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Human body sensor light principle and selection guide

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LBefore the decoration, I planned the layout and circuit of the human body sensor light at home, so the sensor light is very convenient to use later. But if you don’t plan well before the decoration, it’s not that you can’t use human body sensor lights, but when you choose, you will compromise more because of the location, quantity and layout of the room.

Most of the current human body sensor lights are LED lights, which are energy-saving, can be made small, and are relatively safe. Generally speaking, for the same product, cool-colored light (white light) is brighter than warm-colored light (yellow light). When purchasing, if there is no special requirement for the light source in the usage scene, try to buy warm-colored light to avoid glare.

The human body sensor light can be regarded as a practical small object that directly improves the happiness of life. It lights up when people come, and turns off when people leave. There is no need to switch the power supply, which is very convenient. When considering the setting and installation of human sensor lights, you need to be a little more serious, so that the effect can be maximized.

human body induced lamp

human body induced lamp

It should be noted that the induction lamp can only be used as a supplement to the household light source, not as the main light source. The automatic extinguishing of the human sensor light means the instability of the light source, and most of the light sources in the family need to be stable.

| Reasons to use motion sensor lights

At that time, the reason why we attached great importance to the human body induction lamp was mainly due to the following considerations:

1. Dirt around the switch panel. I don’t know if you have noticed that there is always black dirt around the switch in the hallway of many families. The main reason is that you have to “touch” the position of the switch after you go home at night. Although I am in my own home and know the position of the switch well, I cannot guarantee that it will be positioned accurately on the 80 x 80 mm panel every time. Over time, the surroundings of the switch will be dirty by hand.

2. The problem of going to bed late. I’m a typical night owl and sleep very late. When I go to bed, my daughter-in-law is often in a drowsy sleep. If the light is turned on at this time, it will definitely affect her sleep quality.

3. The problem of waking up at night. If you wake up at night, although the light in the bedroom is already very soft, it is easy for sleeping people, especially light sleepers, to be awakened. On the other hand, if the human body sensor lights are not properly installed, you need to turn on the bedroom lights, corridor lights, and bathroom lights when you get up at night, and turn them all the way through and then turn them back. If there are elderly people in the family, it is dangerous to move forward in the dark.

4. Children’s sleep problems. Because there are no children, the children’s room does not have a human sensor light installed, but the socket panel of the human sensor light is reserved when designing the circuit. When I was a child, I was always worried about something scary under the bed when I was sleeping. In order to prevent the child from being afraid for this reason in the future and to exercise his independent ability, I planned to install a human body sensor light under the bed. Not only is it convenient for him to get up at night, but it can also provide psychological comfort and protection.

5. Problems going up and down stairs. The number of steps and the height of the stairs in your own home are very numerous. Even if you go up the stairs in the dark, it is not dangerous, and most families will install dual-control switches at both ends of the stairs. But if the human body sensor light is installed, it is still very cool that there is no need to switch the light on and off along the way.

7. The problem of the light source in the utility room. The utility room is often very messy, the room is small, and the lighting is poor. You may need to put down your things and turn off the lights when you enter or exit. If the sensor light is installed, you don’t need to turn on and off the light yourself when you enter and exit, which is very convenient.

8. Anti-theft security issues. At that time, a security system was installed at home, such as cameras, door sensors, etc. Although these could record and send out alarm sounds, which would shock the intruders to a certain extent, the human body sensor lights installed in the foyer and the floor lamps linked to the door sensors It will light up at the same time when the door is opened, illuminating the entire living room, and the TV will automatically turn on the channel and turn up the volume. In this way, the moment the intruder opens the door, it is estimated that the heart will collapse.

9. There is a problem with the light source in the cabinet. Some cabinets are backlit, and the inside is dark when opened. If a human sensor light is installed on the edge of the cabinet door, the light will be on when the cabinet door is opened, and the items in the cabinet can be seen at a glance.

10. Save power. Although the savings are very small, it cannot be ignored that it does save power to a certain extent. In some corners and corners, it is easy to forget to turn off the lights at ordinary times. If sensor lights are installed, this can be avoided.

human body induced lamp

human body induced lamp

| Layout and installation of human sensor lights

The layout of human body sensor lights is mainly designed according to the usage scenarios and moving lines (interior design terms, referring to the points where people move indoors and outdoors, which are combined to become moving lines).

| Use scenario one

After going home and opening the door at night, you need to find the demand for the light switch panel. The demand for lighting in this scene is mainly concentrated in the hallway. To meet this demand, just install the human body sensor light on the wall with open hallway and no light blocking. The installation height should not be too high, just a few centimeters from the skirting line, generally about 20 cm from the ground.

If there are smart devices at home, this design can be further optimized. For example, my house not only installed an induction-type small human body sensor light in the foyer, but also installed a door sensor on the door. The door sensor is linked to the floor lamp in the living room. ), the door was opened, and the floor lamp came on immediately. Under the light intensity of these two light sources, there is no need to turn on the lights when I go home at night, so the power switch panel at the door of my house is actually rarely touched.

| Use scenario two

The use scene of getting up at night, this scene actually includes the use scene of going to bed late and children afraid of the dark.

