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There is no ranking list, but 16 domestic and foreign underwear brands are recommended

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LChoosing underwear is a very personal matter, directly related to the feelings of the body, and the body is the most honest. It’s hard to say that a brand of underwear is suitable for all women. Although there are many discussions about these brands on Douban and Zhihu, each brand has its own characteristics. Every girl’s body has its own characteristics, and there are requirements for wearing Different, some people want to get together, some people want to be comfortable. Therefore, if you still meet a few friends with underwear brands that suit you, try more, and you will always meet a few that suit your body.

Word-of-mouth, as the old saying goes, “bad things spread thousands of miles, good things don’t go out”, if it meets expectations, who would like to say a few more words, typing is actually quite exhausting, and I have a deep feeling about this aspect after working as an editor. On the contrary, products that do not meet expectations, or even disappointment, are more willing to “share”.

If you want to confirm this point, you can pay attention to the “additional comment” thing. Generally speaking, there are two main types of people who add comments, one is those who miss the comment time, the system automatically evaluates and then adds comments, and the other is customers who have poor product experience. In addition, there is actually another kind, and the additional comments are all positive comments, which can basically be concluded to be fraudulent, including cashback for positive reviews.

The reason why I want to say the above two paragraphs is because especially for underwear, the word-of-mouth on the Internet often has deviations, so pay more attention when purchasing. If you are not very good at choosing underwear that suits you, you can do your homework below.

Let’s get to the point.

Well-known foreign underwear brands


Maniform is a first-line underwear brand in China. It opened its first counter in 1996. After more than 20 years of development, it now has more than 2,000 offline stores across the country. Therefore, regardless of old, middle-aged and young women, its popularity is still quite high. . Compared with the brands introduced later, Maniform has a history of more than 20 years, which makes Maniform have a solid foundation in underwear manufacturing and a good reputation.

When it comes to Maniform, you can’t avoid “Jiayi Shangpin”, a seamless underwear brand with a strange name. Although it is an e-commerce brand, it is actually a sister brand with Maniform and Ives, and belongs to Huijie Group.

Most of Jiayishangpinjia’s underwear is solid color, and the style is very simple and elegant. The main strategy of the product line is the one-piece molded cup. Although it is an e-commerce brand, its product performance is quite good because it is backed by a big tree.


Like Maniform, Aimer is a first-line underwear brand in China. There is a saying in the world that “Aimer in the north, Maniform in the south”, which shows the status of these two brands in the Chinese underwear market. Aimer, founded in Beijing in 1993, was actually a state-owned enterprise at first, and was later restructured into a private company. According to people inside the company, the current management model of Aimer still retains that of a state-owned enterprise.

Aimu’s underwear rarely has complicated patterns and is mainly in solid colors, which is very suitable for working parties.

urban beauty

It is estimated that many people who read this article will not choose Cosmo Lady underwear, because after all, most people who read this article pay more attention to the quality of life, and Cosmo Lady will obviously not be one of their options. But because of this, its position in the domestic market cannot be ignored. After all, in the second, third, fourth and fifth tier cities, the market share of Cosmo Beauty cannot be underestimated.

In the underwear industry, whether domestic or foreign, the market shares among brands are distributed in a pyramid shape. Spire is a top underwear brand, but in fact it is just loud and rainy, and there is not much sales; the mid-end market generally accounts for about one-third, but the United States is an exception because they have the giant Victoria’s Secret. ; The low-end market is the real volume, and it is also the one that can really generate sales. Domestically, the low-end market accounts for almost 80% or more of the market, so urban beauties should not be underestimated.


Although Embry Form is a Hong Kong brand, it has also flourished in the mainland and has become a first-line underwear brand. Founded in 1975, Embry’s products are not limited to underwear and underwear, but also swimsuits, rhythm clothes, pajamas, maternity and breastfeeding underwear. Moreover, Embry Form also owns a series of brands such as “Fendi”, “COMFIT”, “LC” and “E-Bra”, among which Fendi is also a role that should not be underestimated in the underwear industry.


Riding on the spring breeze of online shopping, a growing underwear brand, after ten years of development, it can be said that Gorill is currently the number one e-commerce underwear brand in China, and has also opened offline stores one after another. The popularity of Gorell is very high, because it did start relatively early, starting from a foreign trade factory. Compared with the few underwear brands at that time, Gorel has outstanding design capabilities, innovative styles, and high cost performance. Lots of popularity. Many people see Gorill’s underwear for the first time, especially the lace bra, which has a very good-looking design, and its low price, and it feels like it can’t move forward.

