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Boogie Board handwriting board, bear children can also be artists

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LA two- or three-year-old child is very naughty and likes to scribble everywhere, but he dare not give him colored pens, otherwise his home will become a dyeing workshop in less than half an hour. Let him write and draw on the iPad, but he is worried that the child will hurt his eyes. Ma’s father’s house has a small blackboard, but the chalk is inevitably dusty and takes up space.

That’s where the Boogie Board comes in, letting the kid run wild with his whims. Adults can take a look at this product below.

Boogie Board is a company in the United States that focuses on the development of handwriting boards. It has developed many different handwriting boards, which are all the rage in North America, and even became the sales champion of Amazon in the United States.

From the appearance point of view, Boogie Board is the kind of writing board that can be painted and drawn, and can also be erased with a small eraser. But the Boogie Board feels more like writing than a regular tablet or iPad. Because of the use of flexible liquid crystal and pressure-sensitive technology, the handwriting produced is also more delicate, and the thickness and effect can be changed with the writing force, that is, the stroke can be written. Although it is very sensitive to pressure, when writing, if the hand is pressed on the tablet, it will not leave marks.

The most important thing is zero radiation and does not hurt the eyes. For children, due to the incomplete development of the eyes, TV, iPad, mobile phones, etc. are the culprits of myopia. The Boogie Board has no flicker, no radiation, and no backlight. It relies on natural light effects, so it is safe for children.

The lifespan of Boogie Board is known as 50000+ times, and it only consumes a little power when erasing. For erasing, you only need to press the switch button on the machine, and the liquid crystal unit will be reset under the action of micro-current, so as to achieve the purpose of erasing handwriting.

| How the Boogie Board Works

According to Zhihu netizen Zhang Wuyi: Boogie Board utilizes the characteristics of bistable liquid crystals. When there is pressure on the surface of the liquid crystal screen, it can record the trajectory. Driven by a certain voltage waveform, the state liquid crystal screen returns to the initial state. Only a weak current is required when driving refresh, so as to achieve low power consumption of the product. Built-in single R2025 button battery, the service life can reach 3~5 years, can be repeatedly refreshed 50,000 times 0.019 mW/cm2, the driving time is 1.05 seconds, the power consumption is only when the screen is refreshed.

| Differences between different versions of the Boogie Board

Boogie Board JOT 8.5

It can be said that it is the basic model currently on sale in the flagship store. Compared with the old model, the battery can be replaced, and the brightness of the writing is significantly improved. Support mobile phone APP to scan and save written things, click here to buy.

Boogie Board JOT 8.5

Boogie Board JOT 8.5

Boogie Board Original 10.5

Compared to the version above, this version has a larger screen, 10.5 inches, and it has a locking function. Other basic functions, JOT 8.5 has, Original 10.5 has.

boogie board Original

boogie board Original

Boogie Board Blackboard

Compared with the original 10.5 version, the Blackboard version has a larger screen, 14 inches, so this version is also called Boogie Board 14. The eraser function has been added to meet the needs of partial erasing when writing, but the eraser function needs to be calibrated. boogie board 14 eraser calibration. There is also a lock key to avoid accidental deletion. If it is used by adults, this is currently the best choice besides the sync model, so click here to buy it.

boogie board Original

boogie board Original

Boogie Board Magic

Based on JOT 8.5, this version adds the function of copying, and the color is also very bright, so it is more friendly to children than other versions, and 9 copies (18 sides) of copying cards will be included with the purchase. In addition, because the color screen is used, the written things can have different colors, click here to buy.

Boogie Board Magic

Boogie Board Magic

Boogie Board Scribble n’Play

Compared with the previous versions, this version is suitable for younger children. The shape of the stylus is different from the conventional stylus, but a relatively large shape, which is more conducive to children’s handling. There is no copying function, but it has a color screen, so click here to buy it.

boogie board scribble play

boogie board scribble play

Boogie Board Sync 9.7 (retired)

Sync version 9.7 is currently the flagship model sold in flagship stores, and supports one-click saving. Different from other versions of photo saving, this version can output the contents of the handwriting board to the mobile phone through Bluetooth, and can synchronize the data to the projection in real time, and can also save it to Evernote in real time. It can also be used with Photoshop / Illustrator to complete some more professional art work. Alternatively, it can be connected to a computer via USB.

boogie board sync

boogie board sync

In general, this version supports more ways to export data, but the price is much more expensive than other versions.

| Boogie Board Sync Bluetooth Setup Method

First, turn on the external device with Bluetooth function (for example, mobile phone, computer, tablet, etc.), and enter the Bluetooth setting page.

Then, with the Boogie Board Sync turned on, press the storage button first, and then press the power button at the same time, so that the Boogie Board Sync tablet can enter pairing mode and be discoverable.

Once the external device has discovered the Boogie Board Sync tablet, you can pair it. When the Boogie Board Sync is paired and connected successfully, the Boogie Board Sync’s Bluetooth light will flash blue three times.

To disable Bluetooth, turn off the Boogie Board Sync and press the power and erase buttons simultaneously.

| Solution to Boogie Board not clearing

Some users have encountered the problem of invalid erasing after using the Boogie Board for a period of time. On Amazon, some users have given a solution: press and hold the top and left side of the Boogie Board, and then press and hold the clear button at the same time. Clear, everyone can try it.

| Boogie Board 14 Eraser Calibration Method

You can poke this video to refer to the settings: https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzMxNDIzMzQwMA==.html

| Boogie Board Sync Manual Download

Click the link below to download the manual in traditional Chinese.


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