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These brands can also be selected for dishwashing powder of dishwasher in addition to bright dishes

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LBright dishes are the consumables recommended by many domestic brands of dishwashers, and are also the most easily purchased consumables on the market, with guaranteed quality. However, there are always some people who want to try other brands of washing consumables for various reasons. The following are dishwasher consumables brands sorted out by buying the wrong website for reference only, especially the price will definitely fluctuate.

This article should be the most detailed introduction to dishwasher washing consumables throughout the network, and it is updated at any time to add new brands of consumables. Again, I solemnly remind you that you cannot use ordinary washing products (such as detergent) as dishwasher detergent! To know why not, follow the tragic story of those who do not use the dishwasher according to the routine.

The single washing cost introduced below is the single washing cost of the corresponding product, and does not cover the cost of other consumables such as dish washing salt. If you want to have a detailed understanding of the use cost of the dishwasher, please move to the dishwasher use cost analysis.

To put it simply, the washing consumables of the dishwasher include: dishwashing salt, dishwashing powder, brightener, and body cleaner. Before purchasing the dishwasher, you should at least understand these basic knowledge points and the composition of the cost, which are mainly these consumables.
The number of uses in this article is calculated according to the offic

ial recommended amount/times. In actual use, the general amount cannot reach the official recommended amount, unless the tableware is particularly dirty, so the cost of a single washing is lower than the following standard. By the way, for ease of use, many product caps have the function of measuring cups.

Dishwashing powder of different brands sometimes appears in different forms, but these are only three forms: powder, block and gel. The so-called dishwasher liquid is also gel, because if it is really a liquid, it will flow out when it is loaded into the dishwasher dispenser. Therefore, dishwashers that do not follow the routine will not clean dishes. The washing functions are similar, but some dishwashing powders will add some other functions, such as glazing and coloring, odor removal, soft water and other functions. The blocky dishwashing powder is generally added with brightener, which can promote the drying of tableware.

Japanese dishwashers do not have a separate brightener bin, so brighteners cannot be added specially. Therefore, glass products are not particularly “bright” when using dish washing powder. Several Japanese washing gel add a certain amount of brightener in addition to detergent, which can solve this problem. At the end of the article, I feel that the Japanese dishwasher is more considered in the design of Japanese washing products.

Finish Bright disc

“Bright Dishes” (to buy) is a British brand, not only in China, but also in the world. It is the leader of dishwasher consumables, and the official partner of many brand dishwashers, so there is no need to worry about the quality. The cost analysis of bright discs has been analyzed in detail in the Dishwasher Cost Analysis, and will not be repeated here.

In fact, “Update on December 26, 2018” does not need to introduce much about bright dishes. However, in the comments of this article, the space-time filmmaker mentioned that Fang Tai’s dishwasher will show white residues after using the dish washing powder of bright dishes. According to online posts, many people have encountered this situation. Someone in the Little Red Book suggested that the use of bright discs of Quantum series dishwashing pieces could solve this problem. If you encounter this problem, you can try it.

Seventh Generation

Jingqi Generation is an environmental protection product company in the United States. It focuses on clean products and its slogan is to produce products with the least impact on the environment. The English name literally translates into “the seventh generation”, which is quite interesting. It means that every action we take now should take into account the impact on the living environment of our descendants after seven generations. From the official website, the product line is relatively long, from all kinds of detergents, baby diapers to tampons and toilet paper; Judging from Amazon’s comments, its reputation and sales in the United States are quite good.

It is said that the whole series of products use pure natural plant cleaning ingredients, which are derived from natural resources such as plants, forest products, minerals, etc., and do not contain ingredients that harm the body and environment. The environmental protection formula can be naturally biodegradable.

The unit price of Jingqi generation dishwashing powder is $15, 2.13kg. According to the flagship store, 214 times of normal use can be accumulated, so the cost of a single washing is $0.05, which is quite high in cost performance, while the cost of dish washing powder is about $0.2.

Compared with the bright plate, the tableware has no smell residue after cleaning, which is the reason why many people prefer to use it, but its cleanliness is slightly inferior to the bright plate. It is highly water-soluble and can be dissolved even when exposed to air, but it is also packaged in paper boxes, which is easy to get damp. Therefore, it should be kept dry and sealed. Because it is packed in boxes and weighs 2.13kg, it can only be lifted with two hands, so it is a little troublesome to reverse it.
Although it is said to bring soft water salt in the publicity, I think it is necessary to add salt, especially in northern areas where the water quality is relatively hard. The damage to the soft water system of the dishwasher can not be reflected in a moment. When the system is abnormal, it will be ready.