But looking back, if you do a little search on the Internet, you will find that Gorill’s reputation is actually mediocre, not as good as imagined. On the one hand, as we said at the beginning, it does not mean that it is really bad, but that people who think it is “bad” are more willing to share it. On the other hand, it is true that Gorill has some unsatisfactory places, and she is not completely suitable for girls of every body type. Its underwear is more friendly to girls with small breasts, and the gathering effect is very good, but for girls with large breasts, many people commented that it is a bit tight.

In terms of quality, you get what you pay for. Gorill’s price-performance ratio is indeed very high, but compared with other brands that cost hundreds of dollars, the quality is indeed inferior, but it is also completely worthy of its price. By the way, its underwear and pajamas have a good reputation, and the online evaluation is very high.

In terms of styles, it really has a lot of styles, including girly and sexy styles.

Finally, I would like to add that no matter what comments are made on the Internet, Gorill is a brand that intends to operate for a long time and make products seriously.


Like Gorill, Runwei is also an e-commerce brand. In recent years, it has also opened some physical stores offline, but not many. In the early days, they sold high-end goods from the factory, and later successfully transformed to self-designed, self-produced, and self-sold.

In the early days, it focused on seamless underwear. In recent years, the focus has been on rimless underwear, focusing on the wearing experience of underwear. In terms of appearance and comfort alone, Runwei’s price/performance ratio is still very high.

ancient and modern

Speaking of ancient and modern times, I have always been curious about the relationship between “ancient and modern” and the “internal and external” to be introduced below. Are you playing idiom solitaire?

Gujin Underwear was established in Shanghai in 1989. In 1996, it collected brand slogans across the country, and the phrase “Gujin Bra, Wearing Tianjiao” became popular. Although this kind of clever advertising slogan seems a bit blunt now, in that age when the Internet was underdeveloped, this way of publicity still achieved considerable results.

If you want to talk about the predecessor of ancient and modern underwear, it can be traced back to the Fayi Bra Company at No. 865 Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai in the 1930s. But at that time, bras were made and sold, and they only served foreigners and a few wealthy people. It was not until 1956 that it changed its name to Gujin Bra Shop. Due to historical reasons, in the following years, it stopped operating underwear business and switched to selling woolen sweaters. Later, in 1989, it resumed the production and sales of underwear. Gujin is the only company in the underwear industry that has been awarded the “China Time-honored Brand”.

Ancient and modern underwear is very ingenious in the design of the shoulder straps. It is U-shaped when viewed from the back. It is said that this design can better disperse the pressure on the shoulders. The wider sides can better store the auxiliary breasts, which is very friendly to girls who have troubles in this regard. The cup noodles are mainly embroidered with various patterns, which have a strong three-dimensional effect and are very delicate at the same time.

inside and outside

Neiwai is also a long-established and popular domestic underwear brand, but it is mainly aimed at girls with small cups. Compared with ordinary underwear, men’s feelings are more considered in design (whether it is appearance or wearing effect), inner and outer underwear cares more about girls’ own experience. Many people comment on its underwear in this way: it really doesn’t have a chest when you put it on, but it’s really comfortable.

The inner and outer underwear design is very simple, known as the “MUJI” in the underwear industry, the main focus is no steel ring underwear, no fancy lace and colors, not sexy or cute, but more particular about the materials used, the wearing experience is very exquisite. The color is also very particular, most of the colors are very low saturation, even if you wear light-colored clothes, it is not easy to see through.

However, the design without rims will inevitably sacrifice part of the supporting force, even if the internal and external underwear is optimized in terms of supporting force. Its underwear is more suitable for girls with smaller breasts. If the breasts are loose, it is recommended to choose underwear with steel rings to restore the breast shape. Although it also has E-cup underwear, it is only suitable for disc-shaped girls with flat breasts.

If you care more about cost performance, inside and outside is not the best choice. If you care about experience, for girls with small breasts, inside and outside is still a good choice.

In addition to the brands introduced above, there are well-known ones in China such as Sang Fu Lan, Po Yi Lan, Qian Nai Mei and so on.

Domestic well-known underwear brand

La Perla

La Perla (go to the flagship store) is an Italian brand founded in 1954. The price is not cheap. It is said to be “Rolls Royce in the underwear industry”. The underwear is indeed doing well, and among them La Perla is the representative.

La Perla has a lot of fans in China, especially after the endorsement of the model Liu Wen, more people admire it. To put it bluntly, it is very comfortable to wear, with elegant design, proper use of colors and comfortable fabrics. picky. Most of the fabrics are made of silk, yarn and large-scale lace, supplemented by soft and elegant tulle embroidery, coupled with delicate craftsmanship, there is an illusion that every piece of underwear is a work of art.

