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The most complete children’s clothing brand recommendation in history | It took 23 days to sort out 71 children’s clothing brands with extremely high sales

by nadlia
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LAs a first-time mother, there are many headaches, even choosing children’s clothing is quite troublesome. After all, compared with ready-made clothing, children’s clothing is another field. Simply search for “children’s clothing brand list”, “top ten children’s clothing brand rankings” List”, the result is still confused.

When choosing children’s clothing, the most important thing is the quality, because the baby’s skin is tender and smooth, and the language is not good at expressing. The clothes are comfortable and uncomfortable, and the baby may not be able to give timely feedback.

Therefore, in this article, all the children’s wear brands I sorted out have checked their company information through Tianyan Check. There have been administrative penalties, and there are even children’s clothing brands that have been punished for “doping or adulterating products, passing fakes as genuine, substandard products as good ones, or substandard products as qualified products”. Brands with serious punishment records have been directly excluded. It is for this reason that some seemingly well-known brands are not introduced here.

childrens clothes brands

childrens clothes brands

In the process of doing this topic, the word “quality control” is the word that I feel the most. It may be because the logic of choosing a store is different from the general process of buying clothes, so I feel more deeply about the word “quality control”. When I see a good-looking store, I will first check the qualifications of the store, then check the background of the company, and then read the reviews of high-selling products one by one. It’s much worse. There are several children’s clothing brands with first-class designs, and almost every product has quality problems (there are multiple negative reviews for the same problem).

Therefore, I suggest that you try to choose products from large manufacturers. The quality and quality control are really much better. If you want to choose products from small factories, choose those with high sales volume and read more reviews.

By the way, add a term meaning of body size when choosing children’s clothing:

childrens clothes brands

childrens clothes brands

Let me emphasize again: you get what you pay for, and if the price is lower than the market price, you must read the evaluation carefully and read the evaluation! Expensive ones don’t mean they are necessarily good, but they are generally not much worse, especially the children’s clothing brands listed below.

1. Children’s clothing for 0~3 years old

For children’s clothing from zero to three years old, the texture and workmanship are very important. After all, children in this age group are not good at expressing, and they can’t even speak, so parents should check this aspect and try to choose brands with good reputation.

Tong Tai

The status of Tong Tai in domestic children’s clothing is self-evident. Not only online, but also offline stores. There are many diehard fans. It is estimated that many babies have worn its clothes. Its clothes are almost impeccable in terms of quality, soft, finely lined, not deformed, and very comfortable to wear. In terms of cost performance, it is almost difficult to find rivals in China. It has the title of “the king of cost performance in the children’s clothing industry”. It is very close to the people and is the first choice for many families who pursue cost performance. The only shortcoming is that the style design is slightly lacking, almost all of them are light-colored, relatively ordinary, and the appearance is not so good. Suitable for babies aged 0~2. (has a history of product recalls, but still recommendable)

childrens clothes brands

childrens clothes brands

Honey Sky

HoneySky, the Chinese name is Hani Sky, a children’s clothing brand under Shanghai Yiduo Textile Co., Ltd. (note this company, which will be mentioned later). It only makes baby clothes, and its design is comparable to that of papa, and its appearance surpasses most similar brands, especially compared with Tongtai, one is in the sky and the other is in the ground. In terms of quality, after all, it is for babies, 100% cotton, and it is called Type A cotton. The disadvantage is that the price is not cheap, it can be regarded as a mid-to-high-end children’s clothing brand, especially compared with Tongtai’s price. Suitable for babies aged 0~3.



Papa, the name is very straightforward, which means climbing, a local original design children’s clothing brand. Its children’s clothing is online, and it is one of the best-looking children’s clothing brands in China. It is said that the designer is from the Central Academy of Fine Arts. The low-saturation colors are Japanese, and they look very foreign. The quality is also very reliable, the fabric is light and soft, and feels soft and waxy, so comfortable that I want to wear it for my children every day. The workmanship is also reliable, and the wiring and hemming are exquisite. It’s just that in terms of price, papa’s items are relatively expensive, and most of the clothes are between 150 and 500. Targeting children aged 0-5.

