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Literary and artistic youth has a good heart, 7 niche brands of thermos cups with outstanding looks

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LThe quality of life is not reflected in complicated accessories, those can at most show your preferences, and the simplest and most ordinary utensils can best show the user’s style and taste. Just like water cups, some people like a large 2L pot, which can be filled for a day, and some people like coffee cups like KeepCup.

Keep Cup

KeepCup is a very well-known coffee cup brand in Australia, and is even more famous in the coffee industry. The original intention of this coffee cup is to reduce people’s demand for disposable take-away paper cups. After all, Australia, which has a strong coffee culture, has nearly 50,000 disposable take-away paper cups thrown away every half hour.

It has been several years since the first mass-produced KeepCup until today. Over the years, KeepCup has been continuously improving the design, optimizing the comfort of the grip, and enriching the colors. There are also clear scales engraved on the inner wall of the cup. Very convenient for fancy coffee lovers. It is precisely because of KeepCup’s professionalism in the coffee industry that it was designated as a brand sponsor in the 2012 Vienna Global Barista Competition and the 2013 Melbourne Global Barista Competition, which is highly recognized in the industry.

KeepCup is composed of four parts: cup body, anti-scalding strip, cup lid, and movable buckle. Each part can be freely matched according to your own preferences, which is interesting and fun. In terms of the size of the cup body, there are three sizes, large, medium and small, which can meet the needs of people with different water volumes. Plus, it’s easy to clean, leaves no aftertaste, is non-fragile, and is microwave and dishwasher safe.

But because the starting point is the purpose of the coffee cup, the KeepCup basically has no heat preservation function. The heat dissipation speed is different according to the indoor temperature, and it basically cools down in 10-20 minutes.


Rivers is a well-known brand of creative utensils in Japan. It has many products, such as French press pots, thermos cups, and accompanying cups. There are several series of accompanying cups alone.

Rivers Sleek

Rivers Sleek

Among them, the most popular is the Rivers Sleek series. The classic shape of the takeaway paper cup makes many people fall in love at first sight. The lid can be screwed on, the rubber ring is solid, and the spout snaps tightly. The double-layer cup wall is heat-insulated and not hot, which is very suitable for holding in the palm of your hand. The matte cup wall looks very textured, and the inside is smooth and easy to clean. If you love coffee and tea, you can understand the importance of this.

Although Rivers Sleek can withstand high temperatures up to 150°C, be careful not to heat it in a microwave. The capacity is 350ml, which can be regarded as a big belly in a coffee cup, and it is also suitable for making tea.

Rivers Demita

Rivers Demita

The Rivers Demita series inherits the minimalist style of the Japanese style, and its appearance is comparable to that of the Sleek series. Of course, the red rose in everyone’s heart is always different. It is the same as Sleek in terms of airtightness and inner wall, but the Demita series can not only drink directly, but also can insert straws, which is slightly better in function.


STTOKE is a coffee cup that just won the Australian Design Award this year. Different from the concept of KeepCup, STTOKE’s biggest insistence is to keep the temperature and taste unchanged from the first sip to the last sip when drinking coffee.

The appearance of the STTOKE mug is quite exquisite, with a matte paint texture, and the logo on the side is engraved with laser, revealing the luster of stainless steel in a low-key and steady manner. The wall of the cup adopts a double-layer design, which can not only reduce the weight but also insulate the high temperature. After filling the hot coffee, it will not feel hot at all.

The cups are available in black and white, and the inner wall is all white, because the designer hopes that everyone can clearly see the color of the coffee in the cup. Especially when drinking hand-brewed coffee, the amber liquid is filled into the cup, which is also visually pleasing to the eye.

The inner wall is coated with Greblon® ceramic coating. This coating is also widely used in high-quality non-stick pans. It is not only easy to clean and does not stick to the color of coffee, but also makes STTOKE look like ceramics. The material of the cup is quite moist to the touch.


There are many people who drink coffee, but do you know the origin of coffee?

