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Which brand of tampons is good? Ultra-detailed records of 7 major tampon brands

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LWe have talked about the experience of using tampons for three months, half a year and one year before, and also made a horizontal comparison of sanitary napkins, tampons, menstrual cups, and even cloth sanitary napkins, but we have never talked about sanitary napkins. Article what brand is good, how to choose and buy. Today we will continue to talk about tampons on these issues.

Which tampon to choose

In fact, I have talked about the types of tampons in other articles before, so I will review them here. (Recommended reading: What is a tampon and how to use it is actually a very serious question)

To put it simply, there are two types of tampons: finger-push type and catheter type. Among them, the catheter type is divided into long catheter and short catheter. According to the material of the catheter, there are two types of plastic and paper. Pay attention to these points, which are the main points that novices need to pay attention to when purchasing.

Secondly, like sanitary napkins, the amount of tampon used is different in different periods and in different sizes.

finger push tampon

The finger-push tampon can be understood as a pure cotton swab. When using it, it is completely pushed in by your fingers. Not only do you need to wear finger cots to prevent infection, but you may also get menstrual blood on your hands. The operation is quite difficult, especially For starters. Moreover, the tampon is not meant to be stuffed in, and it has to be adjusted to a position that makes you feel comfortable. For those who are completely inexperienced, who knows how sad it is. On the other hand, because it is a pure cotton swab, it starts to absorb water from the moment it comes into contact with water. During the process of putting it in, it will absorb the water in the vagina, causing greater friction, which is not only difficult to push, but also painful.

Of course, the finger push type also has the advantages of the finger push type. It is small, environmentally friendly, and easy to carry, but it is really not suitable for novices.

Catheter Tampons

Catheter-type tampon, the function of the catheter is to push the tampon in instead of fingers, and push the tampon into the body like a syringe when using it. Compared with finger-push tampons, catheter-type tampons are more convenient to use, clean and hygienic, and the process of putting them in is smoother, which is much more friendly to novices.

The difference between long-tube and short-tube tampons

The difference between long catheters and short catheters is simply two points: length and usage.

As the name suggests, the long catheter sliver is longer, generally around 12cm, while the short catheter is generally around 8cm. In terms of length alone, the short catheter is more advantageous, and the short catheter is smaller and more portable. For example, many girls only carry a small handbag when they go out in summer, so the small handbag may not be able to fit the long tube, but the short tube can be easily put in. For another example, some girls don’t have pockets in their clothes in summer, so it’s somewhat embarrassing to go to the toilet to change tampons at this time, and the short catheter can be held directly in the hand without being noticed.

In terms of usage, it can be imagined that the catheter-type tampon is a syringe. There is no difference in essence. The cotton inside is also the same. The long catheter is more like a syringe after it has been pulled apart, while the short catheter is not pulled apart. syringe. To “inject” the tampon into the body, the long catheter can be pressed directly, which is more convenient and more suitable for novices. For the short catheter, the inner catheter (auxiliary catheter) must be pulled out first, and then “injected”.

The specific operation method is: pinch the outer catheter with the thumb and index finger of the left hand, then pinch the inner catheter with the thumb and index finger of the right hand, and then pull the inner catheter outward until it reaches the rightmost end of the outer catheter, where there is a buckle. Just pull the outer catheter into the buckle and fix it. As for the next use method, it is the same as the general tampon. If you are not sure, you can read the more detailed usage introduction.

Some short catheters are loosely designed with buckles, such as Danbis’ pearl series short catheters. If you pull out too much force, the inner catheter may be completely pulled out. When using this type of tampon, it is necessary to be gentle and slow in the process of pulling out the inner catheter. Don’t worry if the inner catheter is completely pulled out, because its buckle is very loose, so just align the buckle and insert the inner catheter, and then snap it in again.

But like Kotex’s Click short catheter tampon, the buckle fits very tightly and is very strong. Even if you use a lot of force to pull the inner catheter, it will not be pulled out, but you will hear ” A “click” sound indicates that the inner catheter has been fixed.

When many beginners use the sliver with a short catheter, due to nervousness, it is easy to forget to pull out and fix the inner catheter first, take out the sliver with a short catheter and put it directly into the body, until it is pushed, it is found that the sliver cannot be completely removed. roll out. If it’s Kotex’s, it’s okay, you can pull it out again, fix it before using it, but if it’s Danbis’ pearl series short catheter, it’s a cup, because the inner catheter has been pushed and can’t be pulled out again, this cotton sliver Just go to waste.

Therefore, between the long catheter and the short catheter, novices are more recommended to use the long catheter, and then switch to the short catheter tampon after using it for a period of time.

