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Which brand of eye protection table lamp is more reliable, here is the answer

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LDesk lamps are generally used by teenagers or even children, but the vision of teenagers/children has been changing with the development of the eyeballs, which is different from adults with relatively stable vision, so the choice of desk lamps must be Be cautious. Emphasize, don’t pay too much attention to the shape of the table lamp, don’t pay too much attention to the shape! Eye protection is the most important thing!

In last month’s “In-depth Analysis | Why LED Lights Can Hurt the Eyes”, I said that the “eye protection lamp” that is now very hot is an unreliable concept. “Develop relevant standards, followed by the fact that most of the “eye protection table lamps” sold on the market are just pulling the banner as tiger skins, not all of them have the function of eye protection.

Although the country does not have a standard related to “eye protection lamps”, a related national standard has been found, called “Performance Requirements for Reading and Writing Work Table Lamps”. In April, the GB/T 9473-2017 standard was implemented. If you are interested, you can click here to read the original text of this national standard, and compare the original text to buy table lamps.

table lamp protect eyes

table lamp protect eyes

If you’re not interested, you can read it here. Logic Beaver has summed up how to buy a quality desk lamp. If you shop online, you can ask the seller to take a photo to get the information.

1. Check the CCC mark. The CCC mark is commonly known as 3C certification. Table lamps are mandatory certification products. Although certified desk lamps are not necessarily of good quality, uncertified desk lamps are definitely unreliable. Strictly speaking, table lamps must pass 3C certification before they can be sold on the market, and only then can they have basic safety guarantees.

2. Look at the appearance. When purchasing a table lamp, check whether the product packaging is complete, whether the labels are neat, and whether the instruction manual is detailed; Thickness, uniformity of layout, etc.

3. Heavy parameters. When purchasing products, consumers should pay attention to the relevant parameters of product packaging and physical labels. In order to achieve a more comfortable lighting effect, you should choose a table lamp with a color temperature of 4000K and below and a color rendering index of 82 or above. For those with high requirements for color rendering, such as painting, you can choose a table lamp with a color rendering index of 90 or more.

4. Pay attention to eye safety. In order to avoid strong glare, try to choose lighting products with matte cover. Lamps illuminated at close range, if the product design is not scientific, will produce dazzling light, affecting the comfort and safety of the eyes.

5. Avoid blue light hazards. Some LED chips have relatively high blue light content, which will have a greater impact on the retina. National standards require that general lighting LED products must ensure that the blue light hazard is at a non-hazardous or low-hazard level. When choosing eye protection lamps for children, it is best to choose products marked with a non-hazardous rating. These words include: non-hazardous goods and RG0. This information can be found on the product packaging.

6. Beware of stroboscopic effects. When reading, the stroboscopic effect can cause vision loss, which can cause dizziness and headaches in severe cases. According to the perceptibility of human eyes to flicker, it is generally divided into two levels: “not easy to detect” and “low risk”. When consumers buy, it is best to choose “concealed” or flicker-free table lamps, and relevant information can be found on the product packaging.

7. Avoid buying mistakes. First of all, the nominal “eye protection” does not necessarily protect the eyes. Although some product names do not have the word “eye protection lamp”, their manuals or packaging still mark functions such as “reading and writing”, “eye protection”, and online shopping platforms even mark “eye protection lamp” in the name column to enhance product quality. Search rate. At present, the country does not have a clear definition and standard for eye protection lamps. Consumers should not blindly believe in false propaganda. Secondly, in terms of eye protection function, the higher the price, the better the eye protection effect. Avoid blindly choosing high prices product.

After reading the above, you still don’t know how to choose a desk lamp?


Hahahaha, I knew it.

table lamp protect eyes

table lamp protect eyes

Fortunately, Guangzhou Consumers Association conducted a test in August this year, and finally mentioned that 9 table lamps performed better (click here to read the relevant original text). Of course, due to the limited number of products tested, the ones not nominated does not mean that the quality is not good, but the quality of the nominated ones must not be bad, right? The following models are the corresponding models of related brands that performed better in the test.

The difference between different brands and models of desk lamps is really quite big. Choose according to your own strength. If it is a trench, choose whatever you want.

1. Panasonic   can be bought here.

2. Philips  can be purchased by clicking here.

3. German Berman

4. Kailin

5. Panasonic

6. Liang Liang

7. Guanya

The prices of the above models are really different, but the quality is excellent, and there may be differences in the details of use, but the lamps have already achieved this level, so it should not be too difficult to use. If you are a college student, it is better to buy a cheaper one, after all, it is not easy for parents to earn money.

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