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“Zanco Tiny T1” thumb-sized mobile phone, the best choice for a backup machine

by nadlia
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LAlthough the design, technology, and performance of mobile phones have improved a lot in recent years, and the functions of mobile phones have become more and more convenient to use, but the battery is not as good as it is every day. Many people around me can’t help but take out their mobile phones when they are free for a while, watch Douyin, play and eat chicken. Although I have thought about getting a backup phone, it is more or less inconvenient to carry two mobile phones with me, so many people struggle with which backup phone to buy.

Last time we introduced the Talkase T3 mobile phone, an ultra-thin card machine, today we are going to talk about a mobile phone that is even more anti-intellectual than it, the Zanco Tiny T1 pocket mobile phone (to buy), which is surprisingly small cell phone.

Zanco Tiny T1 is designed and manufactured by the British company Zini Moblies. It is only about the size of a thumb, but it can insert a SIM card, can make calls and text messages, and can also be used as a Bluetooth receiver for smartphones.

Although there are so few functions, it does not need such a large screen in its application scenario, and it does not need to surf the Internet or play games, just make and answer calls. The most important thing is that it is very portable.

It can be placed in the smallest pocket of jeans like a key, which is obviously much more convenient than ordinary mobile phones when exercising.

Zanco Tiny T1 can store 200 phone numbers and 50 short messages, stand by for 3 days, and support 180 minutes of continuous calls. When you need a backup, the Zanco Tiny T1 is a great choice. At least in 2018, it is a recommended backup machine, of course, next year? Perhaps next year there will be more innovative mobile phones appear.

As for the call effect, the voice is very clear, and it can also change into funny and funny voices such as female voices, child voices, old people, cartoons, ducks, robots, etc. during the call. In addition, there is also a basic alarm clock function.

But Zanco Tiny T1 is not without its shortcomings. One is that some people have reported that the screen is a little crooked, and OCD is uncomfortable to watch. The other is that it only supports 2G signals. Today, when 3G and 4G are popularized, it is indeed a headache.

If you are looking for a backup phone, or choosing a phone for your child, and worried about your child being addicted to a smartphone, then the Zanco Tiny T1 is a good choice.

In addition, because Zanco Tiny T1 is very small, it can also be hidden on the body, and it can be used as an inconspicuous helpline in case of emergency.

Of course, it is also a very good choice as a gift.

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