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“Lofree” looks back on the past feelings! Retro typewriter keyboard with technological soul

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LThe keyboard has become a tool that most people must use every day. From the common computer keyboard, the touch keyboard on the mobile phone tablet, and even the virtual keyboard projected on the desktop, with the innovation of technological products, various appearances have evolved. keyboard products.

When it comes to the appearance of the original keyboard, many people will definitely think of traditional typewriters in their minds. The round letter keyboard will make a loud sound when pressed. The elegant and classic image is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. In recent years, many people have picked up fountain pens and dipped pens to re-experience the beauty of writing, so is “typing” possible in the digital age?

lofree keyboard

lofree keyboard

Lofree is a wireless mechanical keyboard designed with the concept of a traditional typewriter (go to buy it). The appearance design is round and large letter keys, which are different from the membrane-based keyboards we commonly use, relying on each key The lower sensor is used to type letters, which is louder and more tactile than our usual keyboards. This is a bit like the calculator we introduced before.

According to Lofree, 95 percent of mechanical keyboards on the market are designed by gamers, but what about designers, writers, or anyone else who simply wants to use a keyboard with a beautiful design? Lofree was created to be a keyboard for everyone. Lofree’s retro design makes the layout of the keyboard keys much higher. With the design of the round keys, users must lift their fingers higher than normal typing when typing.

Not only does it have a retro look, but Lofree also has the soul of modern technology. The keyboard is equipped with three different backlight modes for switching; in addition to connecting the device in USB mode, Lofree also supports Bluetooth wireless mode, and the power can be used continuously for a week. It also supports Windows, Android devices, in addition to computers, can also be combined with tablets and mobile phones.

The Lofree is much heavier than the usual keyboards, weighing 800 grams and slightly bulky, so it is definitely not the first choice for a travel keyboard. Lofree’s goal of raising funds on Indiegogo was 10,000 US dollars, but in the end, it raised an amount 35 times higher than the metaphorical goal. It can be seen that “retro technology tools” still have considerable appeal to many people.

Maybe it’s just like picking up pen and paper and starting to write. In today’s life full of digital technology, a retro keyboard with typing touch can also become a way to re-experience the feelings of the past. At present, Lofree is already available at Papa Ma’s house. arrive. And it recently released a little yellow duck keyboard, which is very cute.

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