When getting up at night, the first thing is to have a light source so that people can find the route from getting out of bed to the bedroom door. There is a certain danger in turning on the light. At the same time, the light source cannot wake up people who are still sleeping, so the light should be warm and reflective.

Secondly, the light source in the corridor from the door of the bedroom to the bathroom is not demanding, but it is also suitable for warm light

Finally, there is the bathroom lighting. The lighting in the bathroom is a little more complicated. Different use scenarios in the bathroom have different requirements for light sources. Here we only talk about human body sensor lights. The night light in the bathroom is also required to have a warm color light, and it is better not to be dazzling, but it cannot be an induction type, and it is impossible to summon the induction light even if it is a large size.

| The principle of common human body sensor lights

There are two types of induction lights that are more common now: infrared induction and microwave induction.

For indoor use, infrared sensor lights are generally used. The human body has a constant body temperature, generally around 37 degrees, and emits infrared rays with a wavelength of about 10 UM. Pyroelectric infrared sensors detect whether there is infrared rays with a wavelength of about 10 UM in the detection area. In addition, general infrared sensor lights have set restrictions on the ambient illuminance. For example, they will only be activated when the ambient illuminance area is 10 lux, in other words, they can only be used at night. The general sensing distance is about 3 to 5 meters.

For outdoor use, microwave induction lights can be used. The sensing mechanism of this sensor light is similar to that of the infrared sensor light, but there is no probe, but the sensing distance is farther than the infrared sensor light, generally about 10 meters, suitable for installation in courtyards and residential areas.

In addition, there are two types of voice control sensor and image contrast sensor. Because everyone knows voice control well, I won’t introduce it. Image contrast sensor is rarely used at home, so I won’t introduce it.

There is also an induction switch panel, which has the same function as a normal switch, but the triggering is realized by induction. The principle is the same as the sensor light above. After detecting the human body, turn on the switch and light up the bulb connected to the other end. The use of this switch can also achieve the effect of automatically switching the light source.

| Key Points for Purchasing Human Body Sensor Lights

1. Choose a reliable brand. It is difficult for us to accurately judge the quality of the sensor light from the appearance, so try to choose a reliable brand.

2. If it is an infrared sensor lamp, try to buy one with a hemispherical probe. In order to make the lamp more beautiful, many manufacturers do not use a hemispherical probe design. Wider and more reliable. Some brands of sensor lights do not have a dome probe, resulting in a narrow sensing area.

3. When using indoors, don’t buy microwave induction lamps because of excessive pursuit of sensing distance. Because the sensing distance is too far, the sensing area will be much larger, so it is easy to trigger the sensing by mistake. Lights are always on when you don’t need them. There are many types of human sensor lights, and it is necessary to choose the appropriate type of sensor lights according to the needs of the use scene.

4. For sensor lights used outdoors, the circuit should be arranged in advance. When purchasing and installing, be sure to pay attention to waterproof problems to avoid potential safety hazards.

| Defects of human sensor lights

Because after all, the light is called a human body sensor light, some people will misunderstand whether the light will not go out if they are always in the detection area. In fact, not necessarily. Whether it goes out or not depends mainly on whether you move or not. If you don’t move, the light will go out.

Sometimes it happens that no one or object passes through the detection area, and the light turns on by itself, very! fear! terror! The reason may be the circuit failure of the lamp itself, or it may be that the ambient temperature in the detection area has changed greatly, such as wind blowing and the like.

In addition, to be funny, when I was writing this article, I checked the information and found that someone asked: What is the principle of the infrared sensor lamp? Why do dogs light up when they walk over?

| Common Types of Human Sensor Lights

The common types of human body sensor lights are classified into panel type, bulb type, and ceiling type according to the shape; according to the type of power source, there are power type (need to be plugged in at any time), rechargeable type, battery type, and solar type; according to the usage scene, it is divided into indoor type and outdoor type. . It’s hard to say which is good and which is bad. The reason why there are so many styles is that different types of human body sensor lights are derived by manufacturers according to different conditions of use (with or without sockets, etc.), and use environments. The sensor lights listed here are just some of the good ones I think. In fact, there are too many different styles of sensor lights now, so this is at best an introduction.

| i-light smart bedroom light

This lamp is very suitable for the bedroom, and it is also the sensor lamp that I have found to be really suitable for the bedroom. There are three types of beds and cribs.

The installation is not difficult, and it takes a little effort. The wiring needs to be opened to install the mattress. It can be installed if you are lazy and don’t turn over the mattress. It depends on the skills. If there is something like a sweeping robot, pay attention to the line under the bed not to affect the robot sweeping the floor.