In addition to dishwashing powder, there are dishwashing blocks, dishwashing gel and brighteners to support dishwashing machines. The biggest selling point is that they are all natural and taste free. The single washing cost of dishwashing block is higher than that of dishwashing powder. Dishwashing gel is 88 yuan per bottle, 500ml.

Finally, let’s talk about the dish washing gel. There is only one dish washing gel that can be used for dishwashers in the store (off the shelf). In addition, there are many things marked as dishwashing liquid in the shop. Note that this is what we usually call detergent. The dishwasher must not be used, otherwise it will damage the dishwasher.


POUR Polyester “, a British brand, is widely used abroad, and the washing effect is good. The unit price of dish washing powder is 168 yuan per barrel, 720g, and the recommended amount is about 10g each time, so the single washing cost is about 2.3 yuan, which is still relatively expensive. Brightener: 65 yuan per bottle, 750ml.


Cascade, an American brand, has a good washing effect. It seems to be popular abroad and in Taiwan, but there is no agent in China and the sales volume is very small. If you want to buy it, you’d better go to Amazon overseas or buy it on behalf of a treasure.

Its dishes are packaged in 20 bags and 90 boxes. The price is about $9.5 and $35 yuan (Amazon is $70), respectively. The converted single washing costs are $0.5 and $0.4, which are similar to bio-D, but still more expensive.

Its dish washing powder purchased on Taobao is about $10 (Amazon is $50), which can be used about 120 times, so the single washing cost is $0.1. If you are interested.


Kao, a Japanese brand, has an official website in Chinese. There are many brand lines in China. Its products cover washing products, diapers, sanitary napkins, facial lotions, etc. It is estimated that many women or parents should be familiar with this brand.

Kao dishwashing powder has a fresh taste after washing compared with the dishwashing powder for bright dishes. It is not as strong as the bright dishes, and the amount used is very low. Dishwashing powder is available in two types: grapefruit flavor and orange flavor. It is packaged in 550g bags and 680g boxes. The price is 44 yuan and 65 yuan respectively. It should be noted that the boxed dishwashing powder is not sealed by the inner membrane, and the lid is opened to reveal the dishwashing powder, so you should pay attention to moisture-proof when using it.

In addition, there is a dish washing gel, 129 yuan, 500ml (480g) pack. According to the instructions, 6g is generally used for one wash, 12g is used for heavy oil stains, and the cost of a single wash is 1.6 yuan according to the general use.


Lion, a Japanese brand, is the one that makes Lion King toothbrush. It has a toothbrush that is particularly soft, which many mothers should know.

The product is mainly dishwashing gel, which is divided into green packaging and blue packaging according to its function. The green packaging adds deodorization function and dishwasher internal cleaning function to the blue packaging; According to the weight, it is divided into 480g and 840g, and the price is 55 yuan and 89 yuan (about).

It should be noted that the Lion King dishwashing gel may not have the function of brightening dishes (brightener), so the tableware is not “transparent” enough after cleaning. As for the taste, the moment when the door of the dishwasher is opened after cleaning, there is still a slight taste.

JOY P&G · Japan

P&G’s products, but JOY dishwashing powder is mainly targeted at the Japanese market, which can be packaged in boxes or bags (supplementary packaging). If it is purchased in boxes, it is generally about $10, 700g; About $6.3 in bags, 490g. The recommended dosage standard is 10g with more oil pollution, 7.5g in general, and 5g with less oil pollution.

The cost of a single washing is $0.1 based on the amount of the box. The washing effect is good, with the function of removing bacteria and odor. There is also a detergent for curry balls (dish washing pieces). The bag is 60 pieces, and the unit price is about 110. Compared with JOY dishwashing powder, the cleaning capacity is twice that of JOY dishwashing powder. It is said that the cleaning effect is very good, and the single washing cost is 1.8 yuan.

Echoclean Canada · Aikelijing

Aikelijing, a Canadian brand, can’t find much information, and Amazon (America) can’t find related products, which is quite amazing. The selling price of dish washing pieces is $13, 20 pieces, which translates into a single washing cost of $0.5; Brightener 119458ml. Generally speaking, the price is not generally high.


Ecodoo: Recently, there is a dish washing liquid called Ecodoo, which is made in France. Although it is a good dish washing liquid (actually, it is detergent), its promotion as a special detergent for dishwasher needs to be discussed. As a special detergent for dishwasher, it should be purchased with caution.

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In fact, the dishwasher, like the washing machine, is a relatively simple household appliance. However, if you haven’t used the dishwasher before, there are still many things to pay attention to, such as what can’t be washed by the dishwasher, how can you reduce the cost of using the dishwasher.

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