Difference Between Paper and Plastic Catheters

Paper is more environmentally friendly, but beginners are still advised to use plastic. Plastic catheters are smoother than paper ones, and there will be no difficulty in inserting them due to vaginal dryness during menstruation.

tampon size

Tampons are the same as sanitary napkins, they come in a small amount and come in many shapes and sizes. The larger the sanitary napkin, the longer and larger it will be. The same is true for tampons, the larger the amount, the larger the size. Generally speaking, there are at least three sizes of tampons to choose from: low-volume, normal, and high-volume. Some brands also have super-volume and multiple sizes.

Small volume type: small in size, suitable for early menstrual periods, when the volume is relatively small, or for first-time users.

Ordinary type: Moderate size, suitable for use during menstrual period.

High volume type: Larger size, suitable for use when the menstrual period is particularly heavy.

However, what needs to be reminded is that at the end of the menstrual period, do not use excessive amounts, and it is even recommended to use sanitary napkins or panty liners instead. Although the tampon will indeed fill the vagina after it is inserted to avoid menstrual blood leakage, if the tampon is full of menstrual blood when it is replaced, there will be no discomfort when it is taken out, but if it is still dry, it will be uncomfortable when it is taken out. There is a dry friction feeling, which is quite uncomfortable, and it may also damage the vaginal mucosa and increase the risk of infection.

Therefore, when using tampons, you must choose the appropriate size according to the amount of menstrual blood, or even use other physiological products. If you find that after the tampon is taken out, there is still a white part that is not fully absorbed, it reminds you to change to a tampon that is one size smaller, or a sanitary napkin or a panty liner.

Purchase suggestion

Novices who are just starting to use tampons, it is recommended to choose plastic long catheter tampons, and choose the size with less quantity. When using it, be sure to put a sanitary napkin on it first, because it is easy to make mistakes when using it for the first time, and it may leak. It is not recommended to use finger-push tampons, it is too difficult.

Which brand of tampons is good

Since there are very few girls who use tampons in China, the market is small, so the choice is very small. If you are interested in tampons, you can try them one by one and choose the one that suits you best.

o.b. organic tampons

ob is a feminine care brand under Johnson & Johnson. It is very well-known. It is considered to be a tampon brand that entered the domestic market relatively early, but in the early days it only had finger-push tampons, which is very friendly to novices. But now there are also catheter-type tampons, and there is also a leak-proof fin type (but it is also a finger-in type), and novices can also try it.

The advantage of ob sliver (go to buy) is that it is easy to buy. It can be bought in many supermarkets. It is very cost-effective, and the flagship store often holds activities. Although many people think that ob’s finger-type friction is very strong, there are also many veterans who like to use it, and due to the underdevelopment of online shopping, many people have to start with ob when they get started with tampons. In this way, ob also opened the door to a new world for many people. (Recommended reading: Are tampons easy to use? Use my ten years of experience to tell you what it is like to use tampons, ps: This big sister was using ob tampons for 10 years)

By the way, although many places have a low evaluation of ob’s tampons, many veterans think it is the most comfortable. Because for veterans, the fingers are more flexible, and the sliver can be pushed to the desired position at will, and the comfort is stronger.

Tampax tampons

Danbis (to buy) is considered the originator of tampons, the first tampon was invented by her family, but later Danbis was acquired by Baojie. Danbis is a tampon brand that is highly accepted in China. On Douban, Zhihu and other websites, whenever tampon is discussed, it will appear.

There are many series of Danbis sliver, such as ordinary series, sports series, pearl series and girl series, and there are many models. Among them, the pearl series is the most popular, which is the best-selling series of Danbis in China. The so-called pearl is a metaphor that its catheter is as smooth as a pearl, which avoids the obscure feeling when it is put in. The absorption capacity and absorption speed are not bad. The texture of cotton is also very soft, and the foreign body feeling is weak, which is very suitable for beginners to use.

If you read more online discussions, you will find that Danbis has a high reputation in China. It is better than many other brands of tampons in terms of difficulty in use and comfort. Of course, no matter how many people like it, it doesn’t mean it’s really suitable for you. It’s just that if you are a novice, it is recommended to start with Danbis, and then try other brands and series one by one to find the one that suits you best.

Sofy Tampons

Sophie  Everyone is familiar with this brand, even boys probably have heard of this brand. After all, it has been advertised on TV for so many years. According to Baidu Encyclopedia, it is one of the top ten brands of sanitary napkins in China. In Taiwan, many people use their tampons when they get started with tampons. The website and product instructions are very detailed, and the 6-petal catheter is easy to push, and the cotton is quite soft. It’s just a bit astringent compared to Dan Bisi. In addition, there is a small disadvantage that it is easy to leak, so be careful when using it, especially at the beginning, it is best to put a pad just in case.

