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Down jacket brand recommendation | From Xuezhongfei, Bosideng, to Canada Goose, 20 super reliable down jacket brands at home and abroad

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LWhen choosing a down jacket, many people will teach you what is down content, down filling, bulkiness, etc. Are these indicators important? It is important, but the premise is that the indicators marked by the merchants are true and reliable, and no one is reincarnated on the first day, no. It is not the first day that the down jacket industry has false and chaotic labels. The lower the price, the lower the brand awareness and the less credible the label. It’s not that you don’t look at these parameters, but it makes sense to look at the parameters on a reliable brand.

Then there are many people who will teach you how to look at, how to touch, shake, pat, grasp, weigh, etc. when choosing a down jacket, but believe me, you who are so big and can’t take pictures of watermelons will definitely not be able to touch the down jacket The real good and the bad.

If someone tells you that it is not important to choose a down jacket brand, the important thing is whether the fabric is windproof and waterproof, whether the down is 90 down, the bulkiness and filling amount, you can give him two slaps directly.

So my suggestion is to start with the brand. A well-known and reliable brand will naturally have the eyes of countless professional people, ready to look for opportunities to smash its brand. , and dare not make a big death to deceive everyone beyond the industry limit. In other words, the bottom line is higher.

Let’s talk about how to choose a down jacket that is cheap, good-looking, and of good quality.

The price of down jackets has risen in recent years, and it is getting more expensive every year. If your budget is not high, for example, you only have a budget of 500 yuan, how should you choose?

There are three dimensions, one is down jacket brands with high cost performance, the other is to buy discounted models from formal channels, and the third is to buy out of season.

The first dimension is easy to understand, so I won’t say much about it.

The second dimension means that you should not be limited to brands that cost less than 500 yuan. You can go up a ladder and look at 500 to 1,000 yuan. Pay attention to those brands that have official outlets, where you can pick discounted models. Some brands and even new models will be sold in outlets stores at the same time, but the price is tens or hundreds of dollars cheaper.

Interlude of knowledge points!

What is the official outlets store? Because the general official flagship products are very expensive, many people are reluctant to buy them, and the brand produces a lot of inventory every quarter, but clearing the inventory at a low price will damage the brand image. Tmall has spotted this demand and launched the Outlets store. It mainly sells some out-of-season, out-of-stock, and clearance products. Therefore, if you are looking for new trends, you can bypass everything by buying brand new ones, but Outlets are cheap! Some items can be discounted up to 50% off, and there is a guarantee!

The third dimension is off-season purchases. Down jackets are very cyclical. The peak season of the year is less than 3 months. There will inevitably be inventory, and the factory has to continue production in order to maintain operation. In terms of price, the price of off-season down jackets may be 50% off. The disadvantage is that the size is not complete, or the style is relatively simple, but the quality is completely assured.

The following introduces X brands, all of which are well-known down jacket brands in the down jacket industry, and most of them sell well, so they are truly recognized by everyone.

In order to save everyone’s time, Valandre, Moncler, Rab and other popular brands are not included. They are good, but they are not easy to buy or sell well in China. Some trendy brands that emphasize design are also not included. The reason is very simple. The first priority of down jackets is to keep warm.

1. Down jacket brands that cost less than 500 yuan

Down jackets under 500 yuan are considered low-end down jackets. At this price point, most of them are filled with duck down, light and thin, and the fabric is mostly polyester fiber, which is prone to static electricity. Most of the styles are relatively popular, and the parameters are seriously false, and they are shoddy. If you choose a down jacket at this price, try to choose a big brand. The quality should be more reliable, but you should also pay attention to the parameters.

snow flying

snow flying is a brand of Bosideng, which is well-known and mainly targeted at young people, mainly through online channels. Xue Zhongfei’s down jackets are very cost-effective and have a variety of styles. Although there are thousands of styles, the main layout is below 500 yuan. In addition, you can also go to its official Outlets store (go shopping), the price is even cheaper. As for what an Outlets store is, refer to the introduction above. Also, it has a special children’s store (go to the store), so don’t miss it if you want to choose clothes for children.

snow flying

snow flying


Tambor (go shopping) is a brand in Qingzhou, Shandong Province. It has a history of more than ten years, and its popularity is quite high. In terms of price, the positioning is similar to that of Xue Zhongfei, both of which are mainly low-end and mid-range, with a full range of styles, ranging from young men and women to middle-aged and elderly people.

