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“Recommended by senior enthusiasts” 10 classic earplugs/headphones with high cost performance

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LLike the SLR, the earphones are also a deep pit, with prices ranging from tens to tens of thousands, so the difference in sound quality is naturally large. However, the sound quality is very mysterious. Although the difference between tens of thousands of dollars and tens of thousands of dollars is really great, for most people, if the sound quality reaches a certain level, the difference is not so obvious. Therefore, if you are not a particular critic of sound quality, just choose a headset that has a good reputation among enthusiasts. If you are more concerned about the appearance, just choose a big brand with a high appearance. If the price is high, just follow your heart.

| Beauty First

The most important indicator to measure earphones is sound quality, while in real life, more people care about the appearance, so we selected some large earphones with high appearance value to put in front, so as to ensure the sound quality as acceptable as possible on the basis of ensuring the appearance value.


In fact, from the perspective of sound quality, C100SI (transmission gate) is not the best choice, but it can not afford to be produced by a large factory. The design and color are full of coquettish, and the price is at the bottom. If you give it to a female friend who doesn’t care much about the sound quality, it can be said to be the best choice.
The earphones are light, compact and delicate, and very comfortable to wear. In ear running doesn’t need to worry about falling off. Solid workmanship, no matter how cheap it is, it is a big factory product. The color can be black, white and red. If it is used by boys, it is recommended to choose a more restrained one.



The earphones with high face value have inherited the quality of Sony as always. They are not exquisite, but they can’t find any problems. The structure of plastic front chamber and aluminum alloy rear chamber is adopted. The overall weight is only 9g, which is very light and can be worn for a long time. At the same time, the wire has high flexibility and vertical lines, which can effectively reduce the winding of wire. In terms of sound quality, the low frequency is medium and slightly larger. The low frequency submerges and has good elasticity. At the same price, the low frequency quality is good; The vocal part is standard, not very thick, nor very thin and bright; High frequency details are moderate at the same price, and are in good order. In general, SONY IER-H500A (to be purchased) is a tri band balanced tuning, slightly biased towards the low and medium frequencies.



1MORE iBFree

1MORE (go to buy) started as a manufacturer by supplying Xiaomi music earphones. In recent years, it has been doing well in the earphone industry. In fact, iBFree is a series of Bluetooth sports earphones launched by its family, and there is not much difference between the models. In terms of appearance, because the shape design of shark fins is adopted, the stability is excellent after wearing, and it will not fall out even if it moves violently. In terms of sound quality, iBFree is reactive. The tuning is more popular in the upper part and more popular in the middle and lower part. The atmosphere is relatively strong, but it is thin on the whole and not brilliant in dynamic. Of course, it is Bluetooth headset after all, and the requirements cannot be too much.

1MORE iBFree

1MORE iBFree

| Sound quality first

The price of the following earphones ranges from tens to thousands. Although the price difference is large, they are all models recognized by a large number of enthusiasts on the market, so you can choose them with confidence. Although some models have been produced several years ago, the classic is the classic. In the earphone industry, good earphones can always last for many years and are sought after for many years.
The reason why they are selected is that they can have a high cost performance while ensuring a high level of sound quality.

Water Moon Rain Nameless

Many people say that Shuiyueyu is a serious earplug brand that is almost paranoid. The quality and style of the product are completely out of line with its price, and the cost performance ratio is extremely high. The Nameless flat head earplugs, which cost only 99 yuan, are not like earplugs that cost less than 100 yuan in terms of sound quality and workmanship. After all, most earplugs at this price just ring. For the popular voice that most people like to listen to, Nameless has very little voice dye and is impartial. It is a good entry-level earplug. Of course, his family also has earplugs worth 1000 yuan, such as Liebesleid, which is also popular with many people.


