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What are the luxury brands? There are hundreds of luxury brands, and there are always some you don’t know

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LThis ranking covers almost all the high-end leather brands you can buy in the market. Almost every brand has its own expensive price and low price, so we should consider the brand positioning and comprehensive quality, and I will provide the basis for explanation. (One of the important indicators is the pricing difference of similar styles, with reference to the grade of its core products, brand value, workmanship, etc.

Bag King:

Hermes status is beyond doubt.

Top grade:

Kiton is the king of suits, and the bag is also excellent.
Stefano Ricci is only available for men. It uses rare leather. It is the eagle head belt that has become popular in recent two years.
The leather jacket of Zilli brand is the most advanced in the universe, and small leather pieces are slightly more expensive than Hermes. The price of handbags is close to Hermes, but it is not that difficult to buy.
Brioni is also a top class suit brand. The bag price is very expensive, but there will be a discount.

Sub top level:

Delvaux, a royal brand of Belgium, has been sought after in recent years and its price has risen rapidly.
Goyard has just learned that this brand is still due to MMJ’s cooperation with it in 2009. It has become more and more popular in the past two years. However, it can be ranked in this position because of its box. Canvas bags need not be pursued too much.
Lana Marks only uses rare leather, which alone is enough to establish its super high-end status. Handbags are extremely luxurious, and they are one of the favorite brands of Hollywood stars.
Louis Vuitton LV has gone through the stage of excessive popularity, and then to the stage of excessive devaluation. The brand is also clearly aware of this. Now the product line has been adjusted, the proportion of leather style has increased, and the traditional suitcase has been promoted. The grade has been significantly improved (in fact, it can be understood that it has been lowered by the cheap canvas style, and many people mistake it as an entry-level luxury). The high-end style has the strength to compete with Hermes. In addition, It really doesn’t give discounts.
Moynat, a Paris suitcase brand earlier than LV and Goyard, has disappeared for decades. Recently, it has been restarted by LVMH Group. It takes time to return to its original value. The products are all made in a manual workshop in Burgundy. The output must be very small, and the price will only increase in the future.
Myriam Schaefer Balenciaga is a personal brand of the former bag designer. The price is really expensive. A size 40 handbag can sell for 7000 yuan. The way to handle leather is very similar to Hermes.

Super first-line level:

Berluti only has men’s shoes. The shoes are famous for their color. The bags use the same technology. Articles often come out saying that Berluti’s leather shoes are the best in the world, but they are not.
Bottega Veneta became popular around 2008. Previously, “trendsetters” used LV and Gucci. BV’s entry into China just met the demand for “invisible X” at that time. But today, BV’s weaving has been labeled, and it is not low-key, and it is difficult to use it to install X again. Of course, its quality is still very good. After all, it is the first brand to enter the “billion euro club” under Kering, Europeans are not fools either.
Brunello Cucinelli, the king of cashmere, all the products of this brand are classical in shape, emphasizing the natural high-grade sense of raw materials, as well as leather goods. The simple texture makes people easily fall in love with it.
Bvlgari was originally a jewelry brand, but it wanted to sell bags. It sold so well. You can’t believe it.
Chanel. This is a brand that countless girls dream of owning. Women’s clothing is at the top of the list at present. Bags have not reached the same position. Different people have different opinions on the appearance, but it’s really hard to say how high-end lychee peel is.
Dior has a very rich product line, and the business of advanced customization and ready to wear has maintained a high level for a long time. Lady Dior, the classic style of women’s bags, is famous for its love of Princess Diana. The man’s bag is designed by Kris Van Assche, the current designer, and adds a sense of movement and technology to the elegant shape, which can be described as advanced but not boring.
Loro Piana itself is a fabric manufacturer, so it can also get the best leather materials, which is a congenital advantage.
Ralph Lauren Purple Label/Collection Ralph Lauren’s most high-end branch line. Black Label is the second line, RRL and Polo RL are the third line.
Tom Ford wants to talk about history. TF is really different from everyone above, but the brand has a very high positioning since its birth, and TF has always had a high exposure because of its close relationship with Hollywood. Recently, TF has become famous for providing costumes for 007 series.

