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What brand of breast pump is good | Super detailed Medela breast pump purchase strategy

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LI believe you have read a lot of articles about breast pumps, and you have more or less noticed the word Medela, especially on Zhihu, Douban, and Xiaohongshu. Medela breast pumps are quite popular. A brand that is mentioned in almost every article, post about breast pump discussions.

Medela, the Chinese translation of “Medela”, a Swiss brand, can be regarded as a grandpa in maternal and child products. It has a history of nearly 60 years and is currently sold in more than 90 countries. Medela’s products are not cheap, and its breast pumps are said to be Hermès among breast pumps. The reason for saying this is mainly because they are indeed Hermès in terms of word of mouth and price. Take its entry-level model, a single-sided electric breast pump, for example, it costs $215.

Among the breast pumps, Medela is really very expensive. It is suitable for families with good living conditions. In general families, there will be a lot of money to spend after the baby is born, The top breast pump brands basically cover all mainstream breast pump brands listed in China, and there are many brands with high cost performance.

To take a step back, if you are not very familiar with breast pumps until now, or even confused, it is recommended to click “How to choose a breast pump that suits you step by step” or check out our special topic, do your homework first to understand some basic knowledge of breast pumps, such as the types of breast pumps, several important indicators for purchasing breast pumps, etc.

Of course, the not-cheap price corresponds to the well-known evaluation. Although for many families, Medela’s breast pump is indeed expensive, but for people with good living conditions, Medela is the first option to consider. Of course, in order to balance the needs of families with different incomes, Medela also has several types of breast pumps, ranging from the cheapest 258 yuan manual breast pump to tens of thousands of medical-grade breast pumps.

| Differences between Medela breast pump models

There are not many models of breast pumps from Medela. For users who are not short of money, just buy Zhiyun. For those who pursue cost-effectiveness, they will still be more or less entangled. How much money can be used to do the biggest thing requires in-depth understanding and consideration. Let’s talk about the differences between several models of Medela in detail.

At present, there are several types of Medela breast pumps on sale in China: Heyun (manual), Silk Rhyme (single-sided electric), Silk Rhyme (double-sided electric), Feiyun (double-sided electric), Zhiyun ( Bilateral electric), there is also a Xinyun (bilateral electric), a medical-grade breast pump, mainly for institutional sales.

The following is a formal talk about the differences, advantages and disadvantages between several models. It is recommended that while reading, click here to open the official flagship store of Medela, and read simultaneously to deepen your understanding and impression.

Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Even for the most basic manual breast pump, Medela costs $35, and you can buy some small domestic brands of electric breast pumps. But expensive, there is still a reason for it. Even this manual breast pump is designed with 2-Phase Expression technology, which is commonly known as the rhythm function. By the way, all Medela breast pumps have this function , the following words will not be mentioned again. As for what the prosodic function is, it was mentioned in the above article, so I won’t go into details.

Compared with other models of Medela, the advantage of this manual breast pump is that it is small in size, easy to carry, and the breast pumping efficiency is not low. Even in places where breastfeeding is not convenient, you can hide in the toilet and quickly suck it out, cover the nipple Replenish your baby. It is easy to operate and can be used immediately. If the breast milk comes, you can start pumping immediately. If you use an electric breast pump, you need to turn on the power and adjust the mode before you start pumping. In addition, it is very quiet, unlike electric breast pumps, which are more or less noisy.

But the disadvantages of manual breast pumps are also obvious, tiring, very tiring, especially for mothers who need to use it every day. Repeated pressing for a long time is a test of one’s wrist strength. If there is a lot of milk, it will make people desperate. So many times, many people will not suck cleanly because of fatigue or lack of perseverance.

In addition, there are two places where this breast pump is most prone to problems. One is that the rubber part of the handle is easy to break and leak air, and the other is that the anti-spill film of the small white piece is easy to break, so you need to take care of it when using it.

If you use it occasionally, or when you go out, it is recommended to start with this one, after all, it is much cheaper than the electric one. But if you use it every day, don’t consider the manual one. Of course, you can also use the manual one as a backup machine and use it when you go out.

Swing Single side electric breast pump

The current price of the entry-level Medela breast pump is 1499 yuan. Compared with manual breast pumps, electric breast pumps are definitely much more convenient and less tiring. (The official Siyun unilateral has been removed from the shelves, and currently only the upgraded Siyun Shuyue version is available)

Compared with double-sided breast pumps, this kind of unilateral breast pump has the advantage that when using it, it can be done with one hand. Unlike double-sided breast pumps, you need to support it with two hands, and you have to find a way to press the button on the machine. button. But on the other hand, when some mothers are sucking one breast, the other side will leak milk. In this case, it is best to use it with a breast milk collector, or change to a double-sided breast pump.