When it comes to the K420 (to buy it), it can remind many people. Many people use it as their entry earphones. Some people even use it for four or five years and still want to replace it. How do you describe K240? Let’s put it this way. Even those who do not know anything about earphones can be shocked by their sound quality. In addition, the inexpensive price is the reason why many people are introduced to earphones.



The Y30 is an upgraded version of the classic K420, which retains all the advantages of the K420. The tuning is still as good as the K420. The low frequency is sufficient, and the atmosphere is very good when listening to popular voices. In terms of appearance, there are 6 kinds of colors, with more choices. As an entry-level portable headset, combined with its price, the K30 is a rare good headset for most people.

Nuforce HEM1

HEM1 is the lowest entry-level model of the HEM series of Optoma NuForce. Although it is an entry-level product, it is highly praised by the circle.
As a single unit movable iron earplug, Nuforce HEM1 has strong voice resolution, warm and natural voice. Compared with the single movable iron earplug at the same price, the tri frequency energy distribution is very balanced, the low-frequency speed is fast enough, and the lines are clean. HEM1 focuses on medium and high frequency, especially in the medium frequency vocal part, which is very eye-catching, with good density and strong analytical power. You can master a lot of details when listening to vocal singing. As for the high-frequency part, I dare not say that it is very powerful, but it basically belongs to the clear and meticulous style. For example, string instruments and piano playing have a moderate luster and will not stimulate, which is quite durable. Low frequency is relatively weak, lacking in sense of quantity and impact, but the sense of speed is good, and the lines are also very clear.



In terms of wearing comfort and sound insulation effect, HEM1 has a high evaluation. In fact, the wearing comfort of the whole HEM series is worthy of great affirmation. No matter the size of the earphone body or the degree of fitting between the case and the ear, it is still comfortable and easy to wear for a long time. The sound insulation effect of the earplugs attached with the original factory is excellent. I can’t even hear what my colleagues are saying. The advantage is that the music can be mastered in detail without too loud. However, we should remind you that you should be more careful when using such a good sound insulation effect to avoid accidents due to the lack of sound of vehicles.

Feiduo A73s

The A73s is a product of Feiduojia at an entry-level price but with medium end strength. As a multi unit coil iron earphone, it has been well known among enthusiasts for many years. As an improved version of the A73 (to be purchased), compared with the A73 with a slight burr at high frequencies and a slightly rough voice, the monitoring sound of the A73s is closer to the neutral and warmer direction, which is more durable overall.

In terms of sound quality, high frequency is the most standard part of this headset. High frequency extension is not weak, but it is slightly inferior to medium and low frequency effects. However, this does not affect the tri band balance of this headset. It is very powerful in low frequency, but the resolution of low frequency is slightly low, with low frequency dispersion and unclear focus. However, the sense of low frequency makes up for the lack of analysis of this headset. Although the medium frequency has a strong atmosphere, the connection between low frequency and medium frequency is in place, especially in rock music.
However, the appearance of the A73s is quite controversial. Some people like it when others are black. In terms of wearing comfort, the sponge earphone sleeve attached with the earphone is squeezed tightly and inserted into the ear. It is naturally fluffy in the ear canal, which can achieve the effect of full fitting between the earphone sleeve and the ear. It is very comfortable, and the noise suppression has also been greatly improved. In addition, the A73s is very light, and the earphones are made of materials that are very skin friendly. The HiFi cable does not need to be changed, and it has a wired microphone, which is very suitable for mobile phone users and friends who want to get started with HiFi.

Marshall Major III

At present, Marshall’s best selling earphones should be Major series earphones, which are Marshall’s most popular products and have the best reputation among enthusiasts. On the one hand, it is a classic model in Marshall’s headphones (to be purchased), which is cost-effective; Second, its tuning is really suitable for listening to rock music, so it is reasonable to be welcomed by everyone.



