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The natural handmade cups made by Japanese craftsmen

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LOn the 21st, I originally wanted to write all kinds of compelling glass cups, but as I wrote it, I wrote a special session on Mount Fuji cups, and finally became “The Sea Floats on the Mountains, the Mountains Are Hidden Under the Water, and the River House Glass の Fuji Mountain Cup” article. In September, we wrote an article “Sister Xiang | Those Lovely Glasses”. In that article, the cups were mainly aimed at all kinds of soft girls. Now this article introduces some glasses aimed at all kinds of uncles. When buying, pay attention to the size, some are wine glasses. If that’s what you’re looking for, check out the article below.

Mt.Fuji cup of Egase Glass

Just put the picture, if you want to know more, click this article dedicated to it.

First Snow Glass

Chuxue glass is made of natural lead-free glass, hand-hammered texture, thickened heat insulation and anti-scald, crystal clear and hard to put down. The body of the cup has icy texture, just like layers of icicles under the eaves after the first snow! It can be used as a water cup, tea cup, whiskey glass, juice cup, drink cup, lemon cup, and the water of different colors will have different effects after the light is refracted many times. Product size: diameter 9.6 cm, height 6.3 cm, capacity 180 ml.

hammered glass

Japanese hammer-mesh glass (go to buy), pure hand-made hammer-mesh texture, the light is refracted many times to make the drink crystal clear, can be used as coffee cups, tea cups, whiskey glasses, juice cups, beverage cups, lemon cups, with different colors The water has various effects. The texture of the cup body is very beautiful, the mouth of the cup is slightly closed, the glass is very thick, and it is very comfortable to hold in the hand. The material is high borosilicate glass, healthy lead-free material, high transparency, antifreeze, high temperature resistance, and can withstand a temperature difference of 20~150 degrees. Product size: 7.3 cm in diameter, 9.7 cm in height, 260 ml capacity.

ROCK GLASS Rock drinking glass

ROCK GLASS (to buy) is a magical wine glass designed by Japanese designer Sakurako Araki, wine glass! The whole wine glass has a sense of nature. It should be noted that this glass is not heat-resistant and not suitable for making tea, and some bubbles exist. In addition, shaozhuo refers to distilled alcohol. The alcohol in the liquid produced after grain fermentation is purified by distillation and cooled into liquid. It is a high-strength alcohol.

Yachiyo kiln wine glass

Yachiyo kiln wine glass (go to buy) the surface of the cup is irregular hammer pattern, which looks like sparkling water in the sun, which is really moving. However, due to the limited production of cups, and the production line in Japan has been shut down, sometimes you have to wait for a while to buy them now. The actual effect may not be as beautiful as the seller’s, but the effect is still very amazing. Also pay attention to the size of the cup, the cup body is not big.


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