First tier:

Compared with the above brands, the first tier stores lack some manual details, and the raw materials are not so perfect. Although there are many super high priced brands, the overall fashion, seasonality and discounts are strong, which is slightly different from the super first tier brands.
Alaia used to be a female designer of Dior, characterized by a large number of hollows and carvings.
Balenciaga locomotive bag.
Balmain bag style is consistent with the clothes, typical of Baroque style. Auxiliary line Pierre Balmain.
Blumarine is more famous for its knitted products. I don’t think anyone will buy its bags at the original price.
Burberry Prorsum was once the highest branch of Burberry and will be merged into Burberry soon.
Calvin Klein Collection Calvin Klein high-end branch line, of course, you should not confuse CK Jeans and other strange things with it.
Carol Christian Pooll, the king of avant-garde fashion, has a special treatment process for leather materials, but there are few bags. Shoes and leather clothes are the best.
Celine’s smiling face bag and swing bag became very popular.
Chloe has a secondary line see by chloe
Dolce&Gabbana; (Dolce Gabbana) The timeless Sicilian style, DG’s positioning (price) has been getting higher and higher in the past two years, but what can’t be avoided is the big discount at the end of the season, which is what I said earlier. Of course, DG’s leather is very solid, but you should avoid bags made in China (not prejudice, there are differences). The tag will show it clearly, just pay attention to it.
Dunhill tends to be traditional in style. There are many places of origin. It can be purchased according to your own needs, including the super expensive ones made in Britain, the high priced ones made in Italy, and the low priced ones made in China.
Emilio Pucci
Ermanno Scervino
Ermenegildo Zegna (Zegna) suits are widely known. Only men’s bags are available. The secondary line includes Z Zegna and Zegna Sports, and the high-end branch line Zegna Couture.
Etro is characterized by paisley pattern, and a large number of ethnic style elements can also be seen on the bag.
Fendi fur is the essence of the brand, and its design tends to be younger in recent two years. There is an excessive price.
Giorgio Armani has its sub line Emporio Armani, Armani Collezioni, Armani Jeans and Armani Exchange, as well as its branch line Armani Prive. EA is probably its best selling product line.
Givenchy has led the trend of printing in recent years, but who knows how long it can last.
Globe Trotter is a British high-grade handmade suitcase, which has appeared in the top secret agents. I’m not here to disparage Rimowa.
The foundation of Gucci Kering Group was very beautiful in those years when it first entered China. Big white shoes, shopping bags, mobile phone ropes and double ring belts were all popular among “trendsetters” at that time. Then it gradually declined, and the image was recovering after the new director was replaced.
Guidi probably has the best horse hip leather in the world. Its shoes are more famous and will provide leather materials for brands like CCP.
Giuseppe Zanotti Design declined to comment on this brand.
Jimmy Choo (Zhou Yangjie) is the main brand of high-heeled shoes. The bag and shoes have the same style and are very high profile.
Lanvin is the oldest fashion brand in France. Top level design, but the materials of both clothes and bags are not particularly good. At best, it is to pursue special effects, at worst, it is to save costs,
Launer is a British royal brand.
Loewe started as a leather product with first-class texture and reasonable price, and its quality is better than most fashion brands at the same price.
Marni (Mani) Marni’s fashion is full of enthusiastic pop style, but leather goods are very traditional and conservative.
Mark Cross is probably the oldest leather goods brand in the United States. Like Hermes, Mark Cross started with harness, went bankrupt and disappeared for a time, and was restarted in 2010.
Miu Miu was once a subsidiary of Prada. Later, it continued to improve its positioning. It has the same level as Prada, but its style is more young and cute. So don’t think it is a second tier brand anymore.
Mulberry is a traditional British leather brand, but now it is mostly made in Italy, and the low price style is made in China.
Nina Ricci
Oscar De La Renta
Pierre Hardy, a master shoe designer, has nothing to buy.
Paco Rabanne is most famous for his chain mail series.
Is Prada’s quality really as bad as some rumors on the Internet? I will find time to take you to explore.
Roberto Cavalli leopard print and python skin are the eternal theme of the brand.
Roger Vivier’s shoes have been very popular in recent two years. Bags, like shoes, feature a generous buckle.
Saint Laurent was integrated with rock elements in the classic modeling by Heidi Slimane, which can be described as young by one word. In addition, “SLP” is a misreading. The official abbreviation is “SL”, and the brand name is also “Saint Laurent”. “Paris” is similar to “Paris” under Hermes’ trademark, indicating the brand location.
Salvatore Ferragamo (Ferragamo) was asked before whether this is the most advanced shoe brand, which makes people feel puzzled. The next issue will talk about high-end shoes.
Stella McCartney, it’s the one you saw a chain wrapped around the bag.
Sergio Rossi senior shoes brand, with serious decline in performance and few bag styles.
Schiaparelli once kept abreast of Chanel, then declined, and now returns to advanced customization
The Row bag is really advanced, but it is a little short. Over time, The grade will be further improved.
Thom Browne red, white and blue stripes are highly expressive.
Valentino has improved its recognition by using square rivets and camouflage in recent years, and its sales have naturally increased. Garavani is usually added after the leather goods trademark. There are auxiliary lines Valentino Roima and Red Valentino.
Valerra is an Italian premium leather brand with reasonable pricing and great potential.
The logo of Medusa must be visible on Versace’s bag, including second tier brands Versace Collection and Versus, and third tier brands Versace Jeans Couture.
Vionnet was once a fashion master as famous as Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli. Now the brand is headed by legendary Goga Ashkenazi and has returned to high-end customization.

