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What are organic skin care products? 5-year-old shop assistant counts 4 German organic skin care brands

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LIt has been the 10th year since I was a student in Germany, and I worked in an organic store in Germany for the previous 5 years, so I know a lot about the relationship between organic skin care products manufacturers in Germany and domestic end customers.

Let’s take a look at these interesting facts today. The brands involved are: Dr. Hauschka, Annemarie Borlind, Lavera, and Aroma Garden.

Let me first praise the brand of German Family, which I think is the most formal among all German brands. There is no one. It is sold on Amazon. Click here to enter.

First of all, obtaining the qualification to sell the German family brand is very strict.

First, if you want to open a physical store in Germany, it is very difficult, why? First of all, when you open a store, you don’t mean to open it just because you want to, and you can open it if you have money. The German government must first assess that you are on this street, or within a radius of how many kilometers, you cannot have similar shops, and you cannot blabla all kinds. This is very difficult for doing business, because sometimes you find a great and prosperous storefront, but unfortunately, there is a similar store next door to you, so the government may not approve you to open a store. is one of them.

Second, if you want to sell a German family, you have to see if they are willing. German family has fully implemented the rigorous attitude of Germany. When you open a physical store and apply to the company, German family will send people to evaluate first. What is the location of your store and the location of the display cabinets for us? Where should we put our products? Is there any store near you that also sells German family? The palms and backs of the hands are full of flesh. We have to control them. It’s really more difficult than the draft. If I say I won’t sell it to you, I won’t sell it to you. Anyway, the wine is not afraid of deep alleys. I just want to be the leader in the German market, and I don’t want to go out of Europe and go to the world.

Speaking of going global, there is another story about the Chinese market. At first, ten years ago, the German family had an authorized agent in China, and they took the route of beauty salons (now in Germany, the German family also walks on two legs. The product packaging and capacity of physical stores and beauty salons are different, and beauty salons are Large bottle), and because of the relationship with Ali’s father, the price of the German family, as well as the authenticity and falsehood, were all confused. The regular agent could not survive, and the German family also gave up the Chinese market. Therefore, at present, there is no real agent of the German family in China. It is hard to tell whether the things you can buy are true or not. Why, this is another topic.

For general brands, the more you sell, the happier the manufacturer will be. That’s not the case with a German family. They control the supply of goods very tightly. If you sell too much, they will suspect that the price you sell is too low, so they will control or warn and punish you.

In addition, the supply process of the German family is not the direct connection of the manufacturer to the store, but the connection of the layer by layer. For example, if your store is in Berlin and you want to purchase goods, it is not sent by the manufacturer to you, but by the upper-level warehouse in Berlin. I don’t understand why this is the case. This mode of operation may be normal in China, because Our country is huge! But in a small country like Germany, only a German family can do this. Others are shipped directly to you by the manufacturer, such as Anna Berlin.

The skin care concept of the German family is also unique. I have participated in their training, which made me more fond of this brand. The concept of German family is different from that of general skin care brands, such as a set of cleansing, water, essence, cream, lotion, a set of commercial brands or the routines of many Japanese and Korean brands. The German family is quite Buddhist in this regard, it is very simple, during the day, cleansing, conditioning fluid, day cream, cleansing, conditioning fluid at night, over. Many people can’t stick to such a simple skin care concept. First, they feel that they don’t feel safe when they use too little. Second, in the early stage, they really feel a little uncomfortable on the face. If they are used less, they will feel dry.

If you have dry skin, the series of general brands for dry skin are relatively oily. If your skin does not produce oil, I will replenish it outside. But the German family is not, it only has day cream, no night cream, it hopes that your skin can adjust and repair itself at night, and gradually self-regulate and produce oil, instead of forced replenishment from the outside to the inside. As for how long it will take to take effect, it’s hard to say, just stick to it until it’s normal. But no one can persist in this process. Everyone is too afraid that they will not make up enough, and they are too afraid that wrinkles will appear on the face. This is a bit like detoxification. In the past, what was lacking was given, but now the skin is deprived of food to make it self-reliant, which is impossible at all. The face is my own. So in fact, many people use the German family, and it is almost useless, and they have not used it to “condition” the skin.

