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I know it smells bad, but I still want to try it cheaply, so let us tell you which brand of Liuzhou snail noodles is delicious

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LRecently, I watched a program on Watermelon Video. It was about two Koreans going to China to eat various delicacies. I didn’t pay attention to the specific name. The videos on Watermelon Video were all cut, but I still like to watch them. The kind of arrogant and inexperienced look.

When it comes to Chinese food, there are too many, but today I want to talk about snail noodles, a kind of food that looks fresh and smelly, rich and overbearing. If the snail powder can become popular, I have to mention “China on the Bite of the Tongue”, which pushed this favorite snack of Liuzhou people to the people of the whole country.

Many people will wonder why there is no snail when they eat snail noodles for the first time, isn’t it called snail noodles? In fact, in the traditional method of making snail noodles, the snail noodles on the final table do not have snails. The snails are only used to add umami when making soup. inside.

Like many other delicacies, the soup determines the quality of the final snail noodles. The method of making the soup is not simple. It needs to stir-fry green snails, chili, garlic, basil and other natural spices, then add the broth made from pork bones, chicken bones, and beef bones, and then boil it slowly. Cook until the soup with rich snail flavor is produced. The last thing is to put the soup into a bowl and add rice noodles, green vegetables and other condiments.

But after all, it is a snack in Liuzhou, and because the taste is more ferocious than stinky tofu, it is not as popular as stinky tofu, so it is quite difficult for the fearless to try it. Fortunately, after the popularity of snail noodles in the past two years, various instant food bags of snail noodles have also landed on major e-commerce platforms. But with so many brands of snail noodles popping up all at once, it is difficult for outsiders to judge which one tastes better and which one is more authentic.

Today we will talk about a few brands of snail noodles with good reputation on the Internet, but only four of them. Others that have not been mentioned are Liuquan, Jialiu, Fan Zhuangyuan, etc. You can also try it, but if you are For the first try, it is still recommended to choose from the four brands below.

Of course, taste is a very personal thing, not necessarily what others like, but you like it. The following four models are just the ones that most people think are not bad, and they may not completely suit your taste.

Snail King Tomato Flavored Snail Rice Noodles
Luobawang tomato-flavored snail noodles (go to buy) is an improved version of snail noodles. It not only reduces the spiciness, but also uses tomatoes to enhance the taste, which reduces the smell of snail noodles. It can be regarded as an entry-level snail noodles. If you are afraid and curious about snail noodles, and want to try it cheaply, it is recommended to use this brand of snail noodles to explore the way, and if you like it, try more authentic ones.

Haohuan Snail Noodles

Haohuan snail noodles (go to buy) can be regarded as an online celebrity snail noodles. It has a high online sales and repurchase rate, and it is highly praised in various evaluations. Many people commented that it can be eaten The taste of snail noodles on the streets of Liuzhou. The taste of the soup is very strong, and there is snail meat, which is a bit spicy, and the vermicelli is the kind that is a little harder. Overall, it’s a good choice.

love to eat

The sour bamboo shoots that everyone likes to eat are very authentic. The amount of sour beans is sufficient and the taste is also very good. The soup tastes a little like Chinese medicine, and the powder is thicker. All in all, this size favorite tastes good, the price is cheap, and the ingredients are plentiful.

Mr. Snail Powder

Mr. Luosifen, an international brand of snail noodles, high-end and high-end, is the first brand to export snail noodles to the United States. In terms of taste, the taste of sour bamboo shoots is very strong, but it tastes relatively light. The aroma of rice noodles is very strong, and the ingredients are also very rich, but the taste of bean curd sticks is strange. Overall, it’s still worth a try.

Finally, I want to say that when eating snail noodles, open the windows and the range hood before cooking, and at the same time seek the consent of the people around you. If you eat it, try to eat it in an open area like the balcony. If you live in a dormitory, don’t harm your roommates.

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