In terms of sound quality, Marshall Major III uses a 40mm dynamic unit. The bass performance is rich in texture and power. At the same time, you can feel the clear and layered high and low bass details. On the whole, the sound performance is very good. The Bluetooth APTX technology used in the Bluetooth version can not only play high-quality music wirelessly, but also reduce the delay of sound and picture.
In terms of appearance, it is very stylish and good-looking. The appearance of durable lychee grain leather and white Marshall has attracted many people’s attention. In addition, in order to improve the wearing comfort and durability, the headband, ear pad and shell materials have been readjusted in design, and the 3D shaft that conforms to ergonomics has been used instead. The width adjustment is larger, which can be suitable for different head types, and it is more streamlined when viewed from the outside.

Sony MDR – 1AM2

In 2014, Sony released the MDR-1A (to buy), which won the recognition of many enthusiasts with its superior wearing comfort and clear and sharp sound quality. The MDR – 1AM2 launched in 2018, in Sony’s own words, is a product that has greatly upgraded the sound quality and wearability while continuing the traditional design of the MDR series. It is a new brand headset that Sony is proud of.



In terms of sound quality, the transition of high-frequency part is very natural. The sound continues to moderate and fade. It is a very clear and bright high-frequency. The mid-range voice is very clear, with rich details. It is a very bright and broad voice. The voice has obvious protrusion, which is separated from the background sound and the low frequency of dynamic beats. In terms of low frequency, it has maintained Sony’s consistent low frequency of “cheerfulness without ringing”, which has a sense of speed and atmosphere. However, the sense of quantity is not large, and the diving performance is moderate. In short, it is not ringing, but it is definitely not the low frequency of “knocking on the wood floor”. This kind of low frequency can be said to be more in line with most people’s listening preferences.
In terms of wearing comfort, 1AM2 feels very light, very light, and even light enough to make people wonder whether it is a fake earphone. After all, the weight is only 187g. You should know that the general weight of the covered earphones is more than 220g. The ergonomic 3D stereo cutting ear pad is adopted to increase the contact surface between the ear pad and the head and reduce the pressure on the ear.
In general, compared with its price, 1AM2 is very competitive in the coverage earphones, which is worth recommending.

Sony WI – 1000X

1000X series noise reduction earphones are the first non MDR series earphones of Sony that use wireless noise reduction technology. The WI-1000X (go to purchase) adds ambient sound detection, noise reduction mode, adaptive sound mode, etc. on the basis of MDR-EX750BT. The overall design has also been greatly changed. A more solid neck hanging design is adopted, which can store ear cords, and has better sound quality and is more convenient for users.



In terms of sound quality, the WI-1000X generally maintains the consistent style of the Sony wireless headset family, featuring prominent middle and low frequencies and weak high frequencies. The overall style is popular and ACG.
Particularly worth mentioning is the WI-1000X’s adaptive sound control mode, which automatically identifies four different use scenarios based on the user’s use status: staying, walking, running, and taking a vehicle. In four different scenarios, the WI-1000X automatically adjusts the ambient sound control, controls the ambient sound within a certain range, and decides whether to turn on noise reduction, for example, when the user is in a stay status, It will retain more ambient sound, so that users can still hear the surrounding voice when wearing headphones. When taking a vehicle, it will turn off the ambient sound and turn on the noise reduction mode at the same time, so that users can listen to music to the maximum extent. If users feel that this function is not suitable for them, they can also turn off the adaptive sound control function in the App and turn on the noise reduction mode for a long time.
In addition to the adaptive sound control mode, the WI-1000X has also taken the lead in supporting Sony’s unique air pressure noise reduction optimization technology. On the aircraft, it detects the ambient air pressure through the air pressure noise reduction optimization technology and adjusts it to the most appropriate noise reduction effect at the current air pressure to meet the needs of high altitude noise reduction.
In general, although the WI-1000X is not a revolutionary product of Sony Audio, when Sony’s design, logo, noise reduction technology and sound quality are all put in a wireless headset, a wireless noise reduction headset that satisfies you is born.


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