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The sea floats on the mountain, the mountain hides under the water, Edo Glass の Fuji Mountain Cup

by nadlia
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LSend a cup and send it for a lifetime, but the cup is fragile and love is perishable, so they are all things that need to be carefully cared for.

“The snow is like a twig, the plain smoke is like a handle, and the white fan hangs upside down in the East China Sea and the sky.” Ishikawa Jozo described Mount Fuji in this way, and he has never been lucky enough to experience it in his life. Edo Glass’ Mount Fuji cup can temporarily relieve this worry. The Mount Fuji at the bottom of the cup is lifelike, the body of the cup is crystal clear, the sea floats on the mountain, and the mountain is hidden under the water, which is very fun.

Eason Chan once sang “I once wandered along the snowy road, why did I shed tears for good things, who can make Mount Fuji private with love”. Sometimes when you fall in love with someone, it’s like falling in love with Mt. Fuji. You can watch it, but you can’t move it. So, is there a way to move a mountain? No, since you can’t, why not walk over by yourself. Love is like this, maybe, just being there is enough. Many people like the Mount Fuji cup because of this. It is not so much a cup as a feeling.

Edo Glass’s Mt. Fuji cups (go to buy) are made of high-purity lead-free glass, blown by hand, so there is no way to ensure that all the cups are exactly the same, and some cups even have air bubbles, even if you don’t look carefully at the light. Not necessarily visible. There is an inconspicuous leak-proof edge on the mouth of the cup, which increases the tension of the water, which is a very considerate design. But don’t brag too much about the spirit of craftsman, don’t expect too much, the same is true for people and things.

The cup itself is very suitable as a gift, but if you give it to someone, you need to have enough delicate taste to appreciate it, otherwise it is better not to give it as a gift. The price itself is not cheap, the cheapest one is 398 yuan, and the suit is 1988 yuan. If the other party does not know what to buy, or is naturally frugal, it will inevitably be ridiculed, so why bother. It’s just for personal use and I’m too shy, but I like it very much. You can look at the imitation ones, and buy them later when the dragon gets the water.

Although the Mount Fuji cup is made by Japanese craftsmen, its shortcomings are also very obvious: one is the bubble problem mentioned above. Second, because the cup is not tempered, and the cup body is thin, it is not anti-drop, not anti-collision, and it is not suitable for machine washing. The third is that the instructions say that the cup is not suitable for making tea because it is not resistant to rapid cooling and rapid heating, but it is suitable for colored drinks at room temperature or cold drinks. Fourth, the “Edo Glass” on the cup is pasted by a sticker, not etched or engraved on the outer wall. After being torn off, the cup is just like an ordinary glass.

Generally speaking, Edo Glass’s Mt. Fuji cup is more like a work of art. If you must use it, you need to be very careful. Buying it is more about buying a feeling, or hoping to express love with something.

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