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Those Cozy Shoes That Just Look Warm

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LIt was too cold, and the temperature suddenly dropped a lot during this time. The cold in the south is a magical attack, it is really cold, a pair of warm slippers is very important.

Youtun Thermal Slippers

I bought 3 pairs of these shoes before and after, and a friend tried on my daughter-in-law’s and bought 2 pairs for her parents after seeing them. In my opinion, word of mouth is still decent. The first is that the heat preservation effect is very good, and it is very warm on the feet. The second is lightness, the whole pair of shoes are very light, and there is a feeling of stepping on cotton when stepping on them. The third is that the rubber sole is made of rubber material, which has good flexibility, makes the walking sound very small, and is waterproof and non-slip. Fourth, the color is very positive, simple and elegant. As for whether it is down or not, I haven’t opened it to see if it is comfortable to wear anyway.

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Biqu warm slippers

Compared with the above one, this slipper is more individual, and the fabric pattern is more fashionable. The overall estimate is not too different from the one above. The inner tank is clearly marked as white duck down. Personally, I am a bit taboo about duck down, because duck down is prone to smell if it is not handled properly. Put it here, you can judge for yourself whether to buy or not.Biqu warm slippers

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Halluci Floor Slippers

The men’s version is pure gray, which is more stable; the women’s version is a navy blue bottom with white small snowflake patterns printed on it, which is more soft. Considering that the thickness of each person’s feet is different, there is still elastic at the mouth of the shoe that can be tightened, which is very user-friendly. The sole is suede soft sole, which does not hurt the floor and makes walking silent, but it is not waterproof! You must think clearly before buying.halluci floor slippers

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DIY YEEZY 350 Cotton Mop

The slippers in this series all look huge and fat, pay attention to my use of the word “giant”. Among them, there is no size difference. The inner length of the cotton mop is 30 cm. Because it is filled with soft cotton, no matter whether the size is 35 or 45, it just stretches the cotton to different degrees. It feels warm just thinking about it.YEEZY-350-cotton mop

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DIY YEEZY 750 Cotton Mop

This cotton mop, like the one above, is also huge and fat. But this one comes in sizes. Relatively speaking, I think this one is more suitable for men, and the one above is suitable for women.DIY YEEZY 750 Cotton Mop

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