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Those recommendable ceramic vases full of artistic value

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LWhen choosing a vase, one is to pay attention to the decoration style of the home, and choose the vase that matches the home decoration; the other is to pay attention to the size of the vase, the larger the vase, the more flowers it holds (so it looks good), and the more flowers you spend in daily use The third is to pay attention to whether the flowers you like look good in this vase. Different vases contain different flowers.

Handmade ceramic brushed vase

I used this ceramic vase in my own home. Later, my relatives saw it and asked me to buy another one for her. The texture of the vase is very good, the surface is brushed, a bit frosted, and the inside is smooth ceramic, which will not leak. The body of the bottle is relatively thick, so you should think about what flowers to match before buying. In terms of style, it can be matched with many decoration styles, and it is more versatile. The disadvantage is that because the surface is brushed, it will not be easy to clean up if it is stained with oil. Don’t ask me how I got it…

“Happy Time” vase

This series of ceramic vases is very fresh, and Mori girls love it the most. Compared with the previous vase, this one has some requirements for the decoration style. The Japanese or Chinese decoration style is more suitable for this series, and it is a bit nondescript for the home with American decoration. Although the body of the vase is not small, but due to its style, it is not suitable to put too many flowers, less is more. The bottle body is threaded, the difference from the brushed one above is that the threaded shape is basically regular, round by round.

Fifty Shades of Gray Classic Vase

This vase is full of texture, but a little rough, and the style it pursues is also a tough industrial style. It should be noted that its material is cement, which is much heavier than ordinary vases. The style is not in vain, suitable for industrial style, simple style and so on. At the beginning, I actually liked this vase very much, but I didn’t buy it because I was afraid that it would be too heavy to fall on the ground and smash the floor tiles, hahahaha.

eggshell vase

It is a very plain vase, even strictly speaking it is not a vase, because most flowers are not suitable for this vase, and the copper money grass is beautiful in it. This vase also has strict requirements on home decoration style, and its placement is also tricky, especially if it contains water.

Ceramic paper bag vase

This vase is full of sense of design and full of creative value. Putting such a vase at home seems random, but it hides a mystery. This vase is suitable for placing on the floor and on the table, but it should not be placed on a high place, and the vase itself is not low. I personally think that if this vase is printed with some LOGO and the like to imitate shopping bags, it will be more realistic.

plain stitching color vase

Although the seller advertises a Nordic plain color mosaic color vase, I don’t think it looks like a Nordic style, but more like a Japanese style. Look, does the No. 5 vase look like a Japanese hip flask. Overall, the texture of the vase is very good, very plain. But the whole series of vases are not suitable for putting too many flowers, put less, simple and elegant.

Japanese white hemp rope ceramic vase

This ceramic is also very plain. Well, another layer of plainness means that there should not be too many flowers in the vase, even large flowers are not suitable. The inside of the vase is smooth ceramic and holds water.

Jinfanghua handmade frosted vase

This vase is somewhat similar to the first vase above, but it’s half the length and a little brighter in color. It is also suitable for a wide range of home decoration styles. It should be noted that this vase is indeed quite large, a little larger than it looks in the picture. For details, you can click on the evaluation to see the buyer’s evaluation map.


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