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Powerful stuff | Remax RM-M5 Bluetooth speaker

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LRemax is a brand of Shenzhen Ruihe Technology Co., Ltd. Remax has launched a lot of electronic peripheral products in the past two years, including mobile phone cases, audio, power packs and bracelets. On the whole, most of Remax’s products are very high and the price is relatively friendly.

Remax RM-M5 Bluetooth speaker

Remax RM-M5 Bluetooth speaker

This type of stereo is only suitable for people like me who don’t have a high pursuit of sound quality. After all, the price is there. A hundred yuan can only buy a hundred yuan of sound quality. Although the sound quality is not bad, it can afford the price. If the volume is high enough, it is acceptable. It takes about 1~2 hours to fully charge, and the endurance is about 5 hours.

Although the style is very fashionable and the appearance is very high, it also limits its suitability for younger people. Older people still recommend buying more simple styles, which seems stable.

The fuselage is made of aluminum alloy, which has a strong sense of metal. There are two options: blue and printed color. However, note that the fuselage is very small, with a diameter of 48 mm and a height of 51 mm. Before purchasing, you must have a quantitative understanding of its size to avoid regret after dismantling the express.

Remax RM-M5 Bluetooth speaker

Remax RM-M5 Bluetooth speaker

The audio system is compatible with IOS and Android systems, with AUX audio interface, supports Bluetooth and NFC wireless connection, and also supports call answering and voice call functions. The bottom is made of silica gel, which effectively prevents the audio from moving during playback. There is a mountaineering buckle left on the side, which can be installed as required for easy carrying when going out.

Bigger is a very high Bluetooth audio, but pay attention to the size before purchasing!

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