The main advantage is that the light strip is installed on the edge of the bed. When it is lit, the light shoots to the bottom of the bed. It is the reflected light that really illuminates the room. It is very gentle, not dazzling, and the sensor is very sensitive. If you have a baby at home, you won’t make the baby cry by turning on the lights at night.

i light

i light

The defects found during the use of this induction lamp are mainly:

One is to connect the socket. If there is no preset socket, it is a little troublesome to use, and it needs to be connected to a power strip. If it has not been decorated, remember to pre-order at the bedside! Keep! insert! seat! (When reserved, the position of the smart socket panel is between the bed and the baseboard, and the position needs to be carefully calculated);

The second is that the sensor probe is glued to the foot of the bed with double-sided adhesive, it may be because of the wood, it is not glued firmly, and sometimes it will fall off, the solution is also very simple, just get some better double-sided adhesive to stick it on . If the induction is not very sensitive, adjust the position of the induction probe properly, and don’t be attached to the foot of the bed.

When buying, you must pay attention to whether the style of your bed can be installed with this sensor light!

|  Panel Type Human Body Sensor Light

First of all, the brand of Xiayanjiang is specially made for induction lights, and the quality is reliable. This panel sensor light is not the most compelling, but I think it is the most reliable.

This kind of induction light is also called floor light, and it is usually installed a little above the skirting line. This is the one installed in the hallway and bathroom door of my house. The sensing distance is about 3 to 5 meters, so sometimes it will be triggered by mistake. In addition to being suitable for hallways and bathroom doors, it can also be installed in corridors, stairs, etc., but do not install it outdoors. The dual mode is adjustable and can be adjusted to all-day mode and night mode. The power of the LED lamp is only 1 W, but the brightness is sufficient, and warm color light is recommended.

Yanjiang Panel Type Human Body Sensor Light

Yanjiang Panel Type Human Body Sensor Light

However, this lamp or this style of sensor lamp should not be installed in the bedroom. I have seen someone install this kind of sensor light in the bedroom. If the position is not reasonable, it will often cause false triggering. The quality of Yanjiang’s human body induction lamp is very reliable, click here to buy it.

| Four-leaf clover human body sensor light

This induction lamp has a high design value and looks very pleasing to the eye. It is suitable for use without pre-layout circuit. It can be placed or pasted with 3M glue (equipped with a special paste board) in any position. It can also be used as a flashlight in an emergency.

Four-leaf clover human body sensor light

Four-leaf clover human body sensor light

The sensing distance is about 3 meters, and the light source maintenance time is 20m.

According to the light source, there are two kinds of warm light and cold light; according to the power source, there are battery models and rechargeable models. If there is no special requirement, it is recommended to choose the warm light model.

If there is no socket reserved under the bed during decoration, and it is not convenient to pull the plug board, you can use this sensor light to replace the i-light smart bedroom light. Put it under the bed immediately when you use it, but don’t be completely covered by the sheets, at least let the sensor light detect your feet when you get out of bed, right?

The beauty of the induction lamp industry is responsible.

| 360° strong magnetic body sensor light

This is actually similar to the four-leaf clover human body sensor light introduced above, but the design is more interesting because it uses a strong magnet to allow the light head to rotate 360° at will, and the direction of the light head can be adjusted at any time according to the usage situation.

360 light

360 light


The configuration of the light source and power supply is considered standard, and there are styles of heating and cooling light, charging and battery options.

The sensing distance is about 3 meters, and the light source maintenance time is 20m, but the sensing area is slightly narrower.

| flying saucer night light

This one looks similar to the above two, but this one is plugged in (there is also a rechargeable version), it needs to be plugged into a power outlet at any time when using it, and it can also be remote controlled.

ufo night light

ufo night light

It has 3 lighting modes and 5 levels of brightness can be adjusted to meet the needs of different scenes. If you have a baby at home, this design can meet the needs of different environments, and it is very practical.

| Researcher Human Body Sensor Bulb

Yanjiang is a relatively well-known company in the field of human body sensor lights, and its products are very reliable.

It should be noted that this is a lamp! Bubble! It is suitable for places such as garages or outdoor corridors. Do not use this kind of bulb in other indoor situations unless you have a very clear scene requirement.

yanjiang light

yanjiang light

The installation height of the bulb should not exceed 5m. If there is an object blocking it, it will affect the sensing effect to a certain extent. Do not install in the bathroom, water vapor will affect the life of the bulb. The sensing angle is about 120°, and the sensing distance is 3 ~ 5m.

It should be noted that the bulb is an E27 screw, and you must determine the screw size of your own lamp holder before purchasing. Before buying this light bulb, you must find out whether it is really suitable for your home.

| IKEA STOTA LED Lighting Strip

This LED lighting strip produced by IKEA is also inductive, and is mainly used in various cabinets such as wardrobes. When the door is opened, it will be on, and when the door is closed, it will be off.



When buying, you need to pay attention to the length of the lighting strip and whether it can be installed in the wardrobe at home. IKEA also has other sensor lamps, if this one is not suitable, you can look at other ones. In addition to paying attention to the length, you must also pay attention to the power supply method, otherwise it will be a cup if there is no place to connect the power supply after buying it.

This is just a throw away, if not suitable, you can look at other styles of IKEA,

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