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Which brands are good for online furniture shopping?

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LAs far as online shopping furniture is concerned, due to the rapid development of online shopping in my country in recent years, online shopping furniture not only has a wide selection of furniture brands, especially solid wood furniture, but also has mature logistics, installation, and after-sales services.

The advantage of buying furniture online is that the competition for online furniture is fierce and the prices are relatively transparent. Compared with the intrigues of physical shopping malls, and even the mentality of some sellers who can count once and for all, buying furniture online is more in line with the principle of “you get what you pay for.” Of course, it does not mean that online furniture is a piece of pure land. After all, there are furniture pits everywhere, but relatively speaking, it is a little more worry-free, especially for young people who are not good at bargaining.

There are many furniture sellers on the Internet. According to their characteristics, they can be roughly divided into three categories: civilian furniture, original independent design furniture, and treasure furniture.

1. Civilian furniture brand

Commoner furniture is the kind of furniture that most people can afford. With a budget of tens of thousands of yuan, an 80-square-meter house can be easily furnished. This type of furniture is popular in style, and the quality is average but basically controllable. After all, the product sales volume is high, and any problems will be encountered in the early stage, and rectification will be carried out. The price is moderate, not particularly cheap, but it is definitely not expensive, and the evaluation is not good. Bad brand. This kind of furniture brands generally copy foreign designs, then slightly improve them, and then sell them to everyone at a very ordinary price, so they are called civilian furniture.

Although there are quite a few furniture brands with such affordable prices on the Internet, the most representative ones are several large furniture flagship stores such as Weisha, Primitive Elements, and Genji Wood Language. Among them, Jiaozhou is the main one. The reason why it is Jiaozhou is that there are historical factors in it.

Geographically, Jiaozhou Peninsula is very close to South Korea, and it is the city closest to South Korea in my country. Before the financial crisis in 1998, due to geographical advantages, many Korean home furnishing companies set up foundries in Jiaozhou, which led to the development of a large number of local wood processing factories, mainly solid wood furniture and solid wood handicrafts. After the outbreak of the financial crisis, Korean businessmen left Jiaozhou in large numbers, causing a large number of factories to close down. At the same time, some enterprises successfully transformed, relying on the dividends of Taobao traffic, survived and even developed. This is the reason for today’s saying “Look at Shandong for solid wood furniture”.

The furniture style of Shandong series is mainly Nordic style and Japanese style, which are popular in recent years, with a little American and European style mixed in, and the products are generally relatively single.

The wood is mainly white oak, ash, ash, cherry, black walnut, and beech. Almost all of them are popular in recent years and are very popular among young people. Of course, there are also lower-end wood materials. Rubberwood Furniture. Although rubber wood can also make good furniture, but because the Nordic style and Japanese style like to show the original grain of wood, the grain of rubber wood is not satisfactory, and finger-jointed boards are often used, so rubber wood is better than the wood above. Generally speaking, the furniture it produces is more low-end.

In terms of positioning, Shandong furniture mainly focuses on civilian furniture. Although there are also high-end customized solid wood furniture brands, there are very few of them. Made in Jiaozhou factory.

Of course, although such civilian brands are mainly concentrated in Shandong, there are also other places, such as Lin’s Wood Industry and Jieshiwei in Foshan, and Quanyou Home Furnishing in Chengdu.

There are many downsides to this type of furniture. For example, the selection of materials for furniture is of a mediocre level. The places that can be seen are usually finger-jointed oak, while the invisible accessories are mostly cheap wood such as pine and paulownia. In order to improve production efficiency, the craftsmanship is relatively rough, the mortise and tenon structure is not refined enough, and the number of times of polishing is also very low. Moreover, due to the rise in the price of logs in the past two years, there are also situations where integrated boards are used to pretend to be solid wood. Pay special attention to the fact that the product page says that the so-called three-layer pure white oak is pressed together, which is actually the standard of plywood. craft.

To say how good civilian furniture is, it is definitely not a matter, but it is not true to say how bad it is. It is only aimed at users at a certain level of consumption. It only sells at this price, and the quality can only be like this. Although there is profit, the profit per unit price is not high, and the main thing is to sell. This kind of furniture will not cause too many problems when you buy it home, but don’t expect too much.

2. Original independent design furniture

Speaking of the term “original independent design furniture”, I once wanted to remove the word “original”, but later found that “independent” could not remain after removing the original, and the last few remaining words were no longer a vocabulary. So, let’s call it that.

The reason why I dislike the words “original independent design” is that in recent years, I have come into contact with many so-called original independent design brands, not limited to the furniture industry, but also other industries. Almost 98% of the so-called original independent designs are not real original designs, either copy foreign designs, or copy designs from peers, anyway, let’s copy each other. If you come into contact with these brands for the first time, you will feel that the design of Ya is not bad, but if you look at a few more brands, it will be difficult for you to see who owns the item. Is it embarrassing?

