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Which brand of rechargeable battery is good? 8 rechargeable battery brands with a high exposure rate

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LAlthough many things now have their own batteries, and they can be used for a long time after a few hours of charging, but AA batteries and AA batteries have not been eliminated, and they are still used in many places.

Remote controls, clocks and watches are fine, and a battery can last for a long time, but for wireless mice, keyboards, and children’s toys, ordinary batteries are not very durable. For ordinary mice, the battery can be used for a month without any problems, but for a mouse like the Logitech G700s I used, it will definitely run out of power in two days, and the battery alone costs dozens of dollars a month, let alone those children. Toys, you have to use a few batteries at a time. In addition, if you are looking for a power bank, click the article below.

If the battery consumption is relatively large, no matter from the perspective of environmental protection or consumption, it is recommended to use rechargeable batteries as much as possible. Moreover, ordinary batteries are out of stock at home if you don’t pay attention, which is quite embarrassing.

How to choose a rechargeable battery?

Let me explain first that the introduction in this article is not as in-depth as some professional forums, but it is enough for ordinary people (non-enthusiasts). After all, most of these brands come from the recommendations of netizens on Zhihu and charging head forums.

Clocks, remote controls, doorbells, and other devices that don’t use a battery for half a year can use disposable alkaline batteries. Because this kind of equipment will continue to discharge and work at a very low voltage, which will affect the life of the battery. Moreover, in terms of cost, it is not cost-effective to use rechargeable batteries for such devices.

If you buy rechargeable batteries, it is not recommended to buy high-capacity rechargeable batteries, because high-capacity batteries are generally falsely marked, especially some domestic brands. Moreover, even if the standard is not false, some other indicators may be very low. Even the eneloop pro can be regarded as a new generation of eneloop products, with a variety of “black technologies” around, increasing the power by 25% but sacrificing 75% of the charging times. Basically, the capacity of the No. 5 battery is 2000 mAh, which is a relatively good balance point. A battery with this capacity is easier to balance several key parameters.

Try to choose a rechargeable battery with low self-discharge. Simply put, after charging, it can still have a considerable amount of storage capacity after a period of time when it is not used. It is difficult for ordinary rechargeable batteries to do this. Even some rechargeable batteries just haven’t had time to use, and more than half of the circuit has been lost.

ene loop

The Chinese translation name is “Ailepu” (go to buy), and it is currently recognized as the best civilian rechargeable battery brand and the pioneer of low self-discharge Ni-MH batteries. It was originally a brand under Sanyo, but Panasonic’s acquisition of Sanyo triggered anti-monopoly investigations in the United States, the European Union and China, because Sanyo and Panasonic are the No. 1 and No. 2 in the battery industry respectively. In the end, Sanyo sold the nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery (including Apple mobile phone batteries) industry to Fujitsu, and the eneloop brand to Panasonic, which created the current situation where Fujitsu manufactures eneloop for Panasonic.

Elop’s rechargeable battery has the characteristics of ultra-low self-discharge, and it can maintain a considerable amount of power even after a year or two. Netizens on the charging head website have tested the self-discharge of some common rechargeable battery brands. Among them, the rechargeable battery of enelong can maintain about 70% of the power after two years. Only the enelong rechargeable battery introduced below can slightly catch up with this level. .

rechargeable battery brand

rechargeable battery brand

In addition to ultra-low self-discharge, eneloop batteries are extremely durable. A lot of people have used the eneloop battery for many years, and it is almost the same as when they first bought it, and it is very durable. In terms of performance alone, Elop is a good choice, but the disadvantage is that the price is not cheap.

In addition, there is no memory effect, and it does not need to be fully charged after use. It is very convenient to charge as you use it. It can maintain good performance even at low temperatures. Some netizens have frozen the battery in the refrigerator for several hours, and it is no problem to take it out again.

According to various evaluations, the Ailepu performance of the Sanyo era is the strongest, followed by the Japanese version of Panasonic’s Ailepu, and the performance of the domestic Ailepu is slightly worse. But looking back, unless you buy it in Japan, it is difficult to really buy the Japanese version of Ailepu in China. There are too many fakes. Therefore, even if the performance is not the best, it is recommended to buy it at the flagship store. Click here to enter the store.

Amazon Basics

Generally known as “Amazon Baseus” in Chinese, Baseus sold in China is divided into two versions: Nissan and domestically produced. Nissan’s Baseus is manufactured by Fujitsu, which is actually an eneloop with a changed vest, while the domestically produced Baseus is manufactured by BYD, and BYD’s batteries are actually very good.

rechargeable battery brand

rechargeable battery brand

By the way, many people know about BYD, but few people know that BYD started out as a battery. In fact, BYD’s batteries are one of the few batteries that can enter the international market and are highly praised. But because BYD batteries are tooling batteries, and they are only exported or OEM (IKEA’s rechargeable batteries are also OEM), Chinese people are not familiar with it.

Let’s go back and talk about Baseus. As for its price, Amazon will have various activities, so it will actually be much cheaper than eneloop, and you can also buy Nissan’s directly, which is a good choice.


The Chinese name “Beiteli” (to buy), is also a well-known battery brand, a battery brand launched by Shenzhen Beiteli Battery Co., Ltd. There is a saying that the reason why enelong became popular was that it became an instant hit in a group buying on the flashlight forum, so that it became the only recommendation of many netizens besides eneloop.

rechargeable battery brand

rechargeable battery brand

The first time I saw the name “enelong”, I believe many people feel the same as me. Why is it so similar to “eneloop”? It is not ruled out that the manufacturer was suspected of being close to eneloop, but in the end it also suffered from the bitter fruit. When Betley applied for this trademark, it was rejected.

In terms of performance alone, enelong is not as good as enelong, but it is better in price, comprehensive performance and price, enelong can be regarded as a rechargeable battery with high cost performance.


We mentioned above that Fujitsu has essentially inherited Sanyo’s eneloop production line and produced eneloop batteries for Panasonic. In fact, in addition to eneloop, Fujitsu also manufactures batteries for other brands, and also produces its own Fujitsu Fujitsu brand batteries and some Fujitsu logo tooling batteries.

Fujitsu batteries are quite popular in Japan, but in China, the sales volume is very sluggish, which is probably related to its pricing.

In addition, there are quite a lot of rechargeable battery brands. In addition to the above-mentioned ones, there are also Pinsheng, Feishi, Litran, Chaoba, etc. If you are interested, you can find out. But if you think it’s troublesome, you can’t go wrong by choosing the ones recommended above, but you must buy from reliable channels.

Finally, let’s talk about the charger. Generally, choose which brand of battery you choose, which brand of charger is the most worry-free.

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