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“Lemnos” allows time to have a simpler expression

by nadlia
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LThere is a very famous new poem about time on the Internet “everyone has his own time zone”, which says that everyone walks their own journey in their own time zone, don’t be jealous or laugh at others, because life is waiting for the right time . Time, a seemingly abstract but practical thing, controls everyone’s life, but the thing that concretizes time is actually just a very small and inconspicuous clock.

From the ancient instant, hourglass, to pocket watch, watch and even the time display attached to the mobile phone, with the advancement of technology, sometimes even the delicate handwork of the original clock is ignored.

The city of Toyama Prefecture in the Hokuriku region of Japan is surrounded by mountains and facing the sea. In addition to the scenery and rich products, it also cultivates many craftsmen in various industries. Lemnos (go buy), a watch brand known for its exquisite craftsmanship, also attracts attention. The brand name of Lemnos is taken from Lemnos, an island in the north of the Aegean Sea. In Greek mythology, this island is full of craftsmen who specialize in different fields. And Lemnos is also a platform specializing in watches. Watchmakers with personal characteristics from all over Japan have injected a strong spirit of craftsmanship into this platform.

I found three very special and refreshing styles in Lemnos: dandelion, CUCU, Quaint, from simple to special, elegant to avant-garde, no matter what kind of timepiece it is, the unique Lemnos can always subvert the existing The imagination is presented in another mode.

Dandelion, as the name suggests, is a wall clock designed with the imagination of dandelions. The dandelion seeds drifting away with the wind represent the passage of time, minutes and seconds. The wall clock made of this extended concept reminds people of the meaning of time passing by. .

The CUCU series looks like a familiar cuckoo clock. As time progresses, birds will jump out of the clock. This is the most commonly seen wall clock in Europe, but Japanese designers designed it as a small, slim wall clock. In addition to not taking up space, you can feel the designer’s simple concept and ingenious craftsmanship.

Quaint is an elegant representative series. The designer’s inspiration comes from the clock face of the old clock tower. The material is made of a material as hard as concrete or brick wall, and the surface looks very special. Reproduction of casting process.

56From a small clock, you can experience the Japanese aesthetics of the clockmaker. The clock is not only a tool, but also an indispensable item for home decoration. Have you decided to pick one up too?

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