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What about bad breath? Why not try these 3 foreign weapons

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LYesterday, we talked about the problem of foot odor. Foot odor is already very embarrassing, but compared to bad breath, it is slightly inferior. After all, we don’t need to take off our shoes for foot odor, but if we have bad breath, we have to talk to others Bar?

Many times, we can be aware of our own bad breath, which is better, and we will pay more attention when talking to others. But sometimes, bad breath is difficult to be discovered by oneself, and this is the most feared situation. Bilibili talked a lot in front of others…

Especially on some important occasions, especially when it is necessary to establish a good image for others, such as interviews, business cooperation, blind dates… Having bad breath will affect others’ evaluation of yourself to some extent.

In fact, bad breath is quite normal. In today’s fast-paced society, everyone stays up late, does not eat on time, or eats some irritating food, and it is more likely to have bad breath caused by gingivitis, periodontitis and other undetectable diseases.

In the battle against bad breath, chewing gums such as Green Arrow and Yida are used the most. Although they can also cover up bad breath, it is somewhat impolite to keep chewing gum when talking with others. Especially young people, it is easy to leave the impression of being lazy.

For an upgraded version, use the Russian SPLAT oral cleaning foam (go to buy), which is a bit like mouthwash with foam, but it is milder than mouthwash and less irritating. After using it, you can clearly feel that your mouth has become refreshed . But the disadvantage is that it is more inclined to clean the mouth, but in terms of keeping the breath fresh, the time limit is short.

There is also Japanese okina portable mouthwash, the outer packaging is very small, like a jelly, very convenient to carry. If you use it, the opening method is the same as that of jelly, just tear it open, and rinse your mouth for 30 seconds. In terms of keeping breath fresh, it lasts longer than oral cleansing foam.

If the weapons introduced above are physical attacks on bad breath in this war against bad breath, the BREATH PEARLS introduced below are magical attacks on bad breath.

BREATH PEARLS literally translates to “breathing pearls”. It is a fresh breath and gastrointestinal capsule from Australia (to buy). There are three formulas to choose from, and the packages of the three formulas have different colors. The main ingredients of the green package are peppermint and celery seed oil, the yellow package is peppermint and ginger, and the red package is peppermint and guarana. Relatively speaking, green packaging is more popular in China.

Compared with mint, ginger, and celery seed, you may be unfamiliar with guarana (don’t ask what celery seed is, it’s the celery seed we often eat). Guarana, also known as Brazilian fragrant cocoa, scientifically named Paullinia cupana, is native to the Amazon Basin of Brazil and has been recorded as a rainforest medicinal plant for a long time. Guarana is also known as “super fruits” in Brazil, literally translated as “super fruit”, and is widely used in breakfast cereals, biscuits, cereal bars, candies, soups, capsules, tablets and other products.

BREATH PEARLS is not just as simple as freshening breath, it can regulate the stomach to a certain extent to achieve the effect of improving breath. And not only for people with bad breath, but also for people with flatulence.

Compared with oral cleansing foam and mouthwash, its effect is more lasting and thorough, but it is not an immediate effect, and it needs to be taken continuously for a period of time to gradually show its effect.

BREATH PEARLS has a good reputation on Zhihu, WeChat and other platforms, part of which is due to its indeed powerful effect, but it is also inseparable from a group of exaggerated people. It is said in many places that it can cure bad breath, but in fact it can’t, it just improves it, it can’t cure it. After all, there are many reasons for bad breath, and it is not a panacea. It’s not like some people say that people who eat it will be able to burp a light mint flavor. Only people with flatulence in their stomach will burp a mint flavor, and it has a very light mint flavor.

If you use it, take it 1-2 times a day, swallow it with water after meals, and don’t chew it, it feels very sour. However, it should be noted that people with cold stomach and gastritis are not suitable for this product, because mint is cool in nature, and try to avoid menstrual period when taking it.

When storing, pay attention to placing it in a high place, out of reach of children.

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