Les Enphants

Les Enphants is also an existence that cannot be ignored in the field of baby and children’s clothing. It has opened many stores offline. The quality is reliable, but the price performance ratio is average. The style and workmanship of the clothes are good, because most of them are baby clothes, and the material is mostly pure cotton, which is very soft, and even the baby’s small cotton clothes will be lined with a layer of pure cotton, even in many places. Tong Tai is also meticulous. It’s just that the price is a little higher, and the activities are average, but they are worth paying attention to. There are also outlets. Suitable for children aged 0~8.


aqpa is also a well-known children’s clothing brand in China. Parents should know that it is actually very difficult to make patterns on children’s clothing about one year old to reflect the sense of design, but aqpa is an exception. If you look closely, you will find that aqpa is really careful about the details. children’s clothing, aqpa is not the same. In terms of quality, aqpa is not bad, but the price/performance ratio is not high, suitable for babies aged 0~2.

oak bud

Oak Yam (to shop) is also a recommended children’s clothing store. After all, it is made for babies, so there is nothing special about the style, but some small and interesting details are quite interesting. Of course, quality is very important. From the perspective of evaluation, it is still possible.

bali pig

Bali Piggy is also a children’s clothing brand with a style similar to Oak Bud. The design level is above average. It is not the most beautiful, but it is passable. The biggest highlight of its home is its relatively high cost performance, which is not as good as Tongtai, a little more expensive, but its appearance is higher than Tongtai. Suitable for babies aged 0~3.


pure born, the reputation is not bad, but it is registered as an Internet company, and has been subject to administrative punishment, but the overall evaluation of the store is not bad, so I recommend it to everyone here.


Yingshi, whose spokesperson is Papi Sauce, is one of the top high-end baby clothing brands in China. The price is indeed high, but there are still a group of loyal fans, and there is a reason why it is expensive. Yingshi children’s clothing is mainly designed for newborns. The quality is really good. You don’t have to worry about stepping on thunder at all. The fabric is soft and waxy, very skin-friendly, comfortable to wear, the thread is meticulous, and the details are handled very well. Washable It will not deform or harden afterward. There are occasional activities at its house, so if you think it’s too expensive, you can take a squat. Yingshi children’s clothing is suitable for children aged 0~6. (There is a record of administrative punishment, but it is still recommended)

good boy

Goodbaby is probably a brand that every mother is very familiar with, and they have bought things from it more or less, especially when they are preparing for delivery bags. In fact, it also specializes in children’s clothing stores. Backed by the brand of Goodbaby, it does a good job in quality control, but the sales volume is not high. In terms of cost performance, mid-to-high end is not cheap, but it is still worth a look. Suitable for children aged 0~12.


Mothercare (go shopping) is a famous brand of mother and baby products in the UK. It is known as the world’s number one mother and baby brand. It has opened many stores not only in the UK, but also in China (Mothercare in China cooperates with Goodbaby). In fact, it does not only make children’s clothing, almost all mother and baby products can be found in it. Its clothes are simple and elegant in design, and the colors are lively and beating. It is very western style to wear on the baby. In terms of quality, after all, it is a multinational company. Domestically, it cooperates with Haobai, and it is still very guaranteed. The details are handled very delicately. Many things that parents did not expect can also be reflected in Mothercare’s clothes, and its home There are small hangers attached to the clothes, which is very considerate. Disadvantages: The size is a bit small, slender and long, so be careful when choosing a model and size, and the price is a bit expensive. Suitable for children aged 0~3.


