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Which brand of electric kettle is good, here is the answer

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LBusy work has taken up most of your life, and it seems that there is no time to stop and take care of yourself. In the morning, remember to drink a cup of warm water on an empty stomach to replenish the water lost at night. It can also promote blood circulation and help the brain recover quickly; after being busy in the office for a long time, drinking a cup of hot water can promote metabolism, help release toxins, and prevent The “air conditioning disease” in summer. In addition, when you are not feeling well, give yourself a cup of hot water, which has a calming and soothing effect on the abdominal muscles and relieves stomach cramps and pain. No matter how busy you are, remember to drink a cup of hot water.

A large paragraph of text above is a marketing text of Xiaomi. Although it is not nearly completely correct, there is some truth to it. I remember that I used to use water bottles, then it was the water heater with buckets of water, and then I started to use electric kettles after I got married, because I always felt that water heaters were too easy to breed dirt.

| purchase advice

Electric kettles are relatively low-tech, and there are not many obstacles to choose. If you choose, I have three suggestions:

One is the brand. Although the technical content of this kind of electrical appliances is not high, it involves whether the materials used are sufficient, especially if the electric kettle body is not made of good materials, it is very easy to breed rust. Good words have a limited lifespan. However, laymen cannot intuitively distinguish the material through the naked eye, let alone the circuit, and can only avoid unqualified products by choosing a reliable brand. Be sure to buy first-line well-known brands!

The second is the seamless integrated inner tank, so that it is easy to clean even if scale is formed.

The third is appearance. For electric kettles, which have a high appearance rate, it is better to pay attention to their appearance. Although they are not decorations, they also reveal the user’s taste. But you need to pay attention to the appearance is a secondary consideration, because I found that many electric kettles of small brands are more beautiful, but no matter how beautiful they are, I don’t recommend them.

In fact, some of the current electric kettles have a heat preservation function. Choose according to your own situation. I usually cook as I drink, and I don’t need the heat preservation function. After all, it doesn’t take much time to boil a pot of water with the current electric kettle. As for the capacity, if the family has a large population, buy a slightly larger one.

As for automatic power off for dry heating, 304 stainless steel pot body, and electric shock protection, these should be the standard equipment of electric kettles at present, and these small appliances must pass CCC certification, so this article does not spend too much time on these issues.

In terms of price, it is recommended to buy more than 80 yuan. If it is too cheap, I really do not recommend it.

Now some electric kettles are made of glass, which is not recommended personally. Because boiling water will inevitably produce scale, it is extremely difficult to clean the scale after it grows on the glass. Moreover, the glass material is particularly fragile, and if there are children at home, there is a risk of accidental burns.

If you are on a long-term business trip, it is recommended to buy a portable electric kettle, click here to find out.

| Pay attention when using

Electric kettles are generally set at a trip temperature of 97°C, and the waste heat will boil the water to 100°C. However, if it is in areas with high altitudes such as Tibet and Yunnan, the boiling point of the water will be lower than 97°C. It will cause the electric kettle not to trip automatically and needs to be disconnected manually.

When boiling water, do not overdo it. The electric kettle has a maximum water level line, strictly follow this line to control the amount of water added. Excess water will overflow when boiling and cause a short circuit if it drips onto the base.

After boiling the water, do not empty the pot of water immediately, especially if the water is still gurgling just after boiling. At this time, the heating tube is still in a high temperature state, and emptying the water immediately will easily damage the heating tube.

| brand suggestion

There are hundreds of brands of electric kettles, but the following brands are mainly recommended. Of course, the first-line well-known brands are not fully covered below. If you like it, you can buy it. Don’t buy electric kettles from unknown brands. There are too many pitfalls!

midea electric kettle

At present, Midea has a total of nearly 20 electric kettles (to buy), although the quality of electric kettles from such traditional home appliance manufacturers is completely passable, and the functions are quite satisfactory. But in terms of aesthetics, it is still slightly lacking. Although there are many styles, the design style is too passerby. The ones that can be seen a little bit are the ones with relatively high sales.

supor electric kettle

Like Midea, Supor  is also an old-fashioned kitchen appliance manufacturer. The overall function of the electric kettle is also well-designed, and there are not many bright spots, but the advantage is that the quality is passable. The appearance is more fashionable than the beautiful design. But note that Supor has several types of electric kettles made of glass. It is not recommended to choose this kind of electric kettle if it is in the northern region with high water hardness. There are too many scales, and it is especially inconvenient to clean if it grows on the glass.

Oaks electric kettle

Oaksis more focused on electric kettles. There are not many styles of electric kettles, and the functions are quite satisfactory, and several of them have the function of heat preservation.

Mijia constant temperature electric kettle

The electric kettle has all the functions it should have. Compared with ordinary kettles, it has a function of constant temperature at 50°C. It is quite practical for families with babies at home and who need to brew milk powder. I chose it more because after all, it is produced by Xiaomi , the quality is not bad, and the appearance is also very high, but the price is not cheap.

TIGER/Tiger PCH-A08C Electric Kettle

This is recommended separately because compared with ordinary electric kettles, the price of Tiger brandkettles is very low, but the advantages are also very obvious.

1. The mute effect is very good when boiling water, basically only the sound of the switch tripping after the water is boiled can be heard.

2. The inside of the upper cover is equipped with a steam return structure, so that no steam will escape during the boiling process.

3. There is a safety water valve inside, and the water leakage after the kettle falls down is very small, which is much lower than that of ordinary kettles.

4. There is a water outlet lock button, which can close the water outlet after locking to prevent children from accidentally touching and scalding.

And after the water is boiled, the surface of the kettle does not feel the slightest high temperature at all. The disadvantage is that the amount of boiling water is too small, sometimes not enough.


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