Quasi first-line level:

It is still a luxury brand in a broad sense, most of which are new and cutting-edge designer brands, focusing on modeling, and positioning in favor of high-end young groups.
Amelie Pichard
Anya Hindmarch will find artists to work together to make graffiti bags, which has developed rapidly in the past two years.
Ann Demeulemeester, one of the six gentlemen in Antwerp, has changed its designer, but has basically maintained its original dark style. The price is the most expensive among the six gentlemen. Boots are the soul of the brand and there are few bags.
Alexander McQueen is a legendary British designer. After his death, the brand was taken over by his former assistant. Now the design has become more commercial. A small metal skeleton will be hung on the bag.
Alexander Wang is made in China.
Alberta Ferretti
Bally is a Swiss premium leather brand. Bags are made in Switzerland, Italy and China. Swiss products can be listed as the first tier, Italian products as the quasi first tier, and Chinese products as the second tier.
Bertoni 1949
Burberry London
Christopher Kane
Personal brand of the son of Corto Moltedo Bottega, focusing on handbags.
Comme Des Garcons has a lot of sub lines. The famous ones are Homme plus, Junya watanabe cooperation series, and Hearts CDG Play series.
Costume National
The high-end branch line of Diesel Black GoldDiesel.
Dries Van Noten
Dsquared2 is a first-line fashion brand, but the overall grade of bags is average.
Donna Karan sub line DKNY seems more famous.
Edie Parker handbag brand.
Eddie Borgo, jewelry designer, seems to have only handbags.
Emanuel Ungaro
Elie Saab is a high-end brand, and the bag is only suitable for high-end dinner.
Gianfranco Ferre
Haider Ackermann Antwerp School is similar to Ann Dem in that it is good at irregular tailoring and fashion is more famous than bags.
Issey Miyake
Jean Paul Gaultier (Gaultier), a senior customization master, has terminated the garment business. There are not many bag styles.
Jil Sander is a minimalist master. Designers have been changed over and over again, and the sales volume seems to have been unsatisfactory.
John Richmond Auxiliary Line Richmond X, Richmond Denim.
John Varvatos
Judith Leiber premium handbag brand.
Khirma Eliazov is good at using python skin, and her handbag is very gorgeous.
Kris Van asscheDior Homme, the current designer’s personal brand, has been closed.
Max Mara
Marc Jacobs, the personal brand of the former LV designer, Marc by Marc Jacobs, has been incorporated into the main line. The origin of ready-made clothes is quite miscellaneous. I haven’t bought any bags, so it’s not easy to evaluate.
Maison Martin Margiela, one of the six gentlemen in Antwerp, is a master of deconstruction, and the only brand without a designer’s curtain call in the fashion week. After 2010, it turned to team design, and since 2015, the legendary designer John Galliano has taken the helm.
Monique Lhuillier features wedding dresses and dinner bags.
Moschino used to be a second tier brand, but its positioning has improved in recent years. Moschino is basically a first tier brand and a second tier brand.
Missoni knitting brand, including bags, has many knitting styles.
The M2 Malletier features a horizontal metal rod as the handle.
Nathalie Trad handbag brand.
Neil Barrett is good at all kinds of splicing,
Olympia Le tan, you can see that some people are obviously going to the street with a book in their hands. In fact, they are handbags of this brand.
Paula Cademartori can see that the brand has drawn a lot of inspiration from Mexico’s totem.
Philipp Plein, a German fashion brand, whose main elements are rivets and skeletons, is a favorite of non mainstream killers. In fact, the latest skull pattern is taken from Mastermind Japan intact. There have been humiliating incidents before, but I would like to say that the clothing design of this brand is really terrible. All kinds of non mainstream printed T-shirts with nine pieces and nine packets of mail are so hot that you can’t open your eyes through the screen, If you meet me in reality, you can only repay me with 66666 bad eyes. Don’t cut me today.
proenza schouler
Raf Simons used to be the design director of Jil Sander and Dior women’s wear. His personal brand is famous for the graffiti element. High top shoes have many excellent styles, but there are few bags.
Rick Owens’s main leather coat, shoes, Arabian pants, side line DRKSHDW and Lilies.
Simone Rocha
Smythson British high-grade stationery small leather goods brand
Trussardi sub line Tru Trussardi.
Tod’s Doudou shoes are well known, but you can’t expect to make them by hand as advertised.
Valas logo style is a six pocket backpack.
Victoria Beckham’s personal brand.
Yliana Yepez
Yohji Yamamoto (Yamamoto) Men’s main line Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme, branch line Y’s of the same grade, sub line Yohji Yamamoto Costume D Homme, Coming Soon, and product Y-3 in cooperation with Adidas.
3.1 Phillip Lim

