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Still using laundry detergent? 14 Detergent Recommendations for More Eco-Conscious Laundry

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LThe clothes that I wear every day, although they are all belongings outside the body, are inseparable 24 hours a day. When the sun shines in the early morning, calm down and finish the washing process patiently one by one, it is like the wake-up action after a cup of coffee in the morning, the consciousness grows, and the respective formulas are prepared according to the situation and properly The land is added in proportion and in order, just like the mastery of balance and understanding in a relationship, this is the way to get along.

For local treatment, a small bottle is enough

“Because there are not many, so I pay special attention to the care of clothes.” This is the concept of David Samuelsson, founder of the Swedish brand Tangent GC, from his grandfather who was a cleaner. Under the limited material conditions, the use and care of clothes are very particular. This may be just the opposite of the logic we are used to. “Use it better and use it longer” is a very Nordic way of life. In addition to the relationship between people and the environment, it also talks about the way of getting along with things outside of us. Cleaning, stain removal, local treatment, brightening, drying, ironing, all have to roll up the sleeves to deal with, or even wet hands directly to wash, and then wear it all day. After this whole laundry process, the relationship between clothes, skin and us may be closer than imagined.

The five brands introduced this time are from all over the world, and they propose different washing functions from different angles. With these small bottles and cans, it takes time and details to go back to the seriousness of a piece of clothing at the beginning, and the exquisiteness in that also prolongs our fate with good clothes. Taiwan/Tea Seed Hall, Japan/MUJI, Sweden/Tangent GC, USA/The Laundress, Noodle & Boo, Canada/Nellie’s, back in the water, each has its own story, as if the cells go through a seven-day cycle of renewal, they can breathe again, Freshen up.

Tangent GC laundry detergent

Tangent GC from Northern Europe (go to buy), each model has a number on the minimalist packaging, this green bottle is #043 “Jingxin”. Formulated with Soy and Sunflower extracts to remove laundry stains. It is suitable for delicate clothing such as silk and wool, especially for collars and cuffs.

The Laundress Wrinkle Removing Spray

Clothes that have been sun-dried, stored or used after being wrung out will inevitably produce creases. If you don’t have time to use steam or an iron, you can lightly spray The Laundress anti-wrinkle spray in front of the mirror before going out to eliminate the obvious creases on the fabric. wrinkled. Suitable for skirts, suits, dresses, pants.

The Laundress Ironing Spray

Taking the time to get your clothes ironed and of course trying to get it closer to perfection. Added with natural cornstarch, with a light fragrance, it can increase the fiber support, make the ironed clothes smoother and reduce the ironing time. Scope of application: Cotton, linen and cotton-linen blended fabrics.

The fascinating thing about cleaning is that…

About cleaning, if you ask any washing person, they will tell you that “cleaning clothes” is a kind of enjoyment, and that enjoyment comes from seeing the color change after washing, whiter and brighter, and they are satisfied, smelling fresh clothes The smell, as if the day has started all over again.

(From left) The Laundress Premium Sandalwood Laundry Detergent, Tangent GC #042 “Soft Heart” Fabric Softener, Noodle & Boo Natural Oxygen Bleaching Powder, The Laundress Iron Water, Nellie’s Natural Laundry Capsules

The Laundress Premium Sandalwood Laundry Detergent

Smell is the most fascinating part for cleaners. The Laundress, which already has a unique urban atmosphere, launched “ROSE 31”, a cross-border collaboration with the famous perfume factory Le Labo from New York, which is simply screaming. Just like Le Labo’s unsweetened genderless rose fragrance, it has been collected by fans of both genders in the favorite list. It is suitable for clothing made of cotton, linen, cotton blends, synthetic fibers and other fabrics.

Tangent GC #042 “Soft Heart” Clothes Softening Essence

The pure white bottle is just like the core concept of the brand. It uses all-natural ingredients, which can be decomposed and returned to nature after use. It does not contain chemical ingredients, which can effectively reduce the residue of clothes and lime sediment in the water, and restore the purest state of clothes. Add peach essential oil, aloe vera essence and unique formula to make clothes fluffy and soft, easy to iron, especially for new clothes that are put into the water for the first time, and it is also especially suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Noodle & Boo Brightening Natural Oxygen Color Bleaching Powder

Noodle & Boo (to buy) is from the United States. The founder, Christine Burger, has developed products that are suitable for both babies and pregnant and nursing mothers because she has a child. Natural and mild, without the use of irritating substances, the concentrated pure oxygen bleaching formula releases pure oxygen to remove oxidizable stains, natural ingredients can protect clothing fibers and maintain bright colors, free of fluorescent agents, dyes, formaldehyde, phosphates and plastics chemicals such as chemicals.

