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Tell me about the smart home products you have used so far

by nadlia
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LAt this stage, the so-called smart home products have taken many high-end names, but none of them can conceal their simple IQ. Rather than saying it is a smart home product, it is more appropriate to say that it is a mobile phone remote control home product.

Last year, I bought a set of broadlink home kits, infrared detection, camera, remote control, etc. Later, I bought some sockets in succession. During this period, I bought a Xiaomi radio and a rice cooker made by Tmall and Midea. This year, I bought another EZVIZ surveillance camera and installed it in my hometown. During Double 11, I snatched a Tmall Genie.

Let’s talk about Broadlink’s APP first. After using it for so long, I can clearly feel that Broadlink’s client-side production is very weak. It feels like I’m still using an APP from a few years ago. After all, it’s not an Internet company. I need to log in again after a while, and the existing account cannot be bound to the Taobao account, which is annoying.

products of broadlink

Door magnetism and infrared detection: Basically, it is still useful. You can judge when the door has been opened at home. The most useful function for me at present is that it can be linked. If the door is opened from 6:00 pm to 7:00 the next morning, it will automatically open The floor lamp in the living room will automatically turn off the floor lamp after half an hour.

Camera (C2W): Although it was bought at the flagship store of Broadlink, it is actually the camera of EZVIZ Cloud. The pixels are not high, so it can only be said to make do with it. In the living room, in order to avoid being cracked and peeping, the power of the camera is plugged into a smart socket, and it is turned off at regular intervals, basically avoiding turning it on when someone is at home.

Remote control: This thing is connected to the sweeping robot, air conditioner, TV, and ultraviolet lamp at home, but the only ones that can really achieve the purpose of control are the air conditioner and ultraviolet lamp, because the control commands of these two things are very simple. As for the TV, the switch can be used. If you want to use it to tune channels, it is not as convenient as the remote control that comes with the TV. At first, I wanted to set up a linkage: when the door is opened from 2 am to 7 am, it will automatically turn on the floor lamp and turn on the TV. TV in the living room, while turning the volume up to maximum. As a result, the volume of Ya can only be adjusted one frame at a time, and the number of commands cannot exceed 20 or whatever, and there is no cycle command, so let it go.

Socket: It is convenient to turn on the socket remotely with the mobile phone, and set the timing or cycle timing. It is quite convenient to connect the camera in the living room, the floor lamp, the electric blanket in the bedroom, etc. Bought a few for friends along the way.

millet radio

Xiaomi’s smartphone has used this. The advantage is that the APP is better than Broadlink, but there are still shortcomings in the interaction, which is not very user-friendly. In addition, the WIFI reception effect is quite poor, and there is no signal after a little occlusion, and the router is only a few meters away. And last month, the switch failed. I clicked it, it should be turned on or off, but it turned into off and on. You know what that means, it was supposed to be off, but turned off and on again.

Fluorite cloud

Camera: I mentioned the one I bought at Broadlink. This time I will talk about the C3W I bought later and installed it on the outer wall of my hometown. Originally, I wanted to set the alarm at night, but since there is a large road in the monitoring area, if the alarm is set, it will cause false alarms, so I gave up. In fact, the solution is not difficult. Since the lens of the camera is fixed, as long as an area can be delineated in the monitoring screen for monitoring (alarm), it is enough, but the result is not supported.


Rice cooker: Midea MB-WFS3099XM seems to have cooperated with Tmall Smart. Although it can be connected to WIFI to remotely control cooking, I have never done it because I don’t like soaked rice and then cook it. Therefore, it is always powered off when not in use.

Tmall Genie: This is the only thing that has a little bit of intelligence. The linkage between voice control and broadlink devices is quite amazing. Compared with dozens of taps on the phone to control the device, it is indeed much more convenient. But although there are many tricks, there are few actual functions. The most important thing is that the function optimization is not in place, very not in place. For example, linkage with broadlink devices, various bugs. The same is true for playing songs. Let Ya play the favorite songs, and Ya must let them go in the order of favorites. As for the accuracy rate of speech recognition, since I am from Sichuan, I can understand the low recognition rate, but I also call “Tmall Genie”, the first call has a 60% probability of ignoring me, and the second call is 95% % will talk to me, did my accent change in a few seconds? What a pain in the ass.

In fact, if developers use these so-called smart devices every day, they can find their deficiencies, but they just don’t fix bugs or optimize them. I can only think that the company did not give enough money.

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