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Le Labo Limited Cities Collection: 11 Cities, 11 Scents

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LWhere once people traveled to India for spices and Cuba for rum, today people travel the world for city-specific aromas and glimpses of Le Labo’s most valuable creations.

Le Labo’s city-limited collections were originally created to pay tribute to certain cities in which its stores are located. Usually these scents are only sold in the corresponding city and cannot be purchased elsewhere, which means that they cannot be ordered online and cannot be shipped unless Haitao! For example, the Vanille 44 is only available in Paris, and the Limette 37 is only available in San Francisco.

But it happens every year, only once a year. We turned a blind eye and let the city-limited series leave their hometowns in September, allowing them to explore Le Labo sales locations around the world, find new owners who love them, and click here to buy.

Tokyo GAIAC 10

Guaiac wood is a strong and green wood tone, but not as dry as cedar, its smell is delicate, rich and stable. Le Labo’s Guaiac Wood 10 Eau de Parfum envelops guaiac wood with musky aromas (four types in total), revealing hints of cedarwood and frankincense (incense). Please don’t expect this woody musk aroma to make you feel like Hokkaido (unless you are in Hokkaido), but it will fit you closely, no matter your mood, day after day, night after night…

Paris VANILLE 44

We all know Paris is the city of love, but Paris is also the city of Vanilla 44. We also now know that our roses don’t smell like roses, our irises don’t smell like irises… Also, those numbers are pretty important, maybe even more so than the ingredient names to the left of the numbers ( I’m not just numbers)! So, our vanilla certainly doesn’t smell just vanilla. It will show delicate amber, frankincense, wood and a touch of sensuality.

Like that pashmina cashmere sweater you’re familiar with, with a hint of bourbon vanilla. That’s vanilla trying to be glossed over. Some would say it’s too offensive to launch such a concept in Paris, others would say it’s so over the top that it should be banned, vanilla should smell like vanilla. But, tell me, who can be classified as normal these days?

Amsterdam MOUSSE DE CHENE 30 / Oakmoss 30

Two flavors of moss and patchouli are combined with the most sensitive raw materials: synthetic crystal moss and patchouli extract. Spicy notes of cinnamon, paprika, bay leaf and pink peppercorns create a timeless elegance with fresh spice notes. Not only that, it also has surprises, rich and fascinating. For others who are less poetic, Oakmoss 30 is a new citrus accord, traditional and innovative at the same time, the way you feel when you think of Amsterdam…

Los Angeles MUSC 25 / Musk 25

You may ask, why Los Angeles? Because angels, regardless of gender, are attracted by the breath of life. Musk 25 is pure white, angelic, very musky, slightly aldehyde. It shines so brilliantly that you have to wear sunglasses to get close to it. Even though its appearance is as white as heaven, it is as dark as a devil in the center, awakening your inner sensitivity and depravity. This part is symbolized by vetiver, ambergris, musk and civet (artificial). Enjoy the Fallen Angel 25. oh! I mean Musk 25.


Like most of our scents, the name of this fragrance does not sum it up at all. Of course it contains a lot of tuberose (only the original essence, nothing else), but what is impressive at the beginning is that you can feel waves of citrus aromas, bergamot, mandarin and orange blossom, bringing It has a surprising effect like “cologne”, even though it is strictly a fragrance because of the concentration of 30%.

The first scent that people feel is just pure and pleasant, and gradually, Tuberose 40 Eau de Parfum will slowly develop a woody-floral core fragrance that gives it its unique personality and comfort. You will smell the scent of white flowers, and the tuberose finally appeared. The woody aroma of cedar and sandalwood, along with oakmoss, musk and ambrette seed essence, will lead you to that powerful, pure and shining state. Wherever there is light, there is life. As long as it’s New York, there’s Tuberose 40.

Dallas: ALDEHYDE 44

Aldehydic 44, only available in Dallas (that’s Texas). This scent sits shoulder to shoulder with an excess of aldehyde florals for a uniquely clean feeling that is amazing. A delicate floral scent, woven with narcissus, jasmine and tuberose (both original essences, if you’re curious). With a base of musk and a hint of vanilla, the result is rewarding and unique. You should know that we have received many complaints from perfume lovers. Says they’ve been thinking about taking a Dallas vacation ever since they smelled Aldehyde 44.

London: POIVRE 23 / Pepper 23

The French poivre, translated into English as pepper, is Le Labo’s claim to pepper: only essence. Why pepper? (Here we are talking about bourbon pepper, the Rolls Royce of the pepper world), because pepper is the king of spices and is widely used in the perfume industry. So we wanted pepper to take its rightful place and make it stand out, it’s very warm, super spicy, definitely oriental, exclusive to London.


The main story behind this scent is music, especially jazz. There is a direct common relationship between the sharp and pungent pepper flavor and the treble of jazz, and behind the meekness, it represents a relatively simple and peaceful passage in the music. On the other hand, the uplifting effect of the music seems to take you to another realm, and likewise the movement of the spices (aldehydes, musk and pink pepper) in the perfume will make you feel hypnotized.

In the purest and straightest Le Labo style, our Chicago city-limited fragrance, featuring pink peppercorns, draws on unmistakable character, endless awakening, unique classicism, and a straight-forward elegance that won’t leave you alone. Using the warmth of cloves to strengthen pink pepper, when embarking on the wedding with Grasse rose essence, it is still flickering between cedar and aldehydes. When the ceremony is completed, it turns into musk and ambrox, which is pure Meticulous, full of personality and evocative.

Moscow: BENJOIN 19

Benzoin 19, the exclusive city scent of Moscow, is about a moment: described by one of the most important writers in the history of literature, Leo Tolstoy, in the immortal book “Anna Karenina”, when Anna first arrived at the Moscow train station. The moment I met Vronsky. This fragrance is the moment when the sky spins and the earth shatters, and the world will never be the same again.

This is Benzoin 19, dedicated to all passionate souls, all those who decide to take charge of their own lives, in Tolstoy’s masterpiece, this Moscow routine that changed Anna Karenina may also happen in the world anywhere. Like the novel, the scent is built around the intertwined silhouettes of benzoin (frankincense, amber, cedarwood and musk), conveying a deep, intense sensual experience and rebellious spirit… yes, just like the book ( Original page 928), the aroma of benzoin 19 is also so long-lasting that it is incredible!San Francisco: LIMETTE 37

Just don’t expect Le Labo’s San Francisco release to be a cool summer mist or just bottle the Golden Gate Bridge. Lime 37 is an abstract reference to “this city”, but the composition of the fragrance penetrates, simulating the experience of going from the Le Labo store on Fillmore Street, over the hills to the bay. At first you see this landscape, fresh and bright bergamot, then dive back into the warm embrace of jasmine, orange leaf and clove, and soak in the sweet warmth of vetiver, tonka bean and musk… Lime 37 is The roller coaster of smell not only gives people a clean and fresh impression of vitality, but also makes you feel that you smell special, of course it is very good.

Dubai: CUIR 28 / Leather 28

Leather 28, limited edition in Dubai. Like the movie “Easy Rider” without the smell of sweat and gasoline, it blends leather, wood and animal smells, giving it a very strong, dark and memorable quality. Natural vanilla essence, with spicy, animal and smoky notes, combined with leather aromas. Let Leather 28 write an oriental and addictive finale.

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