moimoln (to go shopping), the combination of Finnish “moi (hello)” and Swedish “moln (cloud)”, such a Nordic name is a Korean children’s clothing brand, which is particularly popular on Xiaohongshu and Douban, and not It’s only popular in China, and its popularity in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan is not low. I guess the reason why it is so popular is that the design is very Scandinavian and stylish, and the second is that it is cost-effective, especially if you know how to shop overseas. There are stores in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou. If it is convenient, you can go to the store directly. In addition, its clothes are suitable for children aged 0-5. (It has been subject to administrative punishment in China, so it is not recommended to choose other down jackets)


jellybaby , the Chinese name is Jelly Baby, which is considered to be a more conscientious one among the small brands. Compared with papa’s first-class design, it is indeed a little bit worse, but it is pretty good-looking, and the price is cheap. Compared with similar children’s clothing brands, it is much cheaper, and the quality is not bad. For a company of this size It’s really rare.

young song

Youge is a baby brand that is rarely mentioned. Its clothes are either cute or elegant, with a strong sense of design and fashion. It has captured a lot of attention in terms of sales. less popular. The most recommended is its crawling clothes, which have a cheongsam style and a court style, which is very supportive of the baby’s temperament. In terms of price, it is positioned as a mid-to-high end, which is not cheap, but we often do activities, and occasionally we can miss it. Suitable for babies aged 1~3.


Woobaby is a high-end children’s clothing brand under babycare. It has great design, beautiful styles and very trendy. The quality is also good, after all, it is a sub-brand of a big brand. But the disadvantage is that the price/performance ratio is not high, and it can even be said to be quite expensive. It should be targeted at mid-to-high-end users. Suitable for babies aged 1~3.

Other children’s clothing brands that are no longer discussed in detail include: babylove / Wellber / cottonshop / odd bear.

2. Children’s clothing for 3~6 years old

At the stage of three to six years old, in addition to materials and workmanship, design is also important. After all, children have begun to have aesthetics, and they often take them out for shopping.


Youbeiyi , a children’s clothing brand with super high cost performance, even cheaper than Tongtai. Most of the clothes are priced below 60 yuan, which can be said to be super affordable. In terms of quality, it is actually passable, but the details are not meticulous enough. In terms of design, it is very general, and you can still pick out good-looking ones if you choose carefully. After all, you get what you pay for. Suitable for children aged 2~11. (There is a record of administrative punishment, but it is still recommended)


davebella , the Chinese name is David Bella, a children’s clothing brand in Hangzhou, with a monthly sales of more than 100,000 pieces. At first, they made crawling clothes and jumpsuits, mainly baby clothes, and then started to make children’s clothes. The quality of the clothes is still very good, the comfort is good, and new ones are updated quickly. In terms of design, it’s quite average, not outstanding. However, it has advantages in terms of the number of styles and prices. The number of styles has reached more than 3,000, and the price of everything is below 129 yuan. There are even outlets stores, suitable for children aged 2 to 6. (There is a record of administrative punishment, but it is still recommended)

Marc & Janie

Marc&Janie, the Chinese name is Mark Jenny, which is the same as David Bella’s name above. Mark Jenny was the first to make down jackets and became popular, so their down jackets are quite recommended. The children’s clothing looks average, there is not much to say about the style design, and the price/performance ratio is average, but the quantity is quite large, with more than 1,600 styles, and the selection is quite large. Suitable for children aged 1~6.

petit main

petit main is a cheap children’s clothing brand in Japan. It has the unique simplicity of Japanese style, but it is not indifferent. The price is small and expensive, but it is durable. Whether it’s trendy and casual, or sweet and trendy, you’ll find it all at petit main. I strongly recommend the down jacket of this company. The material used is in line with Class A safety, which is quite good. Suitable for children aged 3~9.

rabbi tree

Rabbi Tree, a children’s clothing brand with a very high value, the use of patterns and colors is very skillful, a bit adult aesthetic, but full of childishness. In terms of quality, it is so-so, see more reviews. The price/performance ratio is average, neither high nor low. Suitable for children aged 2~6. (If you have received administrative punishment, you can decide whether to buy it or not)


allo&lugh is also a Korean children’s clothing brand, a combination of French “allo (hello)” and Celtic “lugh (the name of the god Hermes in ancient Greek mythology)”, um… did you find it in Korea? Is the tone of the brand name? In the context of allo&lugh, there are two characters, the naughty boy allo and the cute girl lugh, translated into Chinese as Alu and Ru. Its clothes are very colorful and stylish, suitable for children aged 2~6. (If you have received administrative punishment.Paw in Paw

