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“Beoplay P6” is the first B&O speaker for young people, listening to the luxury of ears

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LB&O – the full name is Bang & Olufsen, what a representative brand for design fans of our time. Whether it is still in production or has long been discontinued, B&O has produced too many classic home appliances in the past few decades. In fact, some things, regardless of the progress of technology, are a touching thing just to put them in the living room at home (for example, if you own any BeoGram vinyl turntable or BeoSound CD that your father left behind, even Not listening, you still want to show it beautifully).

When it comes to Danish design (or even Scandinavian design), it is definitely one of the most iconic brands. Of course, for a brand with such a status, if you do not have certain financial strength, it is not easy to own it. After B&O launched the Beoplay branch brand (Bluetooth speakers and earphones), most design fans have the opportunity to own their first B&O.

And today, what we want to share with you is Beoplay’s latest product this year – Beoplay P6 Bluetooth speaker. If you want to buy, it is recommended to go to Amazon to buy, and click here to enter.

Signature B&O quality you can imagine

Although Beoplay is a branch brand of B&O, in comparison, the price is quite affordable, but the style you can expect from the living sign of B&O will not be discounted at all, and the products launched by Beoplay are all They are more practical, and they are the kind of everyday objects that you use every day. To some extent, for ordinary users, their products are actually more worth buying.

Before I started using Beoplay P6, I personally have been using Beoplay M5 (a larger-sized Bluetooth speaker) for a while, and I have a certain degree of familiarity and understanding of Beoplay products. After listening to the P6 for two weeks, in short, my impression is that it will not lose to the big brother M5. If we really want to compare, the compact P6 is more convenient to carry and performs well in various spaces. Beoplay P6 has two big advantages – it can be safely placed anywhere in the home or easily taken on the go.

We can discuss in the following directions:

For Beoplay P6, the design team redefines the prototype with aluminum by pushing the physical limits of the material, highlighting the 3D aluminum grille shell and hole pattern as much as possible.

Design Thinking Like a Fashion Brand

There is probably no second brand of 3C products in the world. When launching products, they are divided by year and season (such as 2018 spring and summer, 2019 autumn and winter, etc.). This kind of thinking mode is exactly the same as that of fashion brands. It is declaring their emphasis on appearance design. You can indeed see more pastel colors in spring and summer, or darker colors in autumn and winter.

The vegetable tanned leather strap on the P6 is hard to imagine that such materials will appear on 3C products, and the texture is so good.

Because of my inexplicable insistence on black objects, the Beoplay P6 I chose is naturally all black. Among the many “black objects” in my house, the P6 still stands out and is impressive. The reason is actually very simple – it is to use the best materials and the most advanced process technology to create a visual effect beyond “pure black”, just like a finely crafted work of art.

“The determination to constantly challenge existing production techniques allowed the shape of the perforation to define the design scope of the loudspeaker,” said Cecilie Manz, the designer of the P6 and Maison & Object’s 2018 Designer of the Year winner.

“For the Beoplay P6, we redefine the prototype to work with aluminum by pushing the physical limits of the material, highlighting the 3D aluminum grille shell and hole pattern as much as possible. This detail gives this speaker its distinctive character, able to balance Spread the music, and let people around you feel and listen together.”

We can imagine that drilling so many circular holes in a whole piece of aluminum does have many visual and auditory benefits. Finally, the anodized aluminum shell made of pearl blasting technology has a very good texture. The matte black appearance is very calm and restrained. It exudes a strong low-key charm from all angles. It is hard not to fall in love with it immediately. Coupled with the special anti-fingerprint and anti-dust treatment, no matter how you look at it, it is the same beauty.

The key design is inspired by the classic Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 6000 speaker. The P6 integrated buttons are embedded in the aluminum shell. The flexibility and precision cutting of the button material ensure that the user can experience a soft touch and allow the buttons to return to their original positions naturally.

Utilizing Bang & Olufsen’s exclusive design algorithm for efficient power management, maximizing playback time, and charging via USB-C, Beoplay P6 has up to 16 hours of battery life.

Rich sound beyond your imagination

Thanks to the advancement of modern technology, the old thinking that amplifiers and speakers must be large and heavy to have good sound is slowly changing. With one 36W Class D amplifier (bass) and two 30W Class D amplifiers (full range), the sound effect of the P6 is relatively satisfactory, especially when you look at the small size of the P6.

As long as you have a mobile phone, you can start listening smoothly within a minute after opening the box. The P6’s Bluetooth 4.2 makes listening to music super easy. At the same time, it can also be linked with the smart assistant on the mobile phone (such as Siri or Google).

Compared with the over-emphasis on bass in most of the bluetooth speakers in the market today, I think P6 is a very good balance. When you feel its steady low frequency, the middle and high pitches are still clear and three-dimensional. The most obvious part is that when you are listening to the human voice with a simple arrangement performance, the human voice from the P6 is very transparent and clear, as if you are in the scene. On the contrary, those speakers that overemphasize the bass, the human voice will be in a Appears in a fuzzy sticky manner, which is quite unpleasant. Such a balanced sound will also be reflected when listening for a long time, it will not cause mental fatigue, and you can listen to the continuous music more easily.

In all fairness, the P6 is certainly not suitable for listening to all kinds of music, because of its size and the inherent limitations of its portability, I think the following types of music are very suitable for playing and listening on the P6.

The P6 can play most popular music with ease
• Classical music: chamber music, instrumental sonata
• Jazz: Piano Trio, Piano Solo with Vocals
• Various unplugged and acoustic music styles with vocals
• Ambient techno, trip-hop or post-rock types of music are all very inspiring
• Various TED Talks (P6’s vocal performance is clear)

Open your own spotify, select a favorite artist in the radio area, and let the system automatically recommend the same type of music to appear on the P6 continuously. This is my latest hobby. I can sit in the room all day, just concentrate on it listening to music.

Your first B&O

Compared with the Beoplay M5 I put in the living room, Beoplay P6 has a very important advantage, that is, it is easy to carry out. Of course, you can also take it and move it around your own home. After all, people don’t stay in the room all the time. Whether it’s in the kitchen, living room or the public garden on the first floor, it may be a place where you can listen to music. A Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t need to be plugged in and can be carried around. It can meet most of your needs, not to mention that its performance will not lose to traditional speakers that need to be plugged in.

For many people (including myself), owning a B&O is a stated goal in life, it’s just a question of When & What. And Beoplay P6 may be the product that I think is the most suitable for getting started with B&O. He is small, easy to carry, easy to use, excellent texture and full sound quality, whether listening or watching, it is a pleasant thing.

If, like me, you listen to music all the time and pay attention to the visual style and display of your home, Beoplay P6 will be one of your best investments this year. Imagine that there really aren’t many bluetooth speakers that the mainstream brands can match, and you happen to own one of them.

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