, the content of meat powder is much higher than the previous two grades, or there is a small amount of vegetable protein, etc., but always It is safe and good quality cat food.

Jinsu is all meat powder. Currently, the American version and the Canadian version are common on the market. Both are genuine, with different particle sizes and different sources of raw materials. The palatability of the American version is better than the added version, but the American version also has more vomiting feedback than the added version. These two versions also have the Yisup standard and the Paifei mark, two different anti-counterfeit marks, and the Yisup mark is slightly better than the Paifei mark. Note that if you eat gold at home and change the version in the middle, you also need to follow the seven-day food change method, because although the two formulas are the same, the sources of raw materials are not the same. The price of this cat food is about 30 yuan a pound.

The fourth tier is entry-level cat food. There are 2 brands in total, Meishi Kitten and Tianhengbao (formerly Xueshan Cat Food).

The formula of Meishi contains beet pulp, which is the same thing as the beet pulp baked by Owen mentioned above. This is found in all cat food of Meishi series, so the whole brand has been deducted.

Tianhengbao is a relatively honest grain with grains. The content of grains is a bit high, which can easily lead to loose stools. But be careful not to buy counterfeit domestic snow mountain cat food. The quality gap is a bit big. The price of this cat food is about 20 more per pound.

The fifth gear is barely passable cat food. If your budget is really not enough and you can only pull out the generals from the inside, I would recommend Sanpin and NetEase’s Yanxuan. There will be ingredient lists, ingredient lists with false labels, low protein content, vegetable protein, calcium-phosphorus ratio imbalance, etc. And other issues. But it is basically qualified, not considered poisonous food, but it is not recommended to eat for a long time, it will easily cause a burden to cats. In addition, it should be noted that I only recommend the Sanpin series, and other series are not recommended, so you should check it clearly when you buy it.

After talking about the comprehensive classification, let’s talk about some individual classifications.

If your cat’s stomach is sensitive and often has loose stools, you can consider switching to low-sensitivity food the next time you change the food, which can effectively improve the phenomenon of daily soft stools. In order of hyposensitivity, Dingfeng Jerky, Pelikin Packed High Protein, Lanjue, NOW, Jinsu.

If your cat has an iron stomach, that is, the stomach is not very sensitive, and basically does not have loose stools, then simply rank it from the perspective of nutritional content or cost-effectiveness, Pelikan packs high protein, go, Newtrix, and longing , Aikena, Mali, Vigorous Maple Leaf, etc. are all good.

You may have noticed that the recommended cat food is basically imported cat food, and there are very few domestic cat food. It’s not that I think the moon in foreign countries is relatively round, but in terms of pet food, domestic food does exist compared to imported food. gap. Our legislation is later than that of foreign countries, and the national standard is slightly lower than the standard of the AAFCO Association. Coupled with the various chaos in the pet industry for many years, it cannot be solved in a day, it needs a process. At this stage, the vast majority of domestic cat food cannot break through the standards we mentioned in the previous article, and the measured data of the part that passed is generally not ideal, and there are serious problems of false standards, or the problem of bacteria exceeding the standard. I also really hope that our country can make a really good cat food as soon as possible, and I will recommend it with all my might.

In the end, there is no need to worry too much about which cat food is the best, there is no best, only the most suitable for you. Even if it is as strong as Dianfeng jerky, there are still many cats who don’t like to eat it, and many cat foods of the same level have similar performances in many dimensions. The difference lies in whether it is suitable for your cat or not, or Soft stools after eating. In addition, the price of cat food should not only be based on cat food that is cheap per catty, because cats will eat more and consume it quickly because of poor absorption. On the contrary, good cat food is more nutritious, cats eat less and consume energy slowly, so everyone can choose by themselves.

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