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How to eliminate cockroaches? Kill cockroaches in a building with a Bayer cockroach medicine

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LIf you find one cockroach in your home, it means you have hundreds or thousands of cockroaches in your home.
—— Cockroach Law

After living in the house for a long time, there will always be a group of cockroaches lurking in some corners. Usually, you don’t see many of them, but if you accidentally turn over to the cockroach’s nest, the cockroaches that come out can form several battalions.

I used to think that my hygiene is very good, and the floor is high, so there should be no cockroaches. The only time I saw it, I thought it was flying from the next door, until I knocked over the salt to the back of the refrigerator and was forced to move the refrigerator Cleaning, oh my god, it directly triggered my trypophobia, it was crunchy when I stepped on it, and white pulp came out. Now thinking about it makes me sick.

It’s really not an exaggeration. There are really a lot of cockroaches in the south, and they are big. Even on Zhihu, some people think that the biggest difference between the north and the south is not the economy or diet, but the cockroaches. No matter how clean the home is, there will always be some places that are not seen all the year round that are occupied by cockroaches, such as the corners of the cabinets, under the cabinets, etc.

baier cockroachs

baier cockroachs

Moreover, the fecundity of cockroaches is astonishing, without the constraints of family planning, this thing is a reproductive machine, and one cockroach can produce thousands of offspring a year.

This is like a people’s war. You can fight one against ten or one hundred, but it is difficult to fight against thousands or ten thousand.

But cockroaches also have weaknesses: killing each other is a characteristic of cockroaches. Whether it is between cockroaches or cockroaches, or between the same species, they will kill each other and eat the corpses of their companions. In the eyes of cockroaches without emotions, the corpses of their companions are just a pile of protein.

So, it’s time to bring out our big killer – German Bayer cockroach medicine.

A very well-known cockroach medicine with a particularly good reputation on Amazon. As for Bayer, compared to other Fortune 500 companies, it is more famous in some industries. After all, Bayer is a big-name company in healthcare, crop science and material technology, and even acquired Mengdu Mountain last year…

The reason why Bayer cockroach medicine is a big killer is that it takes advantage of the weakness of cockroaches to eat each other, resulting in the viral spread of “poison” among cockroaches.

To put it simply, if a cockroach is attacked and takes cockroach medicine, it will affect the whole nest of cockroaches. Because of the cannibalistic nature of cockroaches, poisoned cockroaches will be eaten by the same kind, and then poisoned, die, and then eaten by the same kind, and the cycle repeats, just like toppling dominoes.



But, isn’t the principle very simple? Why can’t other cockroach medicines have such an effect? The key lies in Bayer’s control of the effective content of the insecticide, so that after eating the gel bait, on the way back to the nest, the toxicity occurs, and then dies in the nest.

General cockroach medicine, cockroaches eat too much and die suddenly, they die outside, and their companions cannot eat the corpse; if they eat too little, they cannot die, and it has no effect. Therefore, many times, even after the drug is administered, cockroach remains can be seen everywhere, but the root cannot be cut off, and the cockroach always reappears. This is the reason. The seemingly simple truth is not easy to realize. It took Bayer 15 years to develop such a core technology.

Another key is the moisturizing ability of Bayer Cockroach Medicine for up to 6 months. Because water is very important to cockroaches, gel baits with high water content are more attractive to cockroaches, while general cockroach medicines cannot keep moisture for a long time.

So why is long-term moisturizing so important? Because the egg case of cockroaches can hatch within 20-30 days when the temperature is suitable, and at most 3 months when the temperature is not suitable, and the egg will die if the time is longer. Therefore, the cockroach medicine that cannot moisturize for a long time may kill all cockroaches in a short time, but it cannot kill the egg case. After the egg case hatches, the dried cockroach medicine will lose its appeal to the new generation of cockroaches.

That’s why there is a saying in the world that “use a Bayer cockroach medicine to kill the cockroaches in a building”.

Moreover, in order to prevent humans and animals from eating by mistake, a bittering agent is added to the gel bait, which can prevent children and pets from eating by mistake. Even if ingested by mistake, the poisonous ingredient “imidacloprid” in the gel bait is safe to humans and plants due to its high efficiency, low toxicity and low residue characteristics.

But there are also disadvantages, expensive. Compared with the general cockroach medicine, Bayer’s cockroach medicine is several times more expensive. It’s not that the cheap ones have no effect, but different people use them with different effects. For example, professional insect control people know better how to use them, when and where are the most effective ones, but for ordinary people, they can’t grasp them. With too much relevant knowledge, we can only start with the efficacy of the medicine. After all, the cockroach medicine with better effect can make up for the unprofessional technique to a certain extent.

Now this season is when cockroaches are infested. If you find cockroaches, even if you only find one, poke here to buy one and start working. Don’t wait until cockroaches can be seen everywhere to make up for it.

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