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“Seasalt Cornwall” dresses sometimes

by nadlia
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LOn rainy days, I think of the raincoats that don’t belong to us.


Meet Seasalt Cornwall, the brand that started out as a raincoat a friend wore that she bought while traveling in Cornwall, featuring protection from wind and rain. This red raincoat is very attractive, so I went to get to know this brand immediately.

seasalt cornwall

seasalt cornwall

“our studios overlook St. Anthony’s Lighthouse and Falmouth Bay. All of our prints and designs are unique to us and reflect the beautiful place we live in and love….Cornwall.

seasalt-cornwallSophie Chadwick, a designer and one of the founders of the brand, said that the design inspiration of each season comes from different places in Cornwall.

How to embody this concept? Looking at her raincoat, it is clear that Cornwall is located in the southwestern tip of England. It is rainy near the sea and windy along the coast, but enjoys the most sunshine. Therefore, it is a raincoat that can withstand wind and rain, is breathable, and most importantly, is colorful Definitely a signature item of the brand. The official website clearly explains what material their raincoats are made of, how they are waterproof, and how they are windproof. However, as a member of the Appearance Association, my eyes are naturally on the colorful colors, and there are different lengths, and there are heavyweight and lightweight. I am completely fascinated by the many choices. Let me remember the name Seasalt Cornwall and become to buy in UK’s top of the top.

seasalt cornwallWent to Birmingham for business a few months ago, first came across it at the small store in Stratford, and it was exciting to see the big sale, so the size is different because of this. The next day, I met a small counter of the brand at John Lewis. Although there are not many styles, the beautiful raincoats hanging on the racks are still very exciting. However, at that moment, I suddenly became very calm, except because There are no discounts, and now every time I buy a shirt, I stop and think, “Will I wear it often?” The rainy days in Hong Kong are always very hot, at most, it only rains during the Ching Ming season in March and April, but it still doesn’t matter. It takes a lot of thinking and effort to wear a raincoat that protects against wind and rain.

I have two Seasalt Cornwall Tees in my closet. The organic one is very washable, and the Tees with good quality are worth investing in. In fact, they only cost more than 20 pounds. Looking back at the design of Seasalt Cornwall, there is probably nothing suitable for me other than raincoats and horizontal Tees. Those floral and patterned dresses are not for everyone to carry. If you are not careful, you will become a village girl.

seasalt cornwall

seasalt cornwall

I haven’t been to Cornwall yet, so I’ll save my raincoats for buying in the UK. I often say “don’t eat from time to time”, so there should be “don’t wear from time to time”. I admire many friends who can wear rain boots on rainy days in Hong Kong, and I envy you who are not afraid of heat or baking. Dressing should match the people of the time and place. Sometimes traveling to a certain place may be just to wear certain clothes. Thinking of the coat in the closet, these years, it seems that you can only get out of the closet in winter in other places.

I miss the days when the four seasons are distinct. In the face of global warming, it is better to buy less, and it is better not to buy. I’m still studying hard, next time I go to England, I’ll just find a second-hand raincoat.

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