However, there is also a small advantage, because it is a Japanese brand, more consideration is given to the physical size of Asian women when designing, and Sophie’s tampons are smaller in size. If you are the type that is prone to tension, when you first use tampons, your muscles tend to be tense, you may have tried other tampons, even if you have used Danbis’s girly series, you will feel that the catheter is relatively large, Then try Sophie’s small cotton sliver, the small size is easier to stuff, but it won’t last long and needs to be replaced.

Playtex Tampons

The Chinese translations are “Beideshi” and “Beierle” (to buy), two very interesting translations. If you search for “Beideshi” on ✘bao, you will find a lot of tampons, and if you Search for “Belle”, and you will find a lot of baby products. It’s not that there is anything tricky in it. In addition to tampons, Playtex does have baby products, underwear, sunscreen, etc., and even made aviation suits for NASA. Although it looks very unprofessional, in fact, Playtex’s production of tampons is quite professional and has a long history. The first tampon advertisement played on TV in the world is its home.

Playtex’s sliver mainly has two series: Gentle Glide and Sport.

Silky series, the biggest feature is 360° unfolding (there is a logo on the package). When taking it out, the head of the sliver after absorption and saturation expands in all directions, while the lower end, that is, the end close to the drawstring, is relatively small. The cones that look like budding flower buds. This structure is very smooth and more comfortable when pulled out.

As for the sports series, the silky upper arm series is more comfortable to use. The specially designed thread handle allows you to easily put the catheter into the body, and it is also smooth when replacing and taking it out. Moreover, it is durable and soft. reached a very high level.

Kotex Kotex Tampons

Kotex (to buy), founded in the United States in 1920, is the first brand in the world to make sanitary napkins, and it is also the first brand in the world to popularize menstrual physiological knowledge to the public. Based on this, Kotex is not only a brand for girls One of the very mature brands in the field of physiological products, it is also highly recognized among women.

The first tampon launched by Kotex is not the U by Kotex that everyone is familiar with now, but Natrual Balance, which seems to be no longer available on ✘bao. The workmanship of Natural Balance is quite rough, and the design of the grip in the middle is not obvious. Although it is cheap, it should be the cheapest plastic catheter tampon at that time, but it has not been selling well.

Later, in 2010, Kotex launched the U by Kotex Click short catheter series that everyone is familiar with today. The packaging design of this series is very cool. The reason why it is called Click is because of the short catheter design. , only when a sound of “click” is heard, it indicates that the inner catheter has been buckled successfully and can continue to be used.

Later, in 2012, Kotex launched the U by Kotex Sleek long catheter series. The packaging style is in the same line as U by Kotex Click. The appearance design of the sliver itself is much more refined, and the grip of the catheter is even more A rubber pad is added to prevent fingers from slipping during use.

Another advantage of Kotex sliver is that there is a transparent area at the catheter, which is convenient for novices to learn and research better when using it, and the load-bearing capacity of its cotton thread can reach 9kg, which is the most popular brand. If it can’t be done, it’s usually around 3kg. (Recommended reading: Super detailed Kotex tampon experience report)

Natracare Naica Tampons

Naika (go to buy) is a female sanitary products brand in the UK. Its sliver is mainly made of ecological high-quality organic cotton. Based on this concept, its sliver catheter is made of paper. If it is made of paper, there are disadvantages. It’s just that there is a sense of obscurity when pushing. The advantage is that compared with ordinary sanitary napkins, because it is made of all-natural materials, psychologically, maybe psychologically, you will feel safer.

Lil-Lets tampons

Lil-Lets is a British brand with a history of more than 60 years, and it is the only brand in the UK that only sells sanitary products for women. Because it only makes sanitary products, the products are quite complete, but in China Lil- The sales volume of Lets is very small, but in the UK and South Africa, its products are quite popular.

The biggest feature of Lil-Lets is that there is a tampon with a large absorption capacity, and the maximum absorption capacity is marked as 6 drops of water (some brands use the number of water drops on the package to indicate the size of the absorption capacity), and the common maximum absorption capacity is only 5 Dripping water can be said to be the gospel for those women with large volume.

Finally, in view of domestic customs or concepts, if you are a virgin, it is not recommended to use tampons. The shape of each person’s membrane is different. If others are not damaged, it does not mean that you will not be damaged either.

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