There are two kinds of N and S in the conditioning liquid of German family. N is normal, for normal skin, and S is sensitive, for sensitive skin.

What are the specific ingredients, this is very mysterious, it is colorless and tasteless, and the manufacturing process is also unbelievable, very Taoist. During the training, the teacher said, what day should be put in a large container, how long does it take, 49 days seems to be , and then seal it well, I’m sorry this place has a get because of my limited vocabulary, it’s amazing anyway.

In terms of use, if you have used other brands before and want to switch to the German family, then you have to use the fairy nectar for a month, it is best not to immediately switch to other products from the German family. There is also the number of times of use per year, 20+ means 2 times a year, 30+ 3 times a year, there are no strict restrictions on the season of use, but I suggest using it when the seasons change, when skin problems are prone to occur, such as allergies What, for example between March and April, September and October. If you insist on using it all year round, it is said that menstruation will stop many years later than people of the same age. In layman’s terms, it means aging slowly. Girls who are interested may wish to insist on giving it a try.

Regarding the price, Germany is 50+ Euros. The most direct experience of using it is that the skin becomes soft overnight, and some people will detoxify, such as popping beans.

Let’s start with a brief introduction of the products. For more detailed questions, you can ask questions or go to Baidu to check and share. I’m just throwing bricks here.

There are two types of facial cleansers, one is facial cleanser and the other is facial cleanser. The most famous one is the facial cleanser, which claims to be able to treat closed mouth and blackheads. I can’t say this effect, because I haven’t personally experienced its function of removing closed mouth and blackheads. The cleansing cream is completely non-foaming (many organic cleansers have no bubbles), and it feels like there is still a layer of film on the face after use. Some people like this feeling, but some people hate it as if it can’t be washed clean. (By the way, many people like to have dry and astringent face after washing their face, especially girls with oily skin. They think this is the only way to get rid of the oil and clean it! Very wrong! The oil on the surface is gone, too clean , will only release more oil from the inside of the skin, making it easier to pop beans, which is counterproductive). The method of use is also very particular. Its texture is a bit like a scrub, with small particles. When using it, you should not rub it back and forth on your face, as it will damage the skin. The method is to press the palm of your hand on the skin.

In addition to the cleansing cream, the cleansing product also has a cleansing lotion. I personally like this one more, because it can also remove makeup, and it is very clean without hurting the skin. All you need to do is to spread it on your face and massage well to make the cleanser fully work on your face. There is no special recommendation point, but this one is very gentle, it can remove makeup without hurting the skin, and it also protects the skin. As a cleanser, it has zero blemishes, but it is a pity that it has a talent, no one notices it, and it lacks selling points and features. It’s a bit like working hard in society to do your job well, and those who don’t know how to find gimmicks are not very popular.

German family fairy water, also known as nectar, mentioned before, a box of 50. I started to use it on the first day after my aunt left. A cycle lasted 28 days. I used two bottles in the first XX days and one bottle in the next. A total of 28 days before and after were just used up. This thing, I think, if you want to use it, stick to it and use it a few times a year. If you use it occasionally, it feels that the skin becomes softer, the water absorption is enhanced, and the water can be replenished. The second is detoxification. This depends on luck. Many people can’t persist in the process of detoxification, and they are too scared to stop using it immediately.

By the way, it doesn’t mean that after 28 days, your detoxification reaction will end naturally. In fact, you don’t know how long it will last, and it may only be for a while. The face is still quite scary. The frequency of this reaction is not high, about one-tenth. It is hard to say whether it is a blessing or a curse, because it is not that everything will be fine after detoxification, and the skin will be great afterward. The complexion follows you for a long time.

Let’s talk about Anna Berlin.