Paw in Paw is a children’s clothing brand under the South Korean Attachment Group. The style is not bad, and it is quite satisfactory. There is nothing wrong with the design, but there is nothing too eye-catching. Most of the fabrics are polyester fibers, and some linings are made of 100% cotton. In terms of price, it is not cheap, it is considered high-end, and it is not cheap anyway. Suitable for children aged 3~6. (If you have received administrative punishment, you can decide whether to buy it or not)


mipo is a trendy children’s brand under papa. It adopts a simple and neutral style. The styles are basically the same for men and women. They can also be matched with each other casually. , Whether it is going to kindergarten or school on weekdays, or going on vacation, it is comfortable and beautiful. In terms of quality, you can refer to papa, after all, they are from the same company. The price is mainly in the range of 100~200, and the price/performance ratio is higher than papa. Targeted at children aged 3-6.

Give up to Liangcang

The name of Sayu Liangcang (to go shopping) is quite Japanese, but it is actually quite warm. “Every mother will give up a lot of herself and give more to her baby.” This is the meaning of the name of this store, which is quite impressive. moved. But the reason why I want to recommend it is not because of this. After all, these small arts are not important at all when I am an adult. What is really worth recommending is its attitude. In the message, someone left a message saying that after a brief feedback on the problem, the customer service will call Call to understand the situation, well, the attitude is really good, and so serious. Suitable for children aged 3~6.


Duo Shi (to go shopping), is the sister brand of HoneySky above, and it is all owned by Shanghai Yiduo Textile Co., Ltd., but the reputation is not so famous. I don’t see many mentions on the Internet, but its clothes are real. It’s very stylish, it can even be said to be artistic, full of fairy spirit, it’s really beautiful. As for the quality, there is no need to worry, after all, it is from the same company as HoneySky. In terms of price, it is quite mid-range, not too high, not too low, anyway, it is recommended. Suitable for children aged 3~6.

Other children’s clothing brands that are no longer discussed in detail include: ciciibear.

3. Children’s clothing aged 6~16

Children’s clothing in this age group is quite embarrassing. First, it is not easy to buy. There are not many children’s clothing brands positioned in this age group. Second, the quality is poor. Before listing the following list, I collected a long list, although I have none I bought it, but I carefully read the evaluations of the top-selling styles of each children’s clothing brand. The problems of fading, shrinking, and pilling are very common, and there are even some that dye their underwear black. I have to pick out a few good brands. It’s not easy!


A21 (go shopping) should be known by many people. Yichun is an online brand. Yichun actually had a Tmall store before, but it was withdrawn later. It is replaced by the current A21, and A21 also opened a special children’s clothing store. . There are pure endorsements, the quality of A21 is naturally good, there are bad reviews, but there are very few, and most of them are still rhetorical. In terms of style design, I think it is quite ordinary, with a pure tone. The price is average, not expensive. Suitable for children aged 6~14.


An Nai’er is a company that makes children’s clothing and has been listed on the market. It has been deeply involved in children’s clothing for many years, and it still has a place in this industry. There are many people who recommend it on Xiaohongshu and Douban. The style and design of its clothes are above average, and there are not many remarkable places, but the fabrics are quite particular. In terms of price, it is considered high-end, not cheap, but fortunately there are outlets, and the price/performance ratio is slightly higher. Suitable for children aged 6~12.


M.latin (to go shopping), a domestic brand with a Chinese name of Ma Latin children’s clothing, not many people recommend it online, and the sales volume is not high, because its products are really expensive, and it can be regarded as a high-end children’s clothing brand. Although it is expensive, it is also worth it, because the quality of its products is really good, and the few user reviews on Zhihu and What Is Worth Buying are all very good. And the style design is very good-looking, a bit trendy, but not so trendy. Suitable for children aged 3~16.


