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Recommended | Dried flowers suitable for indoor use

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LWhen arranging flowers at home, you can put real flowers or dried flowers, but you can’t put artificial flowers. Flowers are very delicate things, so it is not suitable to place them in pots like monstera and banyan tree. If there are flowers at home, through the flowers, you can see the owner’s attitude towards life, whether it is casual, serious or not.

The flowers introduced below are some pretty high-quality dried flowers, but different flowers are suitable for different decoration styles and different vases, and not every flower is beautiful everywhere. The advantage of dried flowers is that they do not need to be replaced frequently, and the cost will be greatly reduced.

For flower arrangement, less is more beautiful, the quantity should not be too much, and the variety should not be too much. All kinds of flowers filled the vases, which is very disappointing.

Dried sunflower

Dried sunflowers are very attractive and can be matched with many home styles. Of course, not all styles are suitable, and not all vases can be inserted into the feeling. Since it is a dried flower, there may be a small amount of shedding when it is delivered by express. In addition, any dried flowers cannot be washed with water, remember.

Brazil imported flower buds

This kind of flower buds is suitable for single or mixed insertion, even without a vase, just a bunch of them tied there by the way. The presence of buds is very low, and there is a kind of cold wind in the Nordic decoration.

Roselle ball

The flowers are beautiful, compatible with art and small freshness, but this kind of dried flowers is very fragile, and the flower stems are made of injection-molded wire, not dried flowers in a complete sense. But, it’s all so beautiful, who cares so much, right?


Eucalyptus, there is a kind of proud loneliness, whether it is single or mixed, it is beautiful, but there are certain requirements for the choice of vases, you can try to choose a vase with a stronger sense of modernity.

But the eucalyptus itself has a special smell, I don’t know if you can get used to it, you can touch it first before deciding whether to buy it.

ins style Nordic vase

It is marked as hand-made in the store, but I really don’t believe that this thing is hand-made, but I have always looked down on all kinds of so-called hand-made things (the reason why I don’t like it can be seen in the front of the handmade soap discuss). This vase looks more and more familiar, it has a sense of my father’s wine bottle, but after affixing the label paper, the style is upgraded several grades.

In addition to the transparent one, this vase also has a dark color, which looks a bit like medicine (the vases with dried flowers above are). But the same as above, the label paper has been upgraded a few grades.

White Bisque Fired Ceramic Vase

When I first saw this vase, it looked like a slim woman, a bit shy. Although the seller said that this vase is suitable for Nordic minimalist style, I think it is more suitable for Japanese-style decoration. I always feel that this vase has a restrained feeling. When arranging flowers, try to insert as little as possible. The opening is not big, but if you insert too full, you will lose the feeling. In addition, the vase itself is frosted, but the seller has polished the skin a little bit.

Dried flowers daily maintenance tips

1. Dried flowers need to be kept in a ventilated and dry environment, and should not be placed in direct sunlight. The service life of the prepared dried flowers is generally about 3 months. If you want to extend the service life, you need to spray the hardener once a month, and you can extend the service life appropriately.

2. Trimming of dried flowers. One is to wrap the dried flowers with slightly damp newspaper overnight, and the flower buds will bloom better. The second is to put the petals or leaves close to the mouth of the pot filled with boiling water, and it will be much easier to trim after absorbing an appropriate amount of water vapor. But be careful not to water the dried flowers directly, otherwise they will become moldy and rot.

3. Try to use up the dried flowers within the service life of the dried flowers. If you really want to keep them for a long time, you can use the following method.

① Wrap the flowers, leaves, and fruits with stems and branches in newspapers, put them into cartons together with preservatives and desiccants, and seal the cartons with tape.

② If it is a fruit, put it in a sealed container together with preservatives and desiccants.

Regardless of the above storage methods, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight and try to store in a low temperature environment.

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