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“Kaweco”, a fountain pen that has gone through a century of ups and downs, what do you think?

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LWhen I was punished by my teacher for copying texts when I was a child, I always felt a hundred reluctances in my heart. After growing up, everyone is used to working and typing on the computer, and even letters have WeChat and mailboxes. On the contrary, they miss the days of writing on the desk when they were young. I don’t know if you have the habit of using a handbook to record every detail of your life. When you pick up a pen and write, you seem to have a serious dialogue with yourself, and you can build a real life with each stroke.

When it comes to fountain pens, the first thing that comes to mind is Hero, Parker, Lamy, some old brands, or Internet celebrity pens. But what we are going to talk about today is an old brand that you may not be familiar with – Kaweco (to buy).

Kaweco’s Centennial History Ups and Downs

Founded in 1883, Kaweco has a history of more than 100 years. It is not as smooth as other brands. Kaweco’s more than 100 years of history can be described as ups and downs, brilliant and sinking.

Kaweco was formerly a stationery store in front of the University of Heidelberg in Germany, and later changed to a pen workshop, co-founded by two Mr. Luce and Enßlen, the main production is still dip pens, then the name was Heidelberger Federhalterfabrik.

6 years later, Heidelberger Federhalterfabrik was acquired by Heinrich Koch and Rudolph Weber, and the products were also engraved with the logos of “Perkeo”, “Omega” and “Kaweco”, and HF was used to represent the Heidelberg dip pen factory.

In the 20th century, fountain pens, ballpoint pens, and fiber-tip pens became popular. Kaweco followed the trend and produced its own fountain pens, and cooperated with the Morton Company in New York (the oldest gold nib factory in the world) to import from London. The low-end nib was replaced with a gold-plated nib imported from New York. The tip of this nib is welded with iridium particles, which can be polished into small balls to make writing extremely smooth.

1911 HF began designing pocket pens for women, office workers and sportsmen. It was also the year that the acclaimed Kaweco Sport series was born.

In 1913, the CEO of Morton Company passed away, and his successor transferred all the equipment, technology and talents for making nibs to Kaweco, which laid a solid foundation for his subsequent fame.

In 1914, because it was honored to win the gold medal at the Leipzig International Fair, it became famous in one fell swoop and became a symbol of status and taste.

It was just this year that the First World War broke out, and Kaweco undertook the task of producing iron catalpa and grenades for the German army. Kaweco pens were used as military supply pens, which brought great communication effects to Kaweco’s fame and popularity.

However, due to poor management, in 1930 Kaweco was acquired by a small Baden pen factory “Knust Woringen and Grube” (brand Aurumia) from Wiesloch.

Then World War II broke out in 1939. Affected by World War II, Kaweco’s production was almost completely stopped. It was not until October 30, 1945 that it was allowed to resume production a few months after the end of the war.

In 1971, Kaweco received the official license of the Munich Olympic Games, and together with the special Olympic commemorative coins, it launched the sports series fountain pen with the Olympic ring decoration pendant, which was all the rage.

But then, Kaweco went bankrupt twice in the 1970s and 1980s due to poor management. It was not until 1995 that it was acquired by h&m Gutberlet GmbH and was able to return to everyone’s vision. At that time Kaweco launched a sports line based on the 1935 design, including fountain pens, ballpoint pens, ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, and drawing pencils.

In 2013, when Kaweco celebrated its 130th anniversary, Kaweco’s products have been sold to 40 countries and regions around the world.

Pocket pen Kaweco

In the stationery circle, Kaweco has a nickname called “pocket pen”, that is, a pen whose size is just enough to fit in a pocket. Whether it is a suit or a shirt pocket, it can lie flat instead of obliquely or clamped. Very portable.

When the Kaweco Sport is closed, it is only about 10 cm, which is half of the boy’s palm, which is nostalgic and cute. Don’t worry about the small size of the pen body affecting the grip. Insert the cap at the end of the pen body when using it, and it will immediately transform into a 13.5 cm pen that can be used normally. The reasonable distribution of the weight of the pen body can also make the experience more comfortable.

Germany is famous for its craftsman spirit, and the rigorous and serious temperament of the Germans is fully demonstrated in Kaweco products. For example, Kaweco’s internal torsion mechanism is a “pulsating telescopic mechanism” made in Germany, which is smooth and quiet to use. The classic octagonal pen body has lasted for more than a century. The octagonal long pen cap, gold or silver logo hot stamping, and simple visual symbols are full of strong retro feelings. At the same time, it is also functional. This design allows the pen to be placed on the table without slipping off easily.

The beauty of the rotating pen cap design is even more obvious at a glance. The screw-type design is air-tight, even if you forget to take it out and throw it into the washing machine, you are not afraid. It can not only slow down the evaporation of ink, prevent ink from seeping out, but also protect the pen from water The damage caused by pulling out the cap keeps the pen body shiny and new all year round. In addition to the pen cap, even the disassembly of the pen body and nib is screw-type. It is these inconspicuous designs that reflect the quality of German products.

But it should be noted that the octagonal design is only on the cap, and the barrel itself is cylindrical and easy to roll off, so it is better to wear the cap at ordinary times.

As the soul of the pen, the Kaweco Sport gold-plated steel nib is relatively small, engraved with logo and arabesques, and the craftsmanship is exquisite. The tip contains grains of iridium gold, ground and polished into a small ball. Iridium is an alloy of platinum and iridium, with relatively high hardness and strength. The writing is flexible, and the feeling of using it is very round. Writing English fonts is as smooth as dancing on ice, but it is not easy to stand out when writing Chinese characters.

The special ink and ink tubes are specially developed by the German ink laboratory for Kaweco, and the two methods of ink blotter and ink sac are more specific. The ink sac is convenient and fast, and it is more convenient when traveling. It can be thrown away after use, and it will not stain the nib. It is more suitable for handicapped people. For the ink absorber, you have to use the 49MM short type, and it is more fun to use Kaweco special ink.

The words “GERMANY SINCE 1883” are marked on all of Kaweco’s product packages, and even the colors and patterns of the product manuals are full of simplicity, as if they have survived since the 1950s and 1960s. And the retro style packaging box seems to make people feel the traces of time.

Of course, all the big veterans in the fashion industry have shown their love to the post-90s and post-00s in recent years, and rejuvenation has become a major trend. Old drivers like Kaweco will naturally not let go of the tide of making money. Thus, in 2014, the Classic Skyline collection with popular colors was born.

In fact, the Classic Skyline and the Classic are similar, but the color is different, and the logo on the top of the cap, the hot stamped logo on the body of the pen, and the nib are uniformly replaced with silver, and the color matching is lighter.

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