Dickies (go shopping) is an American brand, which started out as a tooling company. It was very popular in the hip-hop circle in the first ten years or so. Although this children’s clothing brand is not as popular as it used to be, it still appears in everyone’s sight from time to time because it still has such a trendy taste and the price is not expensive. The quality of its clothes, the evaluation is quite extreme. If you like it, you say it is very good, and if you don’t like it, you say it is bad. From the evaluation point of view, it is still passable and worthy of its price. Its clothes are suitable for children aged 6-16.


Anta (go shopping) I don’t need to introduce more. Although the brand’s tonality is not high, Anta’s children’s clothing styles are still good. The most important thing is the quality. Brand, the quality is so poor that it is not as good as a local stall. Although Anta’s style is not high, it is a well-known brand after all, and its quality is very reliable. Suitable for children aged 6~16.

handsome boy

Handsome Tonger  is a store with a very special positioning. It only sells fat children’s clothing, that is, plus-size boys’ clothing that is overweight. Now the standard of living has improved a lot, and the average height of children is much higher than that of those born in the 1980s and 1990s. However, the problem of obesity is also like a shadow. Once obese, it is a headache to choose clothes. Although there are, no one picks up thin people. It looks good on you. Handsome Tonger is so rare that children who are overweight can also dress coolly. But I still recommend that you lose weight as much as possible.

4. Children’s clothing for all ages

Speaking of the processing and production process of clothes, the requirements are not high, but in fact, there are not many brands that can make children’s clothing of all ages.


Thousand Fun Club (go to the store), a Japanese brand, initially sold small wooden dolls purchased from the “Collection of Thousands of Interests”, and later chose the words “Thousand” and “Fun” to name the new company. This brand is not discussed much in China, but its children’s clothing is still very good. The Japanese-style restrained and subtle design is still pretty good-looking. The fabrics are mostly 100% pure cotton and skin-friendly materials, which are very comfortable. Suitable for children aged 1~12.


H&M (go shopping) is a fashion and fast-selling brand, so there is no need to introduce too much. It has a wide range of varieties, fast updates, and many activities (greater discounts). It also has a lot of children’s clothing styles, most of which are solid colors or basic stripes, and the colors are mainly white, blue, gray and black. Suitable for children of all ages.

Piggy Banner

Piggy Banner, a children’s clothing brand in Guangdong, is quite well-known, and the strength of the company is quite strong. In terms of appearance and quality, their clothes are actually passable, but the pictures of their products are very fascinating. It’s okay to invite a little foreigner. I can pose for the photo in a normal way, and even shrug my shoulders. … It’s embarrassing!

Cotton era

In the all-cotton era , I guess many new parents are familiar with a brand when they are preparing for delivery bags. It also has baby and children’s clothing, and they are all selected natural cotton products, 100% pure cotton quality, the quality is really good, comfortable and breathable, but the price is a bit more expensive, but it is also available during the discount season very cheap. The style is so-so, but the underwear is still good, and there are bras. Suitable for children aged 0~14.

5. Single column: Semir children’s clothing

The reason why Semir is listed separately is because Semir has several children’s clothing brands with different positioning, so they are all introduced.


Balabala (go shopping), Semir’s children’s clothing brand, a children’s clothing brand that has done a lot and has stores all over major shopping malls and shopping centers, but has a weak sense of brand. Balabala children’s wear has a good sense of design, and the styles are relatively fashionable and novel, but it is not considered the best-looking children’s wear brand. In terms of price, Balabala children’s clothing is not high, and the consumption level is mid-range, but it has fluctuated in the past two years. The good thing is that the product line is very complete, including children’s clothing, children’s shoes, and accessories. The size is slightly large, suitable for children aged 0-16.


Minibalabala (to go shopping), actually means mini Balabala, um, it is the mini version of Balabala children’s clothing, all of which are children’s clothing brands under Semir, very straightforward, it is a small Balabala. To put it simply, Balabala targets 0-16 years old, and Mini Balabala targets 0-4 years old. In terms of style design, it is actually the same, and in terms of quality, it is also the same, it is just one more choice. In addition, it also has outlets shop. Mini Barabara’s children’s clothes are suitable for children aged 2~6.