About the origin of coffee, one of the most famous stories is the legend of the shepherds. The story happened in Arabia in the 13th century. When a shepherd was grazing on the grasslands of Ethiopia, he found that every goat was particularly hyperactive. Out of curiosity, the shepherd began to search for the answer carefully. It turned out that the goats ate goats. A red fruit. Out of curiosity, the shepherd also tried it. After eating it, he felt refreshed, and he took it too. Later, he introduced it to a passing Muslim. This miraculous fruit has been spread around the world. Come on, until today.

The GOAT STORY portable cup starts from the legend of the shepherd, with the image of goat horns as the main axis, with fashionable leather and a cloth bag for coffee beans, creating a new form of coffee portable cup. It was acquired on the well-known American fundraising platform KICKSTARTER as soon as it was launched. Wide response, achieved the goal in a short period of time, in addition to aesthetics, but also practicality, adding a lanyard and a strap, allowing users to free their hands, making cycling safer, and playing with mobile phones more convenient. The stylish cup sleeve is also a cup It is not a problem to place it on any flat surface.

The reason why it is designed in the shape of a sheep’s horn is part of the gimmick, but it is also very practical. The design of the sheep’s horn shape helps to pour the last drop of coffee in the cup into the mouth without wasting it. And the design of the cup mouth is very simple, it can be opened or closed with one hand. The fully sealed design not only keeps warm, but also doesn’t have to worry about the drink leaking out no matter how you put it.

Kinto Travel

Kinto, a Japanese creative home furnishing brand established in 1972, is famous for its ingenious and ingenious design of its products without losing their beauty. Kinto Travel is a national thermos cup of its family, which is simple, practical and attractive.

Compared with the general fancy design, Kinto Travel is more like the kind of water cup we usually use, but with a little more Japanese-style simplicity. Due to the hollow double-layer stainless steel structure, Kinto Travel’s thermal insulation performance is very reliable, water above 65°C can keep warm for at least 6 hours, and water below 8°C can also keep cold for more than 6 hours.

The 350ml capacity design is not very large, but it is enough for daily use. Moreover, the mouth of the cup is sealed, so you can safely put it in your carry-on bag.


mosh is a new brand of DOSHISHA, a Japanese home appliance brand that focuses on designing and adding fun to life. It is a very popular thermos cup in Japan. The retro milk bottle design and cute pink colors have created a new trend , achieving an astonishing sales volume of 600,000 pieces.



The overall design of mosh is very simple, but also has a sense of beauty. I don’t know how many girls’ hearts have been cute. It is made of 304 stainless steel. In terms of heat preservation, according to the official statement, the water temperature above 73 degrees can be kept above 54 degrees after 24 hours; if it is cold, it can be kept below 10 degrees for 6 hours and below 13 degrees for 24 hours. However, it may be a little difficult to clean this kind of small caliber, you can try the following artifact.

In addition, mosh also has a capsule cooler bottle suitable for use in the hot summer. Vacuum double-layer stainless steel design, no fogging; Tritan material, high strength, durable and scratch-resistant; detachable bottle body, easy to clean. One bottle is multi-purpose. It can be used as a cold bottle in daily life, and can also be used as a cold box for fruits and salads. It can also be used alone to transform into an Ice Blaster cup.


Canteen (go to buy) is a thermos cup launched by CORKCICLE in the United States. It is quite popular on ins and facebook. It has won the favor of a large number of stars and fashion bloggers with its unique shape design and careful details.



The shape design of this thermos cup is very tough, and the flat design on both sides is very non-slip, and it can be held firmly by small hands. There is a non-slip sheet at the bottom of the cup, making it safer to place the cup on any flat surface. The main material of the cup body is 304 stainless steel. The three-layer insulation cup body and the vacuum-tight lid make the cup’s heat preservation and cold preservation functions very good. The heat preservation effect is about 12 hours, and the cold preservation is about 25 hours. .

In terms of capacity, there are four types: 250ml, 450ml, 700ml, and 1700ml, which cover a wide range and can almost meet the needs of most people.

With a water glass, there must be something to soak, right? From the perspective of health preservation, I highly recommend the following article.

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