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Kindle Buying Guide

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LE-books are a relatively popular electronic device in recent years, because the Kindle is indeed too popular and the price is not too expensive, which has driven a large number of people who love to read and those who don’t. It is precisely for this reason that the online evaluation of Kindle is polarized, and the complaints about it are poking here. The complaints are more about people who don’t like reading books bought Kindle, and regret it. If you are hesitating whether to buy, it is recommended to read other people’s complaints before making a decision.

However, in a 2013 study by the University of Stavanger in Norway, it was found that e-books are indeed worse in reading comprehension than paper books, so it is better to read paper books for professional books.

Electronic paper books refer to electronic devices that display text and images through electronic ink technology (E-ink) (electronic ink refers to a display technology that imitates the visual perception of printing and writing on paper).

The advantage is that the power consumption is low, and the battery life can often last for several weeks; it does not emit light itself (the e-book screen itself does not emit light, and its backlight is a beam of light hitting the screen), does not hurt the eyes, and it can be used under direct sunlight. It is not dazzling to watch; it can provide a reading experience close to paper.

The disadvantage is that there is only black and white display at present, and there is no color screen for the time being; the screen will flicker slightly when turning pages; it does not support dynamic (GIF, video) display; it does not support PDF well.



Although e-books are not limited to Kindle, Kindle is the most abundant e-book ecology. Not only books provided by Amazon Bookstore, but also the Kindle community spontaneously formed by netizens is also very powerful, providing many resources, plug-ins, and tutorials. Although there are many e-books that are similar to Kindle in terms of hardware, and some domestic e-books even surpass Kindle in performance, they are far behind in the entire e-book ecological environment.

| Kindle model

Compared with other more expensive models, the main difference between the entry-level Kindle is that the screen resolution is lower, only 167 ppi, while Kindle Paperwhite is 300 ppi; the second is that there is no built-in reading light, That is to say, no backlight (2019.05.11 update: the new version already has a backlight). If the impact of the resolution is not great, the use of no backlight will bring some inconvenience to some extent, and it must be used with other light sources when used at night. Those who are interested can click here to buy. There is also a Kindle X Migu model, which is the same as the Kindle entry-level model in terms of hardware, except that Migu Internet literature is built into the software.

Kindle Paperwhite is currently the highest-selling Kindle, a very classic one. Although the price is several hundred more expensive than the entry-level version of Kindle, the screen resolution is much higher (now the latest Kindle Paperwhite has 300 ppi, when I bought it back then, the Kindle Paperwhite was only 212 ppi), the most important thing is that it has built-in reading Light for easy reading at night. Click here for details.

Kindle Voyage is suitable for readers who have the ultimate pursuit of reading and are not short of money. Compared with Kindle Paperwhite, it is lighter and thinner, with better texture and feel, and it has added automatic backlight. Click here to buy.

Compared with the previous generation, Kindle Oasis has improved a lot. Compared with other Kindles, the shape of the fuselage is very different, which is more conducive to holding and reading. Not only does it use a metal integrated body (according to people who have used it, it is hard, it is really hard, and you don’t have to worry about bending it at all), it has added an IPX8-level waterproof function, and the screen has also expanded to 7 inches. The overall workmanship is very high-level, and the handle, texture, and weight are well controlled. The disadvantage is that the price is expensive, and it has caught up with the low-end version of the ipad. Click here for details.

| Kindle Warranty Policy

The National Bank version of Kindle enjoys the policy of refund within 15 days, replacement within 30 days, and one-year warranty. And there is no limit to the number of replacements, until you are satisfied. Amazon is very kind in this regard.

The Nichia version of Kindle does not support exchange, only supports return processing, and the postage is at your own expense. Although you can “exchange” in disguise through return, the whole process is very cumbersome and tangled because it is overseas shopping.

The U.S.-Asian Kindle is relatively convenient. As long as you register an Amazon account, within the warranty period, you can guarantee the warranty if you have credit card information and a U.S. address.

| Kindle case

My experience is that if you don’t have too much money or you are a Virgo, just buy an official protective case. I have bought several kinds of Kindle cases before and after, and finally I chose the official Kindle protective case. I have used it for a few years at a frequency that is neither high nor low, and basically there is not much wear and tear. The quality is indeed excellent, but the price is relatively ordinary. Sets are indeed more expensive. For girls, it is recommended to choose the white Kindle and the red protective case, the matching effect is good.

| Kindle film

If you don’t have a bare phone, or if you’re bare but don’t take it out often, there’s no need to stick a film on it, as the film will reflect light when it’s used under strong light.

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