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DiCAPac mobile phone waterproof bag allows you to take pictures as you like underwater

by nadlia
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LEver since my son started learning to swim, he had the idea of shooting in the water, and he really likes the half-water half-human images.

I found a lot of diving cameras, and I like each one very much, including sports cameras, which are very exciting, but the prices are not cheap. Although some prices only cost a few hundred yuan, I am afraid that only the waterproof function cannot be used for diving…

In the end, I had to choose a waterproof bag!

I originally bought a British brand Overboard waterproof bag, which looks very good quality and can dive to 6 meters underwater, but unfortunately, I bought the wrong size. What’s even more annoying is that the store just didn’t sell Overboard waterproof bags larger than 5.5 inches, so I had to return them.

Later, I found a Korean-made Dicapac  waterproof bag (to buy), there are many colors to choose from, and they are all very bright and beautiful colors. It’s half the price of Overboard’s 5.5-inch waterproof bag, and it can shoot underwater to a depth of 10 meters.



The texture also looks very good, so I slipped my hands and bought Dicapac. Waterproof bags are available in black, white, pink, aqua blue, apple green and yellow. I have been struggling between apple green and yellow. These two colors are so youthful and enthusiastic. I don’t know which one to choose. Later, I chose and mobile phone protection The same yellow frame. Korean things are really all about appearance, the overall look looks fashionable and generous, although I don’t like Korean.

The Dicapac has buoyancy cells on its back to keep it afloat. The waterproof bag is available in two sizes, medium and large. The medium size is suitable for phones with screens below 5.1 inches, and the large size is suitable for phones with screens below 5.7 inches.

Dicapac’s black and white logo is also very textured

The waterproof bag has three layers of Velcro and a zipper protection

The zipper is actually very tight, and I can’t find the opening even if I want to open it.

Instructions in various languages are included

The entire iPhone can be put into a waterproof bag without removing the thick rhinoceros protective frame. The yellow color matches the yellow color, and the overall visual experience is very comfortable.

The side view of the waterproof bag, this is how the zipper is rolled up after being sealed, the protection should be enough

The waterproof bag also comes with a neck rope hanging bag, and the neck rope is also very delicate

Test it with a waterproof case, the touch is quite sensitive, so you won’t be afraid of getting stuck when shooting in water

I just found out that there is a little trouble, the mobile phone screen and the waterproof bag are in love with each other! ! ! No matter how hard I pulled it, I couldn’t pull it away, and I didn’t dare to pull it hard, so I could only pull it slowly. Later, I thought of a way to directly fold the A4 paper into a thin strip and stuff it between the waterproof bag and the mobile phone, so that the mobile phone can be easily pulled out.

Fold a slender strip of A4 paper into a waterproof bag, and the phone is easily rescued

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