The Laundress Iron Water

The founders, Lindsey & Gwen, both love clothing and have a background in fashion boutiques. After experiencing the heartache of white clothes being damaged by chemicals during the cleaning process many times, they decided to combine their own expertise to launch a laundry detergent for clothes. When ironing clothes, add iron water to the iron or steam iron, in addition to increasing the smooth feel, it also adds a fresh fragrance; highly concentrated, one bottle can be used 64 times.

Nellie’s All Natural Laundry Capsules

The American retro illustration style is eye-catching. Nellie’s (go to buy) believes in green and natural. In addition to the iron box designed as a piggy bank, each laundry capsule is packaged in water-soluble, zero pollution and zero waste after use, and it is tear-free and non-toxic. Stick hands. The whole series uses natural plant ingredients such as natural enzymes, natural soda powder, and coconut oil extraction, without adding artificial flavors. From the inside out, it is a better choice for yourself and the environment.

Treat it with care, it will stay with you longer

Tea Seed Hall Rosewood Delicate Hand Washing Detergent for Underwear

Committed to promoting the new planting of bitter tea trees in Taiwan and the re-cultivation plan of bitter tea gardens, this time the Tea Seed Hall (go to buy) uses natural high camellia glycosides, combined with grapefruit seed extracts to enhance the antibacterial effect, and added stain removal Protease penetrates deep into the fiber to decontaminate. Pure natural without additives, suitable for intimate clothing, baby clothing, knitting, cotton and linen and other clothing, gentle washing without hurting clothing or irritating the skin, in the elegant aroma of pure natural rosewood and ylang ylang essential oils, laundry becomes a kind of enjoy.

Tangent GC #041 “Careful” Delicate Laundry Detergent

Tangent GC believes that treating every detail of life with heart can make the value last longer. Sweet orange essential oil is added to the formula to gently clean and maintain the clothes, so that the clothes are in the best condition. All natural organic ingredients, free of preservatives, petrochemical surfactants, fluorescent agents and chemical fragrances, suitable for delicate clothing such as silk, lace, cashmere, wool fabrics, down, etc., as well as general cotton and linen fabrics and baby clothing.

Smells so fresh after washing and drying

Left_Bamford plant extract pillow spray, right_MUJI fabric fragrance spray / fresh

Bamford Botanical Pillow Spray

Just like the British aristocratic life aesthetics loved by the founder Carole Bamford, in addition to pursuing texture, it also pays attention to the natural and organic philosophy of life. This is the first time that Bamford has launched a pillow and bed sheet fragrance. With sweet marjoram herbal as the main tone, it can improve the quality of sleep through fragrance sleep. It is convenient for business people who travel frequently and change time zones to carry it with them.

MUJI Fabric Fragrance Spray/Fresh

Contains persimmon tannin deodorant ingredients, mixed with natural essential oils as fragrance fabric fragrance spray. Can be sprayed on clothes, curtains, bedding and other fabrics to remove odors. Add citrus and lemon essential oils for a refreshing scent anytime.

Take good care of the leather and leave your own style

Wearing clothes and shoes, of course, you can’t forget about shoe maintenance. Use a shoe brush to gently brush off the dust on the shoe surface. First, apply the “shoe polish” evenly on the shoe body with a cotton cloth. The corresponding color of leather shoes, if there is no corresponding color, you can use colorless wax) to complete the basic maintenance of shoe leather.

Tangent GC Footwear Care Kit

It contains shoe polish, three types of shoe polishes (light/black/brown), two types of shoe brushes, and shoe cleaning cloth. Use pure natural high-grade beeswax, coconut oil, etc. to give shoes and boots proper oil and moisture, and enhance the toughness and lifespan of the leather; “natural shoe polish” quickly absorbs and penetrates into the bottom of the leather after softening the leather, so that the shoes and boots will be in the best condition for a long time; ” “Shoes and Boots Gloss Wax” imparts luster to the leather and covers worn lines; “Shoes and Boots Horse Hair Brush” is made of smoked ash wood with light-colored/dark-colored horsehair. The texture is flexible and does not easily scratch the leather surface, achieving maintenance and polishing best effect.56

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