On the other hand, since only one breast can be sucked at a time, it takes 15 minutes for one side each time, and at least half an hour for both sides, which is more or less time-consuming.

In terms of noise, it is slightly noisy, which is similar to its upgraded version of Silk Rhyme, but compared with Feiyun, the noise of Silk Rhyme is still smaller, although the official statement is that Silk Rhyme is more noisy. But compared with the rhyme, the rhyme is less noisy.

In addition, the most common failure of Siyun is milk backflow. Simply put, milk is sucked into the main unit through the catheter. Once the main unit enters the water, the breast pump is basically scrapped. When in use, try to place Silk Rhyme in a high place to avoid milk reflux. What’s more, even if there is no backflow, water vapor is easy to appear in the catheter, but it does not hinder the use. After pumping milk every time, just suck the catheter again. In addition, its small white anti-spill film is also easy to break.

Based on the above, if you usually use a breast pump while breastfeeding, coupled with the price factor of Silk Rhyme, it can be said to be very suitable. However, be aware that due to the noise problem, sensitive babies may be disturbed when breastfeeding at night.

Finally, by the way, there are online tutorials for changing silk rhyme from one side to two sides, but imitation is not recommended. Because the power of the silk rhyme motor is so large, after changing it to two sides, the suction power will definitely become smaller, and after a few months of modification, many people have problems with the suction power getting smaller and smaller, and they cannot suck milk at all.

Swing maxi Bilateral Electric Breast Pump

Silk Rhyme Wing (go to buy) is actually the official upgraded version of Silk Rhyme, or the official unilateral to double-sided version, but because the motor has been upgraded at the same time, there will be no failures that occur during private modifications. At present, the price of Silk Rhyme Wing is 1949 yuan, hundreds of dollars more expensive than Silk Rhyme. In addition, there is currently an upgraded Shuyue version of Silk Rhythm Wing (go to buy) to choose from.

In terms of appearance, Siyun Yi is almost the same as Silk Yun, except that there is an extra side. Of course, the built-in motor has been upgraded. In terms of noise, it is about the same size as Silk Rhyme.

In terms of common faults, they are the same as Silk Rhyme, so I won’t repeat them here.

In general, as an entry-level model of Medela’s bilateral electric breast pump, there is not much to say about it, but thanks to Medela’s own technical strength, it is more effective than ordinary breast pumps. not bad.

Freestyle Feiyun Bilateral Electric Breast Pump

Feiyun (to buy) was once the flagship model of Medela before Zhiyun appeared. Of course, the price is not cheap, even now it costs $425 .

Compared with Silk Rhyme and Silk Rhyme Wing, Fei Rhyme has a stronger suction, is more compact in design, is easy to carry, and has improved connectors that are more reasonable, less prone to damage, and less likely to cause milk backflow. At the same time, it is more convenient to disassemble and clean, but there are many more parts that need to be cleaned than Siyun and Siyunyi. Most importantly, for most people, the breastfeeding experience is more comfortable than that of Siyun and Siyunyi.

medela breast pumps Symphony

medela breast pumps Symphony


In terms of function, the biggest improvement is the addition of an LCD screen, which can count down, which is very considerate. Although it seems that this function is inconspicuous, but when you think about it, when you usually breastfeed, it is inconvenient to hold the bottle with both hands, and it is inconvenient to press the buttons. It is inconvenient to have to find the phone to see how long you have been sucking. Moreover, if you repeat similar actions several times a day, it is easy to make mistakes and forget how long you have been breastfeeding.

In addition, you can also see how many gears you have driven, and switching gears is also very intuitive, which is much more convenient than Siyun and Siyunyi. Although the function of intelligent memory has also been added, it has little effect on most people.

In terms of noise, the official statistics show that the noise of Feiyun is smaller than that of Siyun and Siyunyi, but in fact, many people think that the noise of Feiyun is a bit louder.

In general, if you need to take it out and you are not very sensitive to the price, then you can directly buy Feiyun. Of course, at the same time, you will sacrifice a little bit of noise. If you are only using it at home and are not very sensitive to price, then don’t choose Feiyun, because compared with the 121 yuan more expensive Zhiyun, Feiyun has no more advantages except portability.

