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What brand of charging treasure is good? 5 recommended charging treasure brands with good looks

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LToday, technology has been so developed, but battery technology is still stuck in the bottleneck and cannot come out. The iPhone has reached X, but the standby time has not improved much. For those who bow their heads, it will always be a pain.

Today we will talk about the power bank again, but because it is based on the appearance, it can only be said to be for everyone to observe. If you want to start, you must understand it clearly.

black fish power bank

black fish (to buy) is a store that sells mobile phone peripheral products in the style of little monsters. The design of the store is very cute, and the products in the store are also full of characteristics. The most interesting among them is the power bank of the Little Monster series. Not only is the design style funny and interesting, but also has a high value, and most of them are very small and mini, which is very suitable for soft girls.

black fish power bank

black fish power bank

Moreover, due to the polymer battery used, the size can be much smaller than that of a power bank with the same power.

cheero power bank

cheero is the number one brand of charging treasures in Japan, and has been the sales champion of Amazon in Japan for several years, accounting for about 30% of the Japanese charging treasure market. Its cardboard man Aleng series can be said to be the representative of “cuteness is justice” in the power bank world, and I don’t know how many girls’ hearts have been turned into cuteness.

heartless power bank

Wuxin Power Bank (go to buy) is a product of Shenzhen Wuxinliangpin Technology Co., Ltd., a brand established in 2015. It is mainly engaged in various mobile phone peripheral products. The overall style of the product is small and fresh, and its appearance is high. There are many types of charging treasures in its family, with different styles, but according to the people who bought them, the texture is not bad.

emie power bank

Yimi (go to buy) is a company that pays more attention to innovation in the field of charging treasures. Its famous blade ultra-thin charging treasure is still famous today. Although the blade is thin, the price is not cheap and there is no cost performance. What I want to talk about today is its Satsuma series, which is very small and cute, can be grasped with one hand, and there is no pressure to carry it around. However, the capacity is also limited, only 5000mAh, which can only fully charge the iPadmini once. There are also 10,000 mAh ones, but they are slightly larger.

In addition, it also has a power bank full of literary style, which is more suitable for girls who are intellectual and mature.

Bone power bank

This power bank is a power bank jointly launched by Bone and Taiwan’s trendy brand Sport b (go to buy it). It is based on the classic image of a small dinosaur of Sport b, and the design is very cute and funny. Whether it is a sunny homeboy or a sweetheart cute girl, there is no sense of disobedience when using it.



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