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Which bathroom brand is better? Senior industry insiders analyze 52 well-known sanitary ware brands at home and abroad and their areas of expertise

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LWhen many people buy bathroom products, they always like to look for top ten bathroom brands, bathroom rankings and other things, but in fact, bathroom products should be divided into at least ceramic parts, bathroom cabinets, shower rooms, leisure bathrooms, faucet flowers, etc. For the categories of sprinkles and hardware pendants, different brands are good at different fields, no matter how well-known the brand is. The author of this article is forCheese, who is an insider in the bathroom industry. Although the text is very straightforward and simple, it is quite professional.

Let me talk about the bathroom brand from the manufacturer’s point of view. Let’s first figure out what the bathroom contains. Generally, the household bathroom we talk about includes these categories.

● Ceramic parts: Refers to products made of ceramics such as washbasins, toilets, and urinals.
● Bathroom cabinets: solid wood cabinets, PVC cabinets, stainless steel bathroom cabinets, etc.
● Shower room: including bathroom partition, simple shower screen and so on.
● Leisure bathroom: generally refers to jacuzzi, steam room, multifunctional shower room and so on.
● Faucets and hardware accessories: including showers, faucets, angle valves, towel racks, towel bars, tissue boxes, etc.

Why do we need to figure out these categories? Because different types of bathroom products have different production materials, processes, and methods. For example, the raw material for the production of ceramic parts is ceramic clay, which needs to be fired in a tunnel kiln or Soviet-style kiln; the production process of bathroom cabinets is equivalent to carpentry. Simple shower rooms are mostly a combination of tempered glass and five accessories; most of the jacuzzi and steam rooms are made of acrylic, or use acrylic as the bottom mold; the hardware is made of hardware materials, through casting , Welding, machining and other processes.

I write these mainly to explain the different specialties of different products. If a factory specializing in the production of ceramic parts, generally does not make hardware products, because the production of these two products is not related at all. But having said that, if the company grows bigger and originally produces ceramic parts, it can now open another branch factory to make hardware parts, which is no problem.

Let’s talk about some well-known brands that are common in the domestic market. I personally think that brands refer to those that have been settled for a certain period of time and have a market foundation. I will not mention the brands that have just come out. There are also some high-end foreign brands that do not have exclusive stores in China, or those that do not have a high degree of consensus in China. Not to mention.

Foreign bathroom brands

Kohler in the United States, American Standard in the United States, TOTO in Japan, and Roca in Spain are relatively high-end brands with good quality and high prices. There are many domestic specialty stores and it is easy to find them. In addition, there is a Taiwan-based Hecheng Sanitary Ware, which has fewer specialty stores and is less well-known.

Add two more German brands, mainly for ceramic products, one is Villeroy & Boch, and the other is Duravit (now renamed Duravit in China). These two brands have a long history and high-end positioning. In addition to making sanitary ware products, Bao also makes tableware products. These two brands focus on design, mainly for high-end projects, and retail sales may be relatively small.

Domestic bathroom brand

● Brands under the Lehua Department

Leroy Company directly operates Wrigley, Faenza, Anhua, and Seviya (Servia is a brand that Leroy and an Italian company cooperate with). Operating the two brands of Meijiahua and Weiktao. The Leroy brand occupies a large domestic sanitary ware market. Among them, Wrigley, Faenza and Anhua are very well-known, while Meijiahua and Viktor are much less well-known. Lehua Company started firing toilets around 1995, and it also started from making ceramic parts, so the quality of Lehua series ceramic products is very good. I recommend Lehua series ceramic products. Of course, other products are also good. If you You can also consider it if you like.

● Huida Sanitary Ware

The relatively old brand in China has a factory in Tangshan, Hebei. It is said that there are thirteen tunnel kilns. The annual output of ceramic parts is very large, and the export sales are very large. Huida started firing ceramics very early. At that time, there was a saying that Huida was not as good as Wrigley in China. The most important thing is that Huida started exporting from the very beginning, and it started after the economic crisis in 2008. Emphasis on the domestic market, although less well-known, but the strength is very strong.

● Hengjie Sanitary Ware, Gold Medal Sanitary Ware, Ottoman Sanitary Ware

There are many domestic specialty stores of these three brands, and they can be found in almost all parts of the country. The positioning of the three brands is similar, and the prices are relatively moderate. Compared with Huida and Wrigley, Hengjie is a rising star. Now it is doing very well, with complete outlets and strong advertising efforts, so it has a high reputation. The advertisements of Gold Medal and Ausman are not so strong, and their popularity is less, but the domestic outlets are also very complete. Gold Medal and Ausman are made by the same factory, and the two brands belong to the same family and are related.