The field of La Perla is not limited to underwear, but also involved in swimsuits, perfumes, stockings, dresses, and even dresses. There are many girls who are familiar with its swimsuits, right? In addition, I strongly recommend their silk pajamas. After wearing them, it is difficult to change them to other brands. The comfort level is similar to sleeping naked.

In addition, if you have a habit of wearing underwear outside, then La Perla is the best choice. The scale between sexy and pornographic is quite in place, and even matched with formal clothes, it will not be obtrusive, but there is a kind of charming woman looming lure.

In terms of price, a single piece of underwear starts at 600 yuan, which is suitable for girls who are economically affluent or occasionally want to reward themselves.


Wacoal (go to the flagship store) is a giant underwear brand in Japan. It has nearly a hundred sub-brands, many of which are acquired, such as peach pie. Its underwear product line is very long, whether it is for elementary school students, pregnant women, middle-aged and elderly women, and professional kimono underwear.

Wacoal has always been the best-selling underwear brand in Japan, accounting for more than half of the Japanese market. Globally, its sales are second only to Triumph. Wacoal has collected the body size data of thousands of Asian women for decades, and its products target the small skeletons of Japanese women, which are suitable for round bodies with small chest distance.

In terms of design, Wacoal’s underwear is mostly pine cups with a bottom circumference, and most of the styles are elegant and gentle, without too fancy colors, but they will not look mediocre. The flower pieces and diamond ornaments on the shoulder straps of many styles add a sense of sophistication to the overall softness.

In terms of price, the span is very large, ranging from dozens of FUFU to thousands of SALUTE.

Peach John Peach Pie

Peach John is a Chinese translation of Peach Pie , a clothing brand established in Tokyo, Japan in 1994. The source of the name seems to be related to the Japanese folk tale Momotaro. Its underwear is mainly aimed at teenagers and teens. A girl in her teens, and very friendly to girls with small breasts. Although it is a Japanese brand, the product is made in China, but the quality is very good, the sales volume is high, and it is often sold out.

Peach Pie’s underwear is very bright and pink in color. Lace, embroidery, ribbons, fungus and other elements related to girls can be found in its underwear, and the workmanship is exquisite and delicate. Its underwear is very friendly to girls with small breasts, the gathering effect is very good, it is very comfortable to wear, and the shape is also good-looking.

In addition, it strongly recommends its tube top underwear, which is suitable for wearing suspenders or shoulderless clothes in summer. It is super easy to use and will not fall off. There will be no feeling of pressing the breasts or sliding down, and it can also avoid silicone breast stickers. hot stuffiness. The most considerate thing is that the hook design is not centered, but on the left side, so that even wearing a backless dress will not be awkward.

When purchasing, please note that the size in Japan is one size smaller than that in China, so remember to choose one size larger when purchasing. There is no A cup at home, the smallest is B, but B is the size of the domestic A cup, and so on.

In addition to its high attainments in underwear, Peach Pie also has feminine care products, such as private parts care lotion and buttock whitening cream (whether it can be used has not yet been verified).

In fact, poor breasts are a very embarrassing thing. Even wearing an underwear, it can drop the shoulder straps empty, and if you wear four-breasted super push-ups in China, it can still drop the straps empty. Most traditional underwear brands are not very friendly to girls with poor breasts. It is recommended to go out and turn right to click below, and we have compiled 9 well-known Bralette underwear brands.


Triumph  is an old German underwear brand. It was established in 1886 and has a history of more than 100 years. In the early days, it was only a factory producing corsets. It started producing underwear in the 1920s. Triumph is well-known at home and abroad. In Taiwan, many people even think it is a Taiwanese brand. In addition, in addition to Triumph itself, it also has two major brands, sloggi and BeeDees.

In terms of product design, Triumph is very diversified, such as magic bra, T-shirt bra, beauty skin bra, Xian Lejiao series, FashionStyle and BeeDee girls’ underwear series, etc., to meet the needs of different women.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret (go to the flagship store) is too famous a brand, so I won’t say anything about the brand’s story. Every year, many nerds look forward to the Victoria’s Secret show to make it a well-known underwear brand for men, women and children.

Its underwear is also liked by many people. One is that it is really well-known, and the other is that it is really comfortable to wear.

Victoria’s Secret mainly sells underwear, swimwear, and pajamas, as well as some beauty and perfume products.

Finally, if you want to spice up your life, try the following.

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