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Poor quality? impossible! Reliable Brand Men’s Wallet Chopper Guide!

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LIf you don’t have much money, you can bite your teeth and buy something because you like it, but don’t buy vanity that you can’t afford to meet your comparison mentality.

When choosing a man’s wallet, you should first understand your own needs. How many cards and cash do you usually bring, where do you usually put your wallet, and what is your budget. Then select the appropriate style according to these needs, and select materials and workmanship within the budget. If you want to customize the wallet, you should understand this demand and then talk about customization, otherwise you will just customize a “celebrity”.

Know these knowledge points before choosing a wallet

Wallets can be roughly divided into long and short ones. If you need to carry a lot of cash at ordinary times, you can choose the long version, which can be divided into two types: the one with zipper and the one without zipper. If you choose the one with zipper, you should try whether the zipper is smooth or not, and how about the quality of hardware. If there is no such demand, I strongly recommend that you choose a shorter version as far as possible, which is convenient to carry. The clothes and bags can be put in by the way, and the price of the longer version will be cheaper (if it is not a luxury brand). The long wallet is a little tasteful, but not everyone can hold it. The young people are a little old fashioned when using it.

A reasonably designed wallet should be shrunk when it is empty, so that it can hold more things; If the empty state is square and not deflated, it is very awkward to put something on it.

The more functions the wallet has, the more complex it is to make, the more expensive it is. Too many functions are not necessarily practical. In addition to increasing the cost, the thickness of the wallet itself has also become larger.

Young people are suitable for light colored wallets, while older people are suitable for dark colored wallets. The style should be selected according to actual needs.

Remember to check the size of the overseas shopping wallet. The size of the 100 yuan wallet is 155 × 77mm, while the US dollar size is 156 × 66.3mm, some wallets returned from overseas shopping may not hold RMB.

When many people discuss wallets, they will mention the top layer leather. The top layer leather refers to the cow leather that has been stripped off. After a series of treatments, the leather slicer is used to split it. The outermost layer of leather is called the top layer leather, which has the best quality, strength, elasticity and air permeability. However, do people who need to popularize the first layer of skin know what the first layer of skin is? We should understand that we are Chinese and live in the Greater China. So I suggest that we forget about the top layer and the bottom layer. For us, the most important thing to choose a wallet is to look at the brand and reputation. It’s not to say that there is no good for cheap goods. If you are discerning, you can still pick up the leakage.

In terms of cortex, just pay attention. Try not to buy the wallet with smooth leather surface, because smooth leather looks very comfortable, simple and generous, but easy to scratch. It is not easy to see if there are lines or old treatments, even if they are scratched.

Recently, handmade wallets are popular. The materials used in the handmade wallet are all good, at least not bad (if you buy a handmade wallet worth tens of yuan, I will not say this), but the craftsmanship is uneven. There are hundreds of thousands of people working in handmade leather goods in China, and few of them are truly “craftsmen”. Most of them are “enthusiasts” at most, and even “sewing enthusiasts” do not disparage them.

The vast majority of handmade wallets are very ordinary and not as sophisticated as expected. Leather production itself is an extremely tedious and boring job, which many handmade leather practitioners use as feelings and selling points to deceive consumers. There are even claims that handmade leather goods are just mass sewn products of small workshops, and their design, manufacturing process and even manufacturing equipment are not as good as those of large regular factories. It is precisely because of these that many handmade wallets may not be as cheap as Taobao. Of course, if you meet real “craftsmen”, the price of wallets made by them is definitely not cheap, not hundreds of dollars.

Men’s wallet with civilian price

The following are all common civilian brands carefully screened by the wrong website. Generally speaking, there is no problem in quality. Pay attention to your own needs when choosing. But if it is a wallet of several hundred yuan, although there will not be too big problems in leather and workmanship, the details will inevitably be less perfect. If you pay more attention to details, you can skip this section and choose the wallet of the next section. After all, every penny is worth every penny. Leather products cannot be handed down, so don’t choose them with the idea of using a lifetime.

Herschel Supply is a Canadian brand with a strong sense of design, but it is very simple and young. But because of its young design, it can only be used by students. The vast majority of wallets are canvas bags. The capacity of wallets is relatively small, and the card slot is limited. If you don’t care about the material, you can choose it simply if you want to buy a wallet.

Herschel Supply wallet

Herschel Supply wallet

Amazon has a flagship store, and the price of the short style is mainly in the range of $16-$33; the price of the long style is mainly around $50.

Bellroy’s wallet, an Australian wallet brand, is featured by its lightness, compactness, simple design and portability. But the disadvantages are also very obvious. Most models have smaller capacity than ordinary wallets, because the designed card slots are also limited, and the card storage capacity is weak. Generally, about 6 cards can be loaded, and about 2000 cash can be loaded (the storage capacity of individual models is stronger). In order to make the wallet as thin as possible, the leather is treated thin, so it is easy to scratch and wrinkle, and the service life is about 3 to 5 years. The wallet has a nano card slot. If you have a spare phone card, it is very convenient to carry.

On the whole, Bellroy wallet is suitable for those who live a delicate life and are separated from practitioners. It is better for rough men who have more cash and cards to go out and turn right to choose other brands.

Bellroy wallet

Bellroy wallet

Amazon has a flagship store, the price range of short models is between $55 and $134, and the main models are concentrated around $90.

  • Tough Jeansmith

A brand in Hong Kong, the biggest feature is: leather can withstand exercise. Tough’s wallet feels very comfortable. It has large capacity, many card slots, and is mostly old style. The design is relatively young, and the details are handled generally, but it does not affect the use. One advantage of the old style is that even if the wallet is worn, it is not obvious. But because of the younger design, it is not suitable for formal occasions.

Tough-Jeansmith wallet

Tough-Jeansmith wallet

In summer, many men don’t like the feeling of keeping their wallets in their pockets, do they? At this time, it is much more convenient to use a metal wallet. Put the money in order, because the wallet itself has a certain weight, and the money will not be taken out of the pocket. Of course, it is only suitable for occasions that are not formal and do not need to bring too much money, such as going downstairs to have noodles. If you don’t mind, you can use folders instead.

Metal wallet

Metal wallet

If you have never used the wallet, you are not recommended to buy it directly. You can buy a cheap one first to see if you can adapt to it, and then buy a good one.

Luxury brand wallet

The prices of these brands are not cheap. For luxury brands, the purses at these prices are no longer pursuing materials and quality, but craftsmanship and texture. If you want to buy, you must go to the counter in the mall, not Taobao or overseas shopping, because overseas shopping is very likely to buy export goods. Although the price is cheaper, it is from a different production line than the counter. I have already spent money at this price to buy a wallet. There is no need to save that.

It is recommended to choose between Herm è s, Louis Vuitton, Dunhill, Bally, Montblanc and Mulberry when buying men’s wallets. There is still a certain gap in the workmanship of wallets of other luxury brands.

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