MarColor, the Chinese name is Makale, the tonality is similar to the Bati Bati introduced below, the design is in one line, it is estimated that it is the same design team, so the appearance is average. Macale is positioned as a mid- to high-end product, and its price/performance ratio is average, worthy of its quality. Suitable for children aged 1~3.

balabalash shoes

Balabalashoes, you know the name, it is a brand of children’s shoes under Balabala. The style and design of its shoes are quite good-looking, and the appearance is not the best, but it is not far behind. Moreover, the quality is reliable. After looking through a dozen best-selling models, the evaluations are all good. The important thing is that the price/performance ratio is not bad, the price is not as high as expected, suitable for children aged 3~12.

Bhatti Bati

Bati Bati, well, the name is the same as Balabala children’s clothing, and it feels like Balabala copied himself. Bati Bati is positioned as a trendy brand of children’s clothing under Balabala. In fact, it is not that fashionable, but it is not bad. In terms of quality, after all, there is Balabala’s endorsement, so don’t worry about it. The disadvantage is that there are not many styles and too few choices. Suitable for children aged 3~12.


cocotree (to go shopping), the Chinese name Kekeshu, the style design is so-so, so-so, the advantage is that the quality is good, especially for the juvenile clothes, it is really not as easy as imagined to find good quality (believe and see me in hundreds of children’s clothing stores). The price/performance ratio is average, mid-to-high end. Suitable for children aged 7~16.


The full name of TCP (to shop) is THE CHILDREN’S PLACE, literally translated as Children’s Place. It is said to be the largest children’s clothing retail brand in North America. In China, it has cooperated with Semir since 2018. The product range covers clothing and shoes from newborns to teenagers. This brand is not well-known in China. The advantage of this is that the price is much lower than other similar brands. It can be regarded as mid-range, not too expensive, but it is by no means cheap. Suitable for children aged 1~14.

6. Single column: heavyweight online celebrity children’s clothing store

Internet celebrity children’s clothing almost all have one characteristic. The Korean version of children’s clothing has an adult style design, which is very in line with the aesthetics of adults. Even many styles give me the feeling that the clothes of adults are made smaller. People who like this kind of shop praise it very much, but those who don’t like it think it is too adult. It depends on everyone’s preferences.

Han family

Yuhan’s (go shopping) is a very serious children’s clothing store, um, I have to recommend it to the hard-working babies. It’s been so hard to pose for so many years. Its products have almost no color difference, the material is very comfortable to the touch, and the price/performance ratio is quite good, it is worth recommending. Suitable for babies aged 0~2.

Yoona Mom

Yoona Mama (Shop for Boys, Girls, and Baby) is a very well-known Internet celebrity children’s clothing store on Taobao. It covers a wide range of items, including clothes, pants, skirts, and shoes, and the new ones are fast and available. big. The Korean version of children’s clothing is quite good-looking, and it is this that has captured many loyal fans. In terms of price, his clothes are actually mid-range, not cheap, but fortunately the quality is not bad. From the point of view of the store, its clothes are all products from recruited manufacturers, and the quality is checked by Yun’er’s mother. This model is not bad, at least with such a high sales volume, the evaluation is still very high, which is not easy. Babies under the age of 2 move here, and children aged 2 to 10 move here.

Chen Chen Mom

Chenchen Mama (divided into boy’s store, girl’s store, and baby store), um, everyone’s names are so straightforward, a routine? It also has a full range of items. After all, its positioning is much different from that of ordinary children’s clothing brands. You don’t have to stick to these, and the style design is not too focused on certain styles. There are also many Korean children’s clothing. In terms of price, there are cheap and mid-range ones. It is estimated that this is the reason why the overall evaluation has declined. After all, the higher the sales of general stores, the lower the evaluation, which is quite easy to understand. The shop is divided into several shops for boys, girls, babies and toys. Suitable for children aged 2~10.