Second line level:

The second tier, that is, the so-called luxury, is basically not controversial. At the beginning of brand creation, it was the second tier orientation. The design was young, and the materials and workmanship were obviously different from those of the first tier brands, including the personal brands of super designers, which I will explain. There must be some omissions here.
Agnes b.
Anna Sui’s makeup and perfume are more interesting than fashion and bags.
Burberry Brit I know many people buy this as the main line of Burberry.
Cerutti 1881
Coach’s domestic price is indeed much higher than that of the United States, but the brand itself is not as bad as the rumors. It is a very standard second tier brand. At present, it has hired Stuart Vevers, former director of Loewe,
Christian Lacroix is not joking. Although this is a super high-end women’s clothing high definition brand, its bag is really terrible. To be honest, it is also reluctant to put it here. If you are interested, you can understand it.
Daks London
Diesel jeans are so famous that many people think they are the best jeans in the world. I think we should find time to make a ranking for them.
Dirk Bikkembergs, one of the six gentlemen in Antwerp, specializes in sportswear and leisure wear, which is naturally lower in grade.
Emporio Armani
Helmut Lang
Hugo Boss is really famous in China, and there are a lot of fake brands, but it is really just a second tier brand, and because of poor management, the price will be greatly reduced this year.
Jerome Dreyfuss
Jeremy Scott
John GallianoGivenchy, as well as Dior’s former couture designer, Gao Ding, can be said to be a legend in the fashion industry. This is his personal brand. He was expelled from Dior and the brand of the same name for insulting Jews for 12 years, and then Bill Gaytten took over. However, this is not the point. The point is that when the brand was founded, it was positioned as a second tier brand, and the price was also very close to the people. In addition, Galliano has a more user-friendly product line.
Just Cavalli
Junya Watanabe
Kate Spade
Karl Lagerfeld Chanel is a designer, commonly known as Laofo Ye. The brand with the same name is a fashion brand for young people. The price is one third of that of a first-line brand, and K by Karl Lagerfeld is a secondary line.
Kenzo (Shinzo Takada) has turned over in the past two years by virtue of tiger head and eye guards.
MCM was originally a dying brand. After being acquired by South Korean capital, it began to stir up, touting itself as a “pure manual” brand. However, even leather is not for you to use.
Michael Kors bought a lot in the last two years, but now it is gradually abandoned. Its performance has declined seriously, and it has begun to offer substantial discounts. Its decline also indicates the fate of some so-called luxury brands.
Paul Smith is a classic second-line brand. The naked women’s wallets in recent two years are interesting.
The auxiliary line of Red ValentinoValentino.
Rimowa suitcase brand can only be described as high-end, not luxury. Don’t tell people that it is the best suitcase. It introduces Globe Trotter. Louis Vuitton, Moynat and Goyard are the highest.
Sophia Webster
Sophie Hulme
Sophie Anderson
Tamara Mellon
Tory Burch
Thierry Mugler is also a Gaoding fashion brand, but bags are really not well made. A large number of shopping bags made of PVC materials have no high-end style, similar to Christian Lacroix.
Undercover, a Japanese fashion brand, has successfully transformed itself into a fashion brand. Famous items include squinting bear, dissolved smile and ghostly embroidery.
Visvim is the only one among the Japanese fashion brands
Vivien Westwood Punk Godmother

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