Sonata Zhiyun Bilateral Electric Breast Pump

Zhiyun (go to buy) is the current flagship model of Medela, the price is 3120 yuan, only 121 yuan more expensive than Feiyun. Although Zhiyun is currently the best among Medela’s retail breast pumps in terms of function and experience, it should be noted that its volume is much larger and heavier than all the models mentioned above. So many people say it is a medical grade breast pump among retail breast pumps.

medela breast pumps Sonata

medela breast pumps Sonata

Comparing the previous Siyunyi and Feiyun horizontally, the suction of Zhiyun is stronger, but it will not reduce the experience of breastfeeding, and even improve it. The main reason is the addition of a technology called comfortable flow zone (also called comfort mode), which is more reasonable when the suction changes. Ordinary breast pumps disappear quickly when the suction disappears, and the rhyme is in the suction. When it disappears, the suction slowly weakens, which effectively improves the breastfeeding experience.

In terms of noise, although the volume and weight of the motor have increased, the net weight of the motor has reached 1kg, while the Feiyun, the heaviest motor among the models introduced above, is only 370g, but the noise is much smaller and ultra-quiet.

In terms of functions, in addition to the same countdown and intelligent memory as Feiyun, it also adds functions such as Bluetooth connection APP, button mute, pause, rhythm mode, air leakage reminder, and induction system.

One of the most worth mentioning is the pause function, which is also a function that does not seem to be very tricky, but can improve the user experience. With ordinary breast pumps, once you suck to the end, you have to turn off the machine and turn it on again to pause. With the pause, you can stop at any time, squeeze with your hands, and then continue to use the breast pump.

As for the disadvantages, it is bulky and heavy. Of course, it does not mean that it cannot be taken out and used at all. After all, it can still be charged, but it is not convenient to carry.

Generally speaking, if it is only for home use and economic conditions permit, it is recommended to use Zhiyun. If you need to be portable, you can only choose Feiyun.

Symphony Bilateral Electric Breast Pump

Xinyun is a real Medela medical-grade breast pump, the price is tens of thousands, and it is not sold in the flagship store (updated on 5.11, the flagship store has sold Xinyun for a while, but the price is ridiculously expensive, and it is now off the shelves), The main target customers are also some hospitals and institutions. The separate design of Xinyun’s accessories and the host can avoid the possibility of cross-infection, so if individuals want to use Xinyun, there is no need to buy it at all, and they can be rented from hospitals or Taobao. However, even if it is rented, you need to purchase accessories separately, and there is also the cost of renting, which is not necessarily cheap.

medela breast pumps Symphony

Symphony Bilateral Electric Breast Pump

Xinyun is top-notch in terms of experience and breastfeeding efficiency. Xinyun’s breastfeeding speed is not only faster, but also the amount of breastmilk is slightly higher. Zhiyun’s comfortable flow zone technology is also applied to Xinyun.

But like Zhiyun, the size of Xinyun is not suitable for carrying when going out, even if it can be charged.

To sum up, if you can’t pump out any other breast pumps, you can try Xinyun. At the same time, if the economy is not ample, but you are looking for experience, you can try to rent.

Medela breast pump buying advice
If you don’t know the whole series of Medela, and Medela’s awkward name, it is really difficult to choose. But if you read through the above, you can basically grasp the differences between the various models. Finally, let’s summarize:

The Heyun manual breast pump is suitable for occasional use, or temporary use when going out, mainly because manual breast pumps are really tiring.

Silk Rhyme single-sided electric breast pump is suitable for mothers who pump while breastfeeding. If you have to suck both breasts every time, it will take a long time, and many people have to use it with a breast milk collector. After all, when sucking one side, the other side will leak milk.

medela breast pumps

medela breast pumps

Silk Rhyme Bilateral Electric Breast Pump, the entry-level model of Medela’s bilateral breast pump, although there are not many remarkable places, but thanks to Medela’s own technical strength, compared with ordinary breast pumps, Not bad to use. However, its price is about 1,000 yuan cheaper than the Feiyun and Zhiyun, and the price/performance ratio is not bad in Medela.

Feiyun bilateral electric breast pump, from the current price, Feiyun’s price of 2,999 yuan is not very competitive compared with 3,120 yuan of Zhiyun’s. However, the advantage of Feiyun is that it is portable, and its size is much smaller than that of Zhiyun suitable for home use.

Zhiyun bilateral electric breast pump is currently Medela’s flagship model for home use. It has the best technology and comfort, and is suitable for people who are economically affluent and mainly use it at home. And from the experience of many people, if there is a large demand for breast pumps, and if the money is not too bad, you can buy Zhiyun directly, and it will be in place in one step, otherwise it is easy to spend more money in order to save money. Of course, if the family is not well-off, save as much as you can, and spend the money in more cutting-edge places. Don’t spend money blindly, because there are too many places for babies to spend money.