Luson mom

Luson Mama (divided into baby girl store, girl store, boy store, and boy store) is also a heavyweight online celebrity children’s clothing store on Taobao. Like Yuner’s mother, it has a complete range of items. In terms of style, Luson’s mother is not too rigid, whether it is Korean children’s clothing or Chinese children’s clothing, you can find it here. In terms of price, it is cheaper than Yuner’s mother, and the corresponding evaluation has also dropped, so I still say, you get what you pay for. It has a lot of stores, divided into boys, girls, baby boys, baby girls, and even maternity clothing stores. Suitable for children aged 0~6.


Cream (go to the store) is a well-known children’s clothing store. I would say that its monthly sales exceed 360,000 pieces. Do you believe it? I flipped through about ten pages and analyzed it. It is estimated that the price is a big reason for such a sales volume. It is very cheap, and the quality is not bad. Suitable for children aged 3~12.

7. Children’s down jacket brands

Which brand of children’s down jacket is good? In fact, there are many brands that can make down jackets in children’s clothing, but I still recommend giving priority to professional down jacket brands, because the parameters can be faked, and professional down jacket brands are somewhat virtuous in this regard.


Needless to say, Beimian (go to the store) has a status in the down jacket industry. It is a god-level status in China. Its down jackets are aimed at high-end users. They are not cheap, but they are reliable in quality. Suitable for children aged 6~16.


Bingjie (go shopping) is a brand under Bosideng. Its name comes from “Bingqingyujie, clean and refined”, and it is also a very cost-effective brand. Its children’s clothing is generally designed, but the price is very high, it is worth choosing. Suitable for children aged 6~16.


Govan (go shopping) is a brand in Hefei, Anhui. In the early days, Govan was regarded as an offline brand. There were hundreds of stores in the peak period. Later, it transformed into an e-commerce business, and the e-commerce business is doing very well. Most of the peers are high, and the same is true for its children’s clothing, which is cost-effective and has high sales. Suitable for children aged 3~14.

fly in the snow

Xue Zhongfei (went to the store) was introduced in the “Down Jacket Brand Recommendation” before. It is a brand under Bosideng. Xue Zhongfei’s down jackets are very cost-effective. The prices of their children’s down jackets are almost all below 500 yuan, which is very kind, and they are big brands with guaranteed quality. Suitable for children aged 6~16.

Nanny McPhee

Nanny McPhee (going shopping) is a small company established in recent years, and it only makes down jackets, which meet the A-type health standards. The national standard requires textiles for infants under 3 years old or within 100cm in height. Class A safety standards, and Nanny McPhee’s big kids are all Class A. Moreover, the amount of down filling is relatively high, the warmth is good, and the price is more reasonable. The disadvantage is that the design is quite off the chain.

8. Other children’s clothing brands/stores

The following brands of hats, socks, and underwear are collected casually when collecting children’s clothing brands, so I won’t go into details about each brand, just put the link directly.

The hats mainly include Good Boy, Miss Hello, Youmengqu, luassy, ​​Xiaogan, Xiyangyang, chomoci, and Xiaobeitong.

Although socks are generally sold in the stores mentioned above, there are actually some specialty stores that only sell baby socks. Directly put the store link: Nido Bear, Baby, Bambi, Golden Crown, Only One, Ruo Xingtong socks, Xiderui, and Pipigui.

Underwear, children are developing well nowadays, and wearing bras and underwear during adolescence is a compulsory course for every little girl. Although there are many brands on Taobao, there are not many that are really reliable.

I recommend Aimer (go to the store). Aimer is a first-line underwear brand in China. There is a saying in the world that “Aimer in the north and Maniform in the south”, which shows the status of these two brands in the Chinese underwear market. Aimerjia has a special children’s clothing store. In addition to bras and underwear, there are also underwear for children of all ages. Anyway, it is worth recommending, suitable for children aged 0-16.

Finally, if you have other children’s clothing brands to recommend, be sure to leave a message and let me know!

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