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Sunglasses brand recommendation | zhihu frequency highest 18 sunglasses brand

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LFor many handsome men and women, sunglasses are an indispensable summer item, even the most ordinary white T-shirt, jeans, as long as wearing a pair of appropriate sunglasses, fashion index instantly soared. Sunglasses can not only shade the sun, but also modify the shape of the face, absolutely can be considered an important summer equipment.

sunglasses brands① When choosing sunglasses, the most important thing is that the frame should suit your face shape. Briefly, you can refer to the following figure, which is very detailed. Different face shapes correspond to different frames.

Secondly, the color of the lens is generally selected according to the use of the scene:

• Driver’s ideal choice: tawny;
• For those with tired eyes: green tablets;
• Suitable for outdoor people to choose: mercury tablet;
• Neutral lens, suitable for everyone: gray, blue and gray (to any color spectrum can be balanced absorption, through the • • • lens to see things are natural, there is no color difference);
• Improved night vision: yellow tablets (more for decoration);
• Decorative lens, suitable for girls: light blue, light pink, yellow and other lenses;
• Cool, suitable for sun: dark green tablets (not suitable for driving);
• Seaside outing: Blue lenses (not suitable for driving).
③ Then, there are some other considerations:

• Have the time, conditions if you try to choose offline try on feeling, of course, you can also buy online try on inappropriate words seven days without reason.
• The width of single lens is generally divided into 62mm and 58mm, we generally choose 58mm (Asian) can be.
• When driving: Polarizer to reduce the glare on the road, lens color is best to choose brown or gray green (the highest degree of truth), wear glasses to distinguish between red and green.
• For myopic friends, the choice of sunglasses do not choose the frame is too big, the curved face is not too large, otherwise it is the same degree is not comfortable to wear.
• Indoor and outdoor running friends can choose color change.
• Children’s glasses selection must pay attention to safety, pay attention to and prevent UV damage to children’s glasses, wearing sunglasses outdoor activities can effectively prevent.
• For those with short nose bridge, try to choose sunglasses with adjustable nose brackets.
• Finally, the most important thing is the brand, because the quality of the lens is not visible to the general public, can only be judged by the conscience of the brand. Well-known brands are good, but the price is not cheap, but in recent years, the rise of some small fashion products at home and abroad, the quality is good, but also very high cost performance.

● Jins

Jins is a Japanese fast fashion brand, with senior merchandisers and a complete set of standardized quality control, with the shadow of UNIQlo. Take the cheap route, cheap quality is not good, good quality is more expensive than it.

The frames of Jins are basically manufactured in China. The lenses sold to Japan are manufactured by Tag Heuer, but objectively speaking, the lenses of Jins cannot be compared with those of Tag Heuer of the same grade. After all, the price is placed there, so it is not clear whether they will be sold in China.

The reason why Qingzi is put in the first place here is that Qingzi has kindly provided more than 200 renderings of models wearing glasses, through which you can roughly judge how different styles of sunglasses will make people feel. Because the picture is long, only part of it is taken here. If you are interested, add wechat OctopusNine to get it.

● Ray-Ban

Choose a brand that you can’t avoid. It has a very high status in the industry, and it is very accomplished in sunglasses and optical frames. But even the big brands should avoid those styles that fail, who doesn’t have a brainless designer?

Ray-ban’s most popular styles are 2140 and 3025. If you don’t have a clear goal, you can try these two styles. They are most compatible with all kinds of face shapes, and basically can handle any face shape.

The price range is $80~$570, and there are many styles. The flagship store can choose from nearly 500 styles.

● Oakley

The leading brand of sports eyewear, if you pay attention to races like the Tour de France, a lot of competitors wear it. And the actual quality control standards are an order of magnitude higher than those of Ray-Ban and Bulgari, both of which are luxottica brands.

Oakley’s most professional products are snow mirrors, sunglasses and sports frames. Its frames are from the same supplier as Chamont’s. They are particularly comfortable to wear and the hinge design is very special to prevent falling, but the price is really not cheap. In addition, it is worth mentioning the coating process, coating technology directly determines the optical performance of the lens, generally using thermal sublimation technology, many Oakley sunglasses coating layers are more than 20 layers.

The price range is between $150 and $400.


Speaking of JINNNN, it may not be familiar to those who don’t follow the entertainment industry, but the following bright red glasses will ring a bell to those who pay any attention to entertainment news.

JINNNN is a small brand from Shanghai, which has been doing very well in the entertainment circle in recent years. It has been popular in China and abroad, and it has been popular in China again. Even Cara Delevingne, the international supermodel who is favored by Galeries Lafayette, wears JINNNN sunglasses. From Angelababy, Hua Chenyu, Fan Bingbing, Chen Wei-ting, Li Yuchun, Song Qian, to Lin Yun… So many star endorsements, enough to illustrate the strength of JINNNN.

The price range is between $230 and $280.

● Percy lau

Percy lau  is a Hong Kong brand established in 2013. Its bold and avant-garde design breaks everyone’s inherent impression of sunglasses, combines science fiction and literary design, and seems to come from the future time and space. Designers have countless strange ideas in mind. The design of Tianma starry sky deconstructs the definition of fashion by fashion lovers and applies natural science to the design: dislocation deconstruction, pupil simulation of comic characters, optical polygon modeling…

The price ranges from $85 to $280.

● Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster  is a Korean brand, many domestic stars are loyal fans of its home, almost a pair of hands, it is these stars with the fire of its sunglasses, the reason is because its sunglasses are too suitable for Asian face shape, and the shape is simple, generous, suitable to wear all year round. Its sunglasses without a reflective lens are made of Zeiss, which can be used in a thousand pieces, which is the conscience of the industry. And color, variety, style, many you can’t imagine the style, can be found in its home.

The price range is between $200 and $350.

● Fakeme

Founded in Korea in 2015, Fakeme became a popular brand in Korea with its sunglasses featuring round lenses. Fakeme not only pays attention to the fashion style, but also cares about the unique shape of glasses. It is good at using sheet rubber and metal decoration to present the high texture of the frames, and creates an amazing sense of fashion with saturated colors and rich and diversified frame design.

The price range is between $160 and $200 yuan.


CARIN (Go Shopping) is a brand that combines Nordic liberalism and classic design elements through a modern perspective. It has a trendy design, which is my favorite sunglasses brand.

Prices range from $1509 to %240 yuan.

● Quay Australia

It is a brand from Australia, which takes a simple and fashionable route and has a high cost performance. Moreover, the lenses are made of 100% anti-UV material. Although it is a cheap brand, it is loved by stars, especially Gigi, who wears Quay sunglasses out on the street many times. The key is good value for money, just tens of dollars.

The highlight of Quay’s sunglasses lies in the color of its lenses. The designer uses bold color matching. The lenses not only have a single color, but also have color gradient and two kinds of excessive color matching, which gives the glasses full vitality.

Bolon | Molsion | Prosun

Also owned by Xiamen Yarui Optics, another optical giant, not as big as Cheng Yi Optics, but still the leading manufacturer of mid-range sunglasses in China. In 2013, Essilor of France acquired 50% of the shares.

In fact, among the three eyeglass production bases in China, Xiamen focuses more on mid-end positioning sunglasses, with its own brands such as Perimontyrannosaurus, Pearl River Delta focuses more on optical frames, represented by Luxottica Huahong, and the free shipping area focuses more on lenses.

Danyang is the capital of glasses in China, which mainly refers to lenses. It was initially driven by Wanxin, but now it has developed into Wanxin and Mingyue. Of course, there is still a long way to go compared with the domestic Kemi (a Korean brand at the beginning and later bought by domestic manufacturers), after all, Kemi is the fourth largest lens manufacturer in the world.

Yari’s Tyrannosaurus, Momsen and Baosen are among the most representative domestic brands. Tyrannosaurus is positioned at the mid-end, while Momsen (Go shopping) and Baosheng are positioned at the mid-end, but the styles can still be seen as borrowing from each other. Differentiation should focus on polarizing light, Momsen more fashion, more diverse styles. Touch the conscience to say that under one thousand dollars of mirror frame saint from the product has an absolute advantage. Baosheng (go shopping) the earliest set foot in polarizing, is to concentrate on doing sunglasses of Taiwan’s big factory, cost-effective advertising dragon. It should be noted that some of Momsen’s plating frames containing nickel may cause skin allergy.

The price ranges from $140 to $200.

● Le specs

Le specs is an old Swedish brand of sunglasses, known as the “representative of European style”. It is a huge hit in Europe and the United States. It is highly cost-effective and could be taken over by the student Party. Its sunglasses have a street tone, and the lenses are generally too large for Asian women with large faces.

The price ranges from 425 to 864 yuan.

● Parim Parimon

Paramount is the self-owned brand of the Taiwan enterprise Chengyi Optical Group, which is the giant of the domestic eyeglass industry and the Chinese version of Luxottica. It started as a foundry and has many subsidiaries. The group has ODM business, so it has a good design ability, has its own factory, quality is guaranteed.

Compared to other well-known brands, Paramount (Go to the store) has less marketing, high cost performance, and is one of the few well-known brands that produces magnetic suction sleeves, offering a wide range of styles.

Prices range from $16 to $140.

● Outdo Gort

Owned by the same brand as Paramount, Gult (Go Shopping) is domestically produced but of high quality. If you find other sunglasses too expensive, check out this brand.

The price ranges from $45 to $100.

● Prsr

And another little heat brand Latemon (wave dream) belong to Taizhou Yingchang glasses. Lante (Go Shopping) is a notch below Pasha (go shopping), at least until two years ago. The two brands share the mold, the appearance of the design silly indistinguishable, a bit of mutual salute.

In terms of sunglasses, the whole Jiangsu and Zhejiang region is still in the low end of the industrial chain, non-regional black, industrial structure.

The price is between $50 and $80.


With the title of “appearance level modifier” INMIX sound meter (go shopping), sales are very high, not only novel style, variety, and high cost performance!

The price range is $12 to $115.


LOHO is a relatively conscientious niche brand in China. Its price is less than one-fifth of that of big brands, but its quality is as good as that of big brands. Moreover, it has both physical stores and flagship stores. Its sunglasses design combines fashion, art and technology to interpret the concept of new fashion in its own way, activating popular elements and artistic cells.

Prices range from $15 to$120.

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