YAYA, many people’s childhood memories, a time-honored brand, many people can say that it is a down jacket brand that many people have worn since childhood. Speaking of “Duck”, especially the phrase “Duck of China, friend of the world”, it used to be the pride of every Jiujiang person, and it was a down jacket brand as famous as Bosideng, but later times changed and did not keep up with the times. Slowly it disappeared from everyone’s sight.

My mother and grandma like ducks very much. They were taken to see them once when they were studying. The style at that time can only be said… soil is just one word. But the duck’s down is really good. Grandma’s one was torn, and the down flew out. It was really the fine down like snowflakes, not the pinnae. Recently, the design of Yaya has become more and more fashionable, covering all age groups, and many young people like this brand. In addition, in addition to its Outlets store, it also has a dedicated men’s clothing store.

Bing Jie

Bingjie is also a brand under Bosideng. Its name is taken from “Bingqingyujie, dusty and refined”. Value for money wins. Judging from online sales, its children’s clothing is also mainly down jackets, which are also popular. Generally speaking, for the same price, the amount of down filling is one level higher than the above two brands. In fact, the cost performance is higher. Of course, it still depends on the specific style.


Hansi is an enterprise in Weihai, Shandong Province, one of the top ten enterprises in the down industry. It has been OEM for Korean brands for many years. It is said that the design team is also a Korean team, so the design sense is stronger, but the style is still biased towards outdoors. How to say the price, it is so cheap that you will think it is a brand name.


Qianrengang is an old brand with a high reputation in China. It is a brand in Changshu, Jiangsu (by the way, Bosideng, Xuezhongfei, Kangbo, and Xueyunpiao are all from this place). The product line is very complete, from children’s clothing, youth clothing to middle-aged and elderly clothing, with various categories and rich styles. Qianrengang can be regarded as an excellent manufacturer of down jackets in China, with no obvious shortcomings and high cost performance. In addition, there are also Outlets stores, and the overall price drops directly by several hundred.


Govans is a brand in Hefei, Anhui. In the early days, Govan was regarded as an offline brand. There were hundreds of stores in the peak period. Later, it transformed into an e-commerce business, and the e-commerce business is doing very well, with sales higher than most of its peers. . Govan has many styles of down jackets, and new ones are released quickly, but the price fluctuates a lot, so if you like it, pay more attention. In addition, Govan also has a special children’s clothing store. If you choose a down jacket for your child, you must visit it.

2. 500~1000 RMB down jacket brands

This price is considered the mainstream of down jackets. The filling is mainly goose down, and a lot of care has to be taken in the design of the style. Many down jackets with high-value appearance have appeared, and the fabrics are also much better.


Islayis a clothing brand in Lishui, Zhejiang Province, and it is also a very well-known old brand. The previous Prime Minister of the country has visited its headquarters. Islay’s style is mainly aimed at young men and women. The style is a little more fashionable than Bosideng and Yalu, and it pays attention to styling. It is strongly recommended to go to her Outlets store first, the new style is also sold there, and the price of the same style will be about 50 to 60 to 100 yuan cheaper.


Marmot, translated as Groundhog in Chinese, is one of the top outdoor brands in the world and has a high status in the outdoor field. How should I put it, if you ask which brand of down jacket is good in the outdoor forum, half of the people will say Marmot.

The design and improvement of its down jackets need to be tested in extreme outdoor environments. At the same time, in order to improve the adaptability to the severe cold in each region, 4 test centers have been set up around the world to test the functionality, durability and comfort of the products. Conduct a comprehensive assessment. The filling of the groundhog down jacket is mainly gray goose down, and the fill degree of the down is from 650 to 800. In terms of filling amount, the down jacket with a fill degree of 700 is mostly about 200 grams, and the down jacket with a fill degree of 800 is 200-250 grams. The warmth, fluffiness, and filling can be said to be perfect. Moreover, its down jackets are extremely cost-effective, and they have been discounted frequently in recent years. The price can completely compete with domestic down jackets. There are also Outlets stores (go shopping), which are more cost-effective.




