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NASA and Heron Preston team up to let you wear a spacesuit, too

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LPerhaps we will never have the opportunity to go into space in this life, look at the endless sea of stardust, and overlook the blue planet, but the trendy and futuristic “astronaut” fashion clothing below may make up for some of our hearts Pity.

NASA, which has always loved to play joint names, has its joint names for every daily necessities you can think of. However, on the occasion of NASA’s 60th anniversary this year, they played a joint name with New York street fashion brand Heron Preston. . However, it has made people gain insight. It turns out that space suits can also be so trendy.

The matter of cross-border cooperation with NASA can be traced back to 2013, when Heron Preston expressed his desire to cooperate with NASA in an interview, and even sent an email to recommend himself, and now his wish has finally come true. In this joint series with NASA, everything from coats, jackets, hoodies, sportswear, T-shirts, backpacks and hats.

Although it is only a market-oriented fashion clothing, you can use your imagination as much as possible when designing, but in the design process, you must strictly abide by the NASA Identification Design Standard Manual. For example, the logo can only use NASA’s commercially available “Worm logotype”, and the color can only be one of white, gray, black, and red. It cannot only use the outline, and it must not appear at the same time with other logos .

By the way, to add a little knowledge, Worm is the nickname given to this logo by NASA employees. It was originally designed to replace meatball. The logo design is very simple and clean, with a strong sense of the future, and it can be clearly recognized even from a distance. Even today, it seems that the logo design is very modern, but its fate is ill-fated. If you are interested, you can find out.

The entire co-branded series not only looks trendy, but is actually inspired by the development of the US space process. Heron Preston has studied the changes in space suits from the past to the present, trying to make the co-branded series more in line with the actual situation of astronauts when they go out on missions. It seems that the backpack is designed in a square shape, and the waist bag can also be removed, which is very similar to the jetpack carried by astronauts when they work. But it’s not limited to the appearance. In terms of function, the situation at work is also considered. The backpack can not only be carried, carried, but also disassembled into a waist bag, and it is also designed with pockets for storage.

In terms of clothing styles, the American flag and the letter from President Eisenhower that launched NASA in 1958 are printed on the entire collection. Among them, the extremely eye-catching silver lacquer jacket is a tribute to the first manned space program of the United States, the “Mercury Project”.

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