Secondly, I dislike the excessive marketing of this kind of furniture, and tell you about feelings, stories, inheritance, and craftsmanship at every turn. In fact, most of the founders of so-called original independent design brands are half-way monks. The founder, Zhao Leishi, is an architect, the founder of Fanji, Gu Qigao, is an interior designer, the founder of Mumo, Li Sisi, has done ceramics and photography, and the founder of Lost and Found, Li Ruofan, started his business to find furniture for his coffee shop. As mentioned above, it is not easy to design furniture, and the requirements for designers are very high. They must understand wood, structure, and design. The depth of furniture involves too many knowledge points, not one or two The basics of carpentry are explained clearly.

Okay, enough of the complaints, let’s talk about this kind of furniture brand officially.

Among the original independent design furniture brands, some of them are relatively early and well-known, such as Muzhi Workshop and Zhiyin. They actually do the same thing as the civilian furniture brands mentioned above, Weisha and Primitive Elements. They have higher requirements for the details and appearance of products, follow the route that conforms to modern aesthetics, and know better about brand building and marketing.

In terms of appearance alone, it is indeed a few blocks away from civilian brands; in terms of the use of wood, it is also much more generous than civilian brands (aside from the price), almost all solid wood furniture is made of good wood; let’s say furniture The attitude is indeed much more serious than civilian furniture. However, these factors do not directly determine the quality of the final furniture. Although wood is good wood, it is necessary to pay attention to the strength of furniture design, production technology, and upgrade furniture through after-sales feedback. These are the shortcomings of this type of brand. .

Good-looking design does not mean durable design.

Because most of these brands are small in scale and do not have their own factories, the furniture is all OEM. Passive, and the process requirements are too high, and the foundry may not be able to do it, or it can be done. Also, as mentioned above about custom-made furniture, there are many processes in between for each piece of furniture from design to finished product. You have to make samples first, verify the function, appearance and reliability, and then adjust the process, and may even repeat it several times. , only to start mass production.

The cost may range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, which is not a big deal for large furniture manufacturers, but for many workshop-style independent furniture design brands, the cost cannot be underestimated, and no one can guarantee that The furniture that comes out can be sold, and it sells well, which is why this kind of independent design furniture brands change and go bankrupt quickly.

Finally, there is another factor that restricts this type of furniture, that is, after the furniture is sold, the manufacturer will adjust the design and process according to the feedback from consumers, and it will have to be repeated several times, not to mention the cost. The sales volume of independently designed furniture is not high, and there is not enough feedback at all. How can there be mature products?

On the other hand, the price of furniture from original independent design brands is not cheap, generally 2 to 3 times that of civilian furniture. In fact, it does not mean that such brands are black, but their cost is really much higher than that of civilian furniture. For independent design furniture brands, the first is the proofing fee mentioned above, which is not a small expense for them; the second is raw material expenses. Compared with civilian brands, raw materials such as wood, paint, hardware, etc. It is better, and because of the small quantity, the purchase price of the same amount of raw materials must not be comparable to that of large manufacturers; then there is the cost of OEM, and because of the low sales volume, the bargaining power is very low; finally, there are the cost of exhibition halls, labor wages, etc. To sum up, it is because the sales volume of this type of brand furniture is very low, which is not enough to share and reduce costs, so the final price of furniture is not cheap.

In all fairness, the original independent design brand is not as good as advertised, but due to the stricter grasp of materials and details, in terms of product positioning, I think it is similar to custom-made furniture, and even better than custom-made furniture by yourself. But when purchasing, just like custom-made furniture, you must also pay attention to the matching problem, because the furniture styles of these brands are very strong. If you don’t consider the matching effect of the whole house, it may end up being neither fish nor fowl. Before placing an order, ask whether it is in stock. If you have to wait, how long will you have to wait, so as not to affect the progress of the decoration.

3. ✘ Bao Furniture

This type of furniture is the largest number of furniture stores on ✘bao, such as original design, custom furniture, and various large and small C stores, all of which belong to this category. To choose furniture in this kind of store, it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. You need to have a keen eye. You may choose furniture with high cost performance, but you are more likely to fall into a deep pit.

Some of this kind of furniture stores have been open for many years and are full of vitality. Some of them closed their doors after a few days of opening. of.

From time to time, you will see on Zhihu and Douban that they are a factory, and the price of the things they make is only half of the flagship store. Foreign trade goods and the like belong to this type of shop, so you must pay special attention, because the profit of furniture Not as high as we thought. If there is such cheap and good quality furniture, it would have become bigger and stronger long ago, and it would not be in the category of ✘ treasure furniture.

For this kind of store, if you really come across furniture you like, read more reviews and watch more buyer shows, and don’t start casually, because buyer shows may also be brushed. It’s not that all such shops are bad, it’s just that it’s too difficult to choose a good one.


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