If it is said that the German family is the most famous in the country among the German brands, then Anna Berlin should be the second. In fact, this brand has nothing to do with the capital Berlin. Its factories and companies are located in the Black Forest in southern Germany (the birthplace of the Black Forest cake pair). There are many organic brands here in the Black Forest. The organic brands you know are generally produced in the Black Forest region. Yes, this is a region in Baden-Wurttemberg. The Black Forest, Anna Berlin’s German name is annemarie borlind, The transliteration is Anna Polin, because Polin is not easy to type, and it is usually typed as Berlin…

The Anna brand became popular four or five years ago, thanks to domestic beauty salons, and later it was hyped by purchasing agents. The price of beauty salons is too expensive, the reason is that there is no authorized agent in China, the official Chinese agent is in Hong Kong, only sells to beauty salons, the price is also quite expensive, this can not be blamed on the agent, the agency is not for nothing, it is spent Those who paid a high price are not empty-handed like daigou, and there is no cost.

Annemarie Borlind

Annemarie Borlind

The reason why Anna has become popular in the past few years is that first of all, the hype and high prices of beauty salons have caused everyone to turn to purchasing agents, but when there are too many purchasing agents, fake products have been attracted. Not a lot. Note that it is a single product, and the counterfeit ones will not be made for you. The cost is too high, and people will only choose a few popular models, such as small white tube eye cream and orange blossom honey.

Some purchasing agents sell hundreds of products a month, so there is definitely a problem. Because the organic store I work in Germany is often out of stock, and the factory cuts orders in a limited amount. For example, this time I placed an order of 100 pieces. In fact, they only sent 20 or 50 pieces. The order will be cut off. The monthly sales of that kind are several hundred Taobao store, where did it come from? Generally, such a store has several crowns and only sells popular models. For example, it only sells Anna eye cream and a few other items, and there are very few varieties…

Everyone who buys foreign products really needs to use their brains to think about it. If you are a purchasing agent, can you buy this one? The monthly sales are hundreds of dollars. Do you buy them one by one? Do you do other things? By the way, I would like to recommend a way to distinguish purchasing agents. The easiest way is to ask if direct mail is available. Secondly, for example, if you want a hot item from Anna Berlin, you can first ask her if she has a single product that Anna is relatively unpopular and few people buy. , if she can help with purchasing, it will be more reliable, if not, it will be more difficult to say.

Take the small white tube eye cream as an example. The wholesale price on Alibaba is only 20 yuan, and then it is sold at Ma’s for about 100. In fact, the price of this eye cream in Germany is 18 Euros, and the exchange rate is 8. Do the math yourself. Don’t just try to be cheap, sometimes all your money will be wasted in order to save those ten or twenty yuan.

It is popular among German daigou shopkeepers to say that they can get large quantities of goods at low prices because they have registered their companies in Germany. Think about it, he registered a leather bag company today, and he doesn’t even have a physical store. Other brands will pay for it. Can mature brands like German Family and Anna Berlin give him? What a mess! Absolutely not such unscrupulous supply, they are very strict on qualifications and inspections. Big brands will not cherish feathers so casually, and will not supply individual small companies so casually. Once again, I remind everyone to use their brains when looking for a purchasing agent.

In addition, the brand of Anna Berlin is indeed organic, but why can’t you find the European organic certification mark on her? Because she withdrew from the European organic certification system, why?

Anna is a family business. The founder, the old lady, passed away the year before last. Like many family businesses, the descendants cherish feathers far less than the ancestors. In China, if a brand wants to enter the domestic market, it must do animal experiments. Products that have not passed animal experiments cannot enter the domestic market. This is why brands like Nars cannot open counters in China. Aren’t they still open on fb? Diss, you say that you are very righteous and lofty, so you don’t want to enter China. Anna Berlin does not have such backbone. She gave up the European market and European organic certification for the Chinese market. Because you wear the European organic certification mark, it proves that you have not done animal experiments (one of the standards is to promise not to conduct animal experiments) , This is contrary to the management of domestic skin care products. For the sake of China, they gave up the organic certification mark. In fact, they are still organic.

All of this is a compromise to the Chinese market, including another reason why she is popular, and the product line is more in line with the understanding habits of the Chinese people. For example, German Family, many people know this brand, but they will not choose products unless they have done a lot of strategy, but because German Family is not a series, everything has to be matched by themselves, what a trouble, many people are too lazy to do their homework. So Anna Berlin’s clothes are very suitable for the tastes of Chinese consumers. It doesn’t take much thinking, and it doesn’t take much effort to choose things. It’s just a matter of series. It’s very convenient to buy a set directly.