The Chinese name of Kroceus is Earth Scientist. It is a brand that is not well-known but powerful. The only time it became famous was because the chairman was addicted to the glory of the king. Shanghai Jialinjie, the parent company of Kroceus, is a domestic outdoor sportswear OEM giant. The OEM brands include Nike, Adidas, H&M, M&S, Descente, Rab, Icebreaker, Eddie Bauer, Polartec, Uniqlo, Mammoth and so on. Said it was awesome. The materials used in its products are very conscientious, and the down, fabrics, and zippers are very particular. The disadvantage is that the design is very boring and the quantity is very small, but you can buy those without thinking.


kailas is a brand in Zhanjiang, Guangdong. Although the story it tells is a foreign story, it can be regarded as a well-known outdoor product brand in China, and its reputation on 8246 is also quite good. The design of its down jacket is outdoors, so the selection may not be so wide.




highrock is an outdoor brand in Tianjin. It started as an OEM for down sleeping bags. It has manufactured Sierra Designs, Slumberjack, REI and other brands. The quality is very good. It has a national down laboratory and its products are sold to many countries. In addition, Tianshi has a military background, so he is still very capable of fighting.

Jun Yu

Junyu is a brand in Jiangmen, Guangdong, and it is also an OEM. The OEM brands include Marmot, The North Face, Montbell, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, etc. Just this list of OEMs is enough to show its expertise in making down jackets degree.

The biggest feature of Jun Yu is that the bulkiness can be very high, and it can achieve a loft of 1000. There are very few brands in the world that can achieve this level, and the prices are almost sky-high. Its disadvantage is that the style design is really not good, it is ugly. However, if you want to choose a down jacket for your parents, or from a practical point of view, Junyu is still worthy of reference. Junyu of the same quality is considered the cheapest.

Best cold

Best cold is a brand in Shaoxing, Zhejiang. In addition to down jackets, it also has home textile products such as down quilts, down mattresses, and down pillows. Its down mainly uses northeast goose down, which has high fluffiness and cleanliness.

3. Down jacket brands that cost more than 1,000 yuan

Down jackets worth more than 1,000 yuan pay more attention to fashion sense, design and craftsmanship, better fabrics, and more meticulous handling of some details.


Bosideng, a brand that doesn’t need too much introduction, can be bought without thinking. I strongly recommend its Outlets store, which is extremely cost-effective and extremely high. But one thing to be corrected is that the early design of Bosideng was really old-fashioned and the style was solidified, but in the past two years, Bosideng has made great efforts in this regard, whether it is color matching or style, it is much bolder, and it has embarked on the trend of fashion design. route. Most of their down jackets have a down content of more than 90% and a bulkiness of more than 600%, which is very good even if the international standard is applied, and they do not hesitate to use German down-proof needles and mercerized down yarn to prevent swelling and running down.

The disadvantage is that it is too expensive. Fortunately, there are often discounts. If you don’t mind out-of-season and clearance products, you can go to its official Outlets Tmall store (go shopping), and many styles are only 50% off.

The North Face

The North Face, the Chinese translation of the north face, this brand is also in the status of God in China. Different from the first-line professional outdoor brands such as Arc’teryx and Columbia, North Face’s positioning is more popular, because in terms of the warmth level of down jackets, in addition to down jackets with 700 and 800 fill degrees, there are also products with 550 fill degrees, which are very suitable for use. For basic warmth.

The North Face

The North Face

However, the down content of the North Down jacket is more than 70%. Although it is also filled with goose down, compared with the products currently on the market that use 90% goose down, the warmth retention of the North Down jacket is relatively inferior when the bulkiness is the same, so I suggest you If you usually wear it, if you go outdoors, you should choose a down jacket with a higher down content. But there is one thing to say, their designs are really good-looking, and most of the styles are priced between 2000-3000. In addition, there are also special children’s clothing stores (go shopping), where you can find down jackets specially designed for babies.