Divide by area of expertise

● Brands focusing on leisure bathrooms

Apollo Sanitary Ware, Langjing Sanitary Ware, Emperor Sanitary Ware, Olusha Sanitary Ware, Yigao Sanitary Ware, Huamijia Sanitary Ware, etc. These brands are mainly for leisure sanitary ware. If you need to buy jacuzzi, steam room, multi-functional shower Housing these, you can give priority to these brands. Leisure bathroom is a large-scale product, which is generally used in large-area bathrooms and is a luxury in bathrooms.

● Brands focusing on bathroom cabinets

Xinhaijialan, Shanggao, Frank, Gaudi, Pinwei, Bonnie Tuome, these brands are all specialized in making bathroom cabinets. Among them, Haijialan mainly makes solid wood cabinets. Shanggao has a complete line of cabinets with many styles. Frank and Gaudy specialize in European-style antique cabinets. Pinwei and Bonnie Tuomi specialize in stainless steel cabinets. If you want to buy bathroom cabinets, I recommend you to look at these brands.

● Shower room-based brands

Lance, Furui, Deli, Yali, Kaili, Ideal, Rose Island, etc. These brands are all specialized in making shower rooms. Many domestic building materials markets have their specialty stores, and the product quality is acceptable. The main production area of the shower room is Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. The quality of the shower room produced by the manufacturers in Zhongshan City is relatively good. If you want to buy a shower room, I recommend you to look at these brands.

● Brands mainly focusing on faucet showers and hardware pendants

Foreign brands

There are German Contemporary, Hansgrohe and Grohe, as well as American Moen. These four are well-known brands. Hansgrohe and Grohe have stores in many places, and the product positioning is very high-end. The quality of the product is good, but the price is also very expensive.

The positioning of Moen in China is much lower than that of Hansgrohe and Grohe. Why should Moen be listed together with these brands? The first is because Moen is very famous in the United States and Canada, and the second is because Moen invented the faucet.

Let’s talk about contemporary. If Hansgrohe, Grohe, and Kohler’s faucet showers are compared to Mercedes-Benz and BMW in cars, then Contemporary is the Rolls-Royce in cars. One level up. Dangdai faucet showers are very, very expensive. At present, I know that there are Dangdai specialty stores in Shanghai, but I don’t know if there are any other cities.

Domestic brands

Huayi Sanitary Ware, Sean Sanitary Ware, Goss Sanitary Ware, Jomoo Sanitary Ware, Zhongyu Sanitary Ware, Shenluda Sanitary Ware, Brilliant Sanitary Ware, and Yading Sanitary Ware, of which Jiumu, Zhongyu, Shenluda, and Brilliant are the four major brands in Fujian, all of which are made of faucets and flowers. It started with a family, and now it also makes integral bathrooms. For example, JOMOO has everything, but JOMOO’s market management is relatively chaotic. There are several stores in a market, and it is not known which one is real and which one is fake.

Yading Sanitary Ware is a brand in Zhejiang, known for its design and positioned as a high-end brand. Goss is a brand in Foshan. At present, there are Goss stores in many building materials markets, and the product quality is acceptable.

Huayi and Xien are brands in Kaiping, Guangdong, mainly for export. Because they don’t pay much attention to the domestic market, only some cities have specialty stores, and their popularity is average. If you only consider quality, I recommend Huayi and Sean. The reason is very simple. Many domestic brands are in the domestic market from the beginning, and there are no strict standards for quality control. Huayi and Sean have been in the European and American markets since the beginning, and they have strict standards for all aspects of products. Huayi acquired a European factory a few years ago. There are many showers and faucets in American supermarkets that Huayi supplies. .

Three senior old brands

Diamond Sanitary Ware, Emperor Sanitary Ware, and Siwei Sanitary Ware are all old brands.

Diamond Sanitary Ware Factory is the first batch of factories that fired ceramic sanitary ware. You can know its history just by looking at its factory site. Many people in the older generation know that Sanitary Ceramics fired in Foshan is very famous. In Foshan, Shiwan District is the first to start firing sanitary ceramics. Diamond Sanitary Ware Factory is located in the center of Shiwan District. It used to be a state-owned enterprise, and its marketing was done It’s not good, it’s only well-known in Guangdong Province, and basically I haven’t heard of it outside Guangdong Province, but the quality of its products is very good.

Emperor Sanitary Ware is a brand in Sichuan. I remember seeing an advertisement of Emperor Sanitary Ware on TV when I was a child. It was a child peeing into the toilet, but its marketing is so-so. It is currently well-known in the southwest region, that is, Sichuan and Yunnan. Relatively high, there are very few specialty stores in other regions. Emperor Sanitary Ware is now mainly making colored toilets, taking a personalized route.

Siwei Sanitary Ware is a brand in Chongqing, and this brand is also well-known in the southwest region, and there are few specialty stores in other regions. Although these three brands are old brands, they only do well in some parts of the country. Let’s call them regional brands for the time being.

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