As for the packaging, German products generally have very simple and environmentally friendly packaging, but Anna Berlin looks taller, especially the most expensive Extreme series. I have to say that I have really worked hard on the product packaging, which is very beautiful. Compared with other German brands, the packaging is far ahead in terms of sophistication.

I think the significance of being organic is that there are restrictions on raw materials and processing methods. In this regard, you can refer to the European organic certification standards. In fact, there are many certifications in this area, and there are many organizations, some are strict and some are loose. But in general, organic skin care has more natural ingredients, such as some claiming to be 99% natural ingredients, and on the other hand, there are fewer chemically added ingredients (such as stabilizers, fragrances, hormones and preservatives), but as for such so-called Whether “natural” ingredients are really necessary for the skin and body is a matter of opinion.

Some people may think that it doesn’t matter if it is natural or not, as long as the effect is good. This is a bit similar to the difference between Western medicine and Chinese medicine. Western medicine (products containing chemical substances such as hormones and lead) has immediate results but has side effects. It is hard to say the long-term impact on the human body. Traditional Chinese medicine (like organic skin care) works slowly, but it may be more effective in treating the root cause, with much fewer side effects, because it restores and stimulates the natural ability of the skin. If you want to pursue products with immediate and particularly targeted effects, organic skin care is not the best choice.

I personally think that organic certification is like a graduation certificate. Having a graduation certificate does not prove how excellent the student is in all subjects, but at least it can prove that the student has attended this school, did not mess around, and graduated smoothly. Sixty points, no major flaws and flaws.

Now let’s talk about the brand of Lavera,. It is thanks to the purchasing agents that everyone knows it in ✘bao. This brand has an agent in the mainland, but because the brand itself is not vigorously promoted in the country, the agent did not do well after getting the agency right. Later, because the purchasing agency has a certain reputation and recognition in ✘bao, the agent came to cut leeks , Don’t let people sell it. If you still want to sell, you need to find an agent to get the goods. The price must be high. If you don’t want to buy it, then you can’t sell it so cheap, you have to follow their pricing. This is a double-edged sword, and the agent does not actually get much benefit from it. Originally lavera is a niche market, not many people buy it, and the manufacturers don’t promote it. In fact, purchasing agents play a role in promoting it to a large extent. If you cut them off and they resell them, you think your sales will go up. ? The result can only be that Lavera is getting worse and worse.



By the way, her rose mask is really easy to use, and if the German price is used, other products are also very cost-effective. But if the agent sells at a high price in China, that’s the case, and the cost-effective advantage is gone.

Now let’s talk about Aroma Garden. This brand is very good. Its founder is an artist, very artistic, but it’s too unsuitable for business. As a new brand, it was a little overheated in 2016 and 2017, but now it has almost flopped, because the marketing strategy is too poor and unethical.

Well, since its establishment, it has signed contracts indiscriminately. There is no bottom line. Anyone can get involved with him. The price he gives to wholesalers is relatively low, and the wholesalers compete with each other to make the price bad. Do this There are fewer and fewer brand purchasing agents. For a new brand, it loses publicity, which means it loses the market.

Aroma Garden

Aroma Garden

The most ridiculous thing is that when it tasted a little bit of sweetness in the market, it did not catch up and complete the product line, but raised the price twice, which was still very high. A face cream, you bought it for 28$ before, and after half a year, it becomes 40$, do you still buy it? Unless it’s so good that it can’t be replaced, you won’t buy it again, right? This is how Roman’s Garden died.

Another fatal shortcoming of Roman Garden is that there are too few product lines, two, but these two are not comprehensive. For example, it does not have toner, which is very embarrassing, and people have to buy other toners. By the way, the mask of Roman’s Garden is still very easy to use. In addition, it has a gold eye mask without the aroma garten logo. It is produced by a Chinese foundry, but it has to be said to be very easy to use.


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