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「Puridea i2」A flashlight that doesn’t want to be an audio system is not a good power bank

by nadlia
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LTwo days ago, I introduced 5 power bank brands with particularly high-value appearance. Today I will introduce you to a restless power bank——Puridea i2 power bank. The reason why we are restless is that most of the charging treasures we use are to renew the life of mobile phones, and at most add a flashlight function. In addition to these functions, Puridea i2 also has audio functions. There is an illusion that “a flashlight that doesn’t want to be an audio is not a good power bank”. But judging from the accessories of Puridea i2, friends who like to ride should like it.

The charging treasure is available in three colors: black, red and yellow, which can basically meet the needs of different users.

Although the capacity of Puridea i2 is not high at 8000 mAh, it is enough for most people. However, the weight is not light, and it still has some weight in the hand. Unlike power banks that usually only provide USB ports, Puridea i2 directly designs the data cable on the power bank, which is quite considerate, but it only provides an interface for Android phones. If you are an Apple user, you have to prepare your own cable.

Although it is convenient to design the data cable in the power bank, it is quite inconvenient to take it out. Because the data cable is stuck in the groove of the power bank, it needs to be pulled out when taking it out, but it may be due to the error of the mold, it is not very convenient to pull out the data cable of some products, and some other tools are needed.

The top of Puridea i2 is designed with different buttons, which are very functional. There are Bluetooth switch, USB input socket, Micro USB input socket, 3.5mm adapter hole, power indicator and LED flashlight. At the bottom is a small speaker.

You can play music after connecting your mobile phone and Puridea i2 via Bluetooth. And on the Puridea i2, you can directly adjust the volume and select the playback track. If there is an incoming call, the Puridea i2 can also answer the call.

In addition to the main body of the charging treasure, the official also included a fixing bracket for fixing the Puridea i2 on the bicycle handlebar. The front flashlight can be used as a night light at night, and the small speaker at the back can provide music playback during riding.

However, the brightness of the LED light of the flashlight is not particularly bright, and it may not be suitable for riding with complex terrain and high brightness requirements.

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