Xinyun bilateral electric breast pump, as a medical-grade breast pump, Xinyun not only provides an additional choice for some mothers who have difficulties in breastfeeding, but also because it can be rented without worrying about cross-infection, it is suitable for breastfeeding. Some families with mediocre economics but pursuing experience.

After briefly summarizing the characteristics of each model, I would like to say that a breast pump is not a must-have, not a must-have, and not every mother needs a breast pump. The detailed reasons are mentioned in “Guide to Buying an Electric Breast Pump | What brand of breast pump is good, in fact, there is no standard answer”.

Secondly, even if it is the same breast pump, different people use it, and the experience is completely different, so all the experience sharing about breast pumps above and even on the Internet can only be used as a reference.

Finally, it is best if you can try out the breast pump before buying it, and then place an order.

Medela breast pump advice

The breast pump is uncomfortable or even painful to use, and most of the time it is not the cause of the breast pump itself, especially the breast pumps of several high-end brands.

The biggest possibility is that the size of the horn cover is not suitable. Breast pumps are generally equipped with a 24mm horn cover as standard, but this size is only suitable for 45% of mothers. For the remaining 55% of people, this size requires If it is not too big, or not too small, it will directly affect the experience of use, such as scratching the nipple, edema of the breast, or even being unable to suck milk, etc.

PersonalFit beastshield size

PersonalFit beastshield size

In addition to the 24mm speaker cover, Medela also has 21mm, 27mm, 30mm, and 36mm speaker cover sizes to choose from. This size mainly depends on the size of the nipple. How to determine the most suitable size is discussed in “Guide to Buying an Electric Breast Pump | What Brand of Breast Pump Is Good, In fact, There is No Standard Answer”. Therefore, when buying a breast pump, it is recommended to choose a breast pump with a split horn cover like Medela, that is, a breast pump with a horn cover of different sizes. Try not to choose a breast pump with an integrated horn cover. If it doesn’t fit, the breast pump will be useless.

Secondly, whether it is a single-sided or double-sided breast pump, and no matter what brand of breast pump it is, it must be used by hand when using it, and it will not really suck on the breast milk and cannot fall off, and hold it for a long time , the hands are really sore. If you want to pump while doing other things, you need to add a hands-free bra to fix the breast pump on the breast. If economic conditions permit, it is recommended to buy a hands-free bra, which can improve the happiness index.

After weaning, if you don’t use the electric breast pump for a long time, you must pull out the battery, otherwise it will easily leak and damage the motherboard and even the motor. Repairing a main unit will cost about half the cost of the breast pump.

Cleaning and disinfection of Medela breast pumps

Many people use breast pumps. For the sake of hygiene, they will be sterilized after each use, but it is not advisable in practice. The wrong disinfection method can easily age the parts of the breast pump and affect the suction of the breast pump.

How to disinfect and clean the breast pump before using it for the first time

Disassemble all the parts that come into contact with the milk, except for the connector, steam sterilize/boil the other parts for about 3 minutes (when boiling, pay attention to the uniform heating and avoid contact with the pot wall to avoid deformation).

The connectors are sterilized with warm water (60-80 degrees), and the time is controlled within 3 minutes.

How to disinfect and clean the breast pump after use

After each use of the connector, immediately disassemble the parts and wash them under running water, and then dry or wipe them dry. This can greatly avoid the accumulation of milk scale and the breeding of bacteria. If disinfection is required, it can be soaked in warm water (about 60 degrees) once a day.

For example, use sterilizers, Medela microwave oven sterilizing bags and other steam sterilizing tools, sterilize at least once every two weeks or even longer, within 3 minutes each time. Do not perform high-temperature disinfection every time, especially boiling disinfection (steam disinfection is evenly heated, which is slightly better, but the time should not be long).

For accessories such as horns and feeding bottles, they can be sterilized by boiling water every day, and high-temperature disinfection should be performed at least once every 3 to 5 days (determined according to the psychological tolerance of the degree of hygiene), so as to prolong the service life of accessories.

If you are preparing a delivery package, I recommend reading “Analysis of the Practicality of the 62 Most-mentioned Items in the Delivery Package on Zhihu”. The utility index and hospitalization index of the item are very referential.

In addition, you can learn more about the basics of breastfeeding, such as how to feed newborns, how much to feed, how to deal with hiccups and spit-up, what needs to be paid attention to, and so on.

medela breast pumps Harmony

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