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Travel electric kettle | Traveling on business, don’t let drinking hot water become a luxury

by nadlia
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LUnder the question of “What are the good habits that most Chinese people have?”, some people said that it was the habit of “drinking boiled water”, and pointed out that the habit of drinking boiled water made Chinese people avoid it in the era when hygiene measures were difficult to guarantee. A considerable number of plagues and cholera have occurred. Although large-scale plagues have also occurred, the degree of damage is much lighter than that in Europe. Think about the Black Death in Europe and panic.

It is against this background that most Chinese people have developed the habit of boiling water before drinking, even if the water is permeated and filtered through RO membranes. Well, my daughter-in-law is like that.

Most of the time, it is very convenient to drink boiled water at home, but if you want to drink some hot water when you go out, it is more or less not so convenient. Although hotels and even small hotels now provide an electric kettle for guests to boil water for drinking, there are always some selfish idiots in this world who don’t know what weird things they have cooked with that kettle (I don’t want to say what it is, nausea).

The kettle we are going to introduce today is a mini portable electric kettle designed to cope with going out – Changhong CSH-05A2 Travel Electric Kettle (to buy). A mother-grade electrical appliance brand.

Before the kettle is folded, the shape is similar to that of an ordinary kettle, but because the body of the kettle is made of silicone material, it can be folded with a little force. Before folding, the height of the kettle is 14.5cm, but after folding it is only 9.7cm, which is a head shorter than the iPhone 8. It is very easy to carry and takes up very little space.

The silicone part of the pot body is made of food-grade silicone, which is the same material as baby pacifiers. It can withstand low temperatures of -40°C and high temperatures of 230°C. It is safe for boiling water and making milk powder. It will not soften and collapse when poured, so you can use it with confidence.

It supports 110 ~ 240V dual voltage, and there is a knob on the bottom of the pot to adjust the applicable voltage, which is convenient for use abroad. The socket of the kettle itself does not have a converter, but the store will send one when you buy it, at least the recommended store is.

Portable electric kettle bottom

Portable electric kettle bottom

However, it should be noted that since the electric kettle uses electronic temperature control, it will automatically trip when it is set to 97°C, and the residual heat will burn the water to 100°C, but if it is used in high altitude areas (above 1500m), like Yunnan , Gansu, Qinghai and other places will cause the boiling point of water to be lower than 97°C, and may not automatically trip off, requiring the user to manually turn off the switch. Remember!

If it is used in Europe, because the water quality in Europe is very hard and has more calcium, there will be a layer of foam on the water surface after burning, so it is best to buy distilled water locally for burning.

The last thing to say is that, in fact, a folding electric kettle similar to this one is slightly more famous. It is another Nordic famous brand, which claims to be a Swedish brand, but it is not recommended.

First, many products of this brand were judged to be unqualified after repeated industrial and commercial spot checks in many places across the country. The Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce even classified its credit risk as “untrustworthy”.

The second is that this brand is basically a Guangdong brand, but it’s just covered in the skin of a foreign company.

After all, electric kettles are electrical appliances. There have been many reports of spontaneous combustion of electric kettles in China, so it is more reliable to buy first-line brands.

Suddenly, inexplicably, I remembered a love saying: Many times, I do some things peacefully, drink water, and suffer from insomnia. Then I suddenly missed you in pain, it hurt so much that I bent down and cried. ——I don’t know those people we remembered back then, okay?

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