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Faith top-up | intelligent Moleskine notebook

by nadlia
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LMoleskine is an Italian stationery brand (to buy), known as the Hermes of stationery. This year, it released a Smart Writing Set, which includes a Paper Tablet and a Pen+ smart pen. After the corresponding APP is installed on the mobile phone, the handwriting written or drawn on the notebook can be synchronized to the mobile phone in real time.

The Pen+ smart Pen can be used for seven days after a two-hour charge. When using the pen, you can turn on the indicator at the top of the pen and connect to the APP on your smartphone via Bluetooth or WIFI. Then you can write whatever you want. As long as you don’t write too quickly, the APP can recognize even ghost drawings, and once you’ve finished drawing the manuscript, you can recolor it.



The Pen+ smart Pen itself can store 1,000 pages of content even if it is not connected to your phone, so you can write first and upload notes when it is convenient to connect to your phone.

The current defect is that the localization of the APP needs to be improved, the translation is used in Taiwan language, such as “tough body update”, “Italian” these words, even in some places there is no translation, or Chinese and English mix, and the interaction of the APP is not very friendly.

It’s a sentimental product, by the way, and Wacom’s Bamboo Slate is a fraction of that.




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