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“Ethique Shampoo” Say goodbye to unnecessary, you can get more

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LIn life, there are too many complicated messages, which often make us unable to calm down and face ourselves, and honestly see our wants and needs. Perhaps, keeping the belief of “subtractive life” in our hearts can bring about a beautiful transformation for us.

My dear, have you ever thought about living by subtraction, maybe it is not difficult? When we start to think carefully about the things we take for granted in our daily life, we can become the energy for change.

Take out the clothes in the closet one by one and check them. In fact, you can immediately find those collocations that are unlikely to be worn again, and take them to the old clothes recycling bin; those on the bookcase have long been read and no longer fit your life. State books, donated to give back to the community. Too many things that are no longer needed in life take up space, making the mind disorder, leaving only what you want, making life more simple, and this is the tenderness you can give yourself in your busy life.

Ethique Heali Kiwi Calming

At the beginning, I met the Ethique brand with such a pure heart. It comes from the most natural and pure New Zealand. The founder Brianne accidentally dropped the shampoo on the floor while taking a shower. Watching it slowly flow away with the water, I was shocked. Why do we add so much water to cleaning products when we need water for bathing? And for these moisture, how many bottles and cans does the manufacturer need to manufacture to hold them? Thus, the idea of creating “solid cleaning products” was born.

In addition to reducing the burden on the environment caused by the packaging and manufacturing process, Brianne, a biology major, insists on using 100% ingredients from natural raw materials. The pH balance makes cleaning more gentle and burden-free. The ingredients of Ethique shampoo cake come from kiwi, coconut Oil, neem oil, calendula, citrus, juniper and other plants, without adding soap base, SLS surfactant, silicon spirit that clogs hair follicles, paraben preservatives and synthetic fragrances that may cause allergies, etc. Daunting ingredients.

Subtractive life, starting from meeting “just right”

Whether it is normal, oily, dry, dandruff/itchy, curly and frizzy, soft and flat hair, Ethique has products suitable for different needs, holding a light fragrance in the palm of my hand, I can smell the natural fragrance that cannot be covered , not pungent, warm and comfortable, definitely not a taste that chemical flavors can create. Picky lady usually has an oily scalp and frizzy hair. When using ordinary shampoo, her hair often feels greasy within a few hours of going out. It is even more uncomfortable in summer. If the hair is not properly hydrated, the hair is easy to split.

Therefore, I chose yellow shampoo cake, a piece of orange heart, and a faint orange-orange fragrance. I wet the hair completely, picked up Ethique and gently brushed it on the hair along the hair flow, and went back and forth several times according to the hair volume. Miss Picky was surprised to find that the shampoo lathered even better than I had originally expected, the stereotype of “difficult to lather” shampoo cakes in the past did not happen. The method of use is not much different from that of ordinary shampoos. After the hair is fully cleaned, it can be rinsed gently with the shower head. Ethique will not be greasy and stick to the hair, making it easier to use.

The soap-free product is really different, unlike other shampoos that give me a dry feeling, the hair is silky and smooth after use, and it will not tangle; Like the commercially available shampoo products, the whole head is slippery after washing. If you feel that your hair is not smooth enough, you can pair it with Ethique conditioner and enjoy the just right feeling that this combination brings to you. Instead of over-stimulating the scalp, it improves the oily scalp. When you are outside all day, the faint fragrance coexists with the hair, and your mood improves. Live the most suitable subtraction life for you.

New Zealand Ethique shampoo cakes and conditioner cakes seem to be small pieces, but one piece of shampoo cake is equivalent to three bottles of shampoo, and one piece of conditioner cake is equivalent to the amount of five bottles of conditioner. Advanced carton packaging, the material can be decomposed, the packaging material is saved, and the waste in the transportation process is also reduced. In addition, the factory uses renewable energy to generate electricity throughout the whole process, provides farmers with a reasonable income, and does not conduct animal experiments. The intention of the family is not as rich as the stock, and it is a product that allows picky girls to use without feeling guilty. Ethique removes the unnecessary, leaving only the good for you, and the good you deserve it. Choose products that take care of you, and take care of the planet.

If you also like to appreciate nature and want to go out for a walk away from the hustle and bustle of the city during holidays, why not start from this simple mind and learn to coexist with nature from daily life. In fact, environmental protection does not need to change life with great fanfare, nor is it such a distant slogan. As long as you find a way that suits you and is friendly to the environment, you can make yourself and the environment better every day. Say goodbye to what you don’t need, and you can get more. This is a proposal for subtractive life that is exclusive to you, and it can also spread from you. In this already too complicated life, let us practice treating nature with heart and being kind Myself, just right, is the best.

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