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What about solid toothpaste

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LI don’t know who invented it, but it’s an interesting imagination. Solid toothpaste, also known as tooth cleaning tablets, tooth cleaning granules, is mainly used in travel or outdoor sports due to limited conditions can not be normal brushing environment.

Solid toothpaste looks like a pill. Pick one (or two) at random and put it in your mouth. Chew and chew for a period of time before foaming. If it’s not possible, skip the brushing session and chew for a while before gargling.

Because solid toothpaste is limited and doesn’t really taste good, you wouldn’t use it at home. At present, there are not many brands of solid toothpaste, such as Lush, Denttabs and Bandini, among which Lush has a rich product line of solid toothpaste. Lush is a skincare brand in the UK and has a relatively strong presence in China. Its domestic sales of solid toothpaste currently total the following types:lush solid toothpaste

But, but, it must be stressed, these things really, really don’t taste good.

Some people think bitter, some people think spicy, some people think fishy, anyway, it is an indescribable taste, before the use of psychological preparation. But not everyone can’t accept it. Some of them like it.

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