Descente is translated as Descente in Chinese. It is a Japanese ski wear brand established in 1935. It has been used as the official team uniform by the ski teams of Switzerland, Canada and other countries many times. Its down jackets are well-known, and the long version has a down filling of 300+, which has a good thermal insulation effect and has always been the first choice for cycling enthusiasts. It is worth mentioning that its fabric uses Dermizax technology, which is very waterproof.




Columbia is translated as Columbia in Chinese. It was originally a distributor of a Polish hat brand. Later, it began to produce raincoats and rain hats. It began to produce down jackets in the 1980s. Today, it is the second largest outdoor product brand in the United States. Columbia’s down jackets are designed in an American style and follow the high-end technology route, such as the well-known Omni-Heat and Omni-Heat 3D technology.



Kolon Sport

Kolon Sport is the No. 1 outdoor brand in Korea. It has deep knowledge in down jackets. The fabric has its own technology. The style design is relatively simple. It is full of Korean style, good texture, and pays attention to details. Facing the severe cold, it is indifferent. The sense of quality and identity is instant. Bursting.

Kolon Sport

Kolon Sport

5. High-end brands

Well, you know, everything is fine, but expensive.


CANADA GOOSE (go shopping), the Chinese translation of Canada Goose, the hottest down jacket brand in recent years, known as the “artifact of keeping out the cold”, also known as the warmest down jacket in the world, can keep out the cold climate of minus 30 degrees, even like Moncler, a well-designed down jacket brand, has been robbed of the market. Canada Goose was originally designed for the Canadian border patrol, and it was also prepared by the Antarctic expedition team organized by the National Science Foundation of the United States. It can be seen that it is really very warm. The popularity of Canada Goose in China was mainly due to overseas shopping. At that time, a Canadian Goose Expedition was discounted at about 500 US dollars, and more than 4,000 were obtained in overseas shopping. After that, many purchasing agents started purchasing Canada Goose. With the publicity, the goose became popular like this.




MACKAGE is also a Canadian brand. Mackage’s down jackets are much less well-known in China than Big Goose, but they are definitely not inferior to Big Goose in Canada. The thickness is similar to that of Plus Goose. Of course, the price is also as expensive, but the design is more lively and youthful. Although it has not become popular in China, people in the fashion and entertainment circles such as Liu Wen and Yang Mi have been wearing it for a long time. Their men’s jackets are more popular, especially the detachable bomber jackets, which are good-looking and warm, like Xu Kai and the others. Women’s long down jackets are more popular. The price is about the same as Canada Goose.



How to wash down jacket

Finally, let’s talk about how to wash down jackets? Down jackets are like jeans, don’t wash them too often. If there are oil stains on the down jacket, you can soak the dirty place with water, apply toothpaste on the oil stain, then use a brush to gently scrub (do not rub or twist vigorously), and then clean the toothpaste foam with clean water.

It is best to use special detergent for down jackets, because general washing powder and soap are strongly alkaline, which is easy to damage the down inside, and do not use softener; the best water temperature is about 30 degrees, which is about the same as the temperature of your hands. Remember not to use hot water. Water, do not expose to the sun after washing.

If you wash the down jacket by hand, you can first soak the down jacket in warm water for 60 minutes, then dip a brush with special down jacket detergent, and gently brush it on the dirty place a few times. After brushing, change to a clean basin of warm water. After washing the detergent, squeeze the down jacket with both hands to squeeze out the water. Don’t twist it. After washing, dry it in a ventilated place and avoid direct sunlight. After drying, you can spread the down jacket on the bed, use a clothes rack to pat the down jacket from top to bottom, and smooth the down inside, so that the down jacket after washing is clean and will not be deformed!

If the down jacket is machine-washed, switch to the mild gear of the washing machine (the one with the down jacket gear is better), and wash the down jacket at low frequency. It is best not to dry the down jacket after washing, but take it out and put it in a ventilated place to dry.

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