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Which brand of hand sanitizer is reliable, here is the answer

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LIn “Science Popularization | Correct Choice of Hand Sanitizer”, Buy Wrong.com summarizes several types of hand sanitizers currently on the market, including ordinary hand sanitizers, anti-bacterial hand sanitizers, and water-free hand sanitizers. This article mainly introduces several reliable brands of hand sanitizers currently on the market. What is not mentioned does not mean poor quality. After all, energy is limited, and only a few common brands of hand sanitizers are summarized.

Disposable hand sanitizer is actually a kind of disinfectant, and its cleaning ability is very average, so it cannot completely replace soap and ordinary hand sanitizer. The main function is to disinfect and sterilize, and it is recommended to use it in places such as traveling and outdoors. Since its main ingredient is ethanol, people who are allergic to alcohol should use it with caution. At the same time, it cannot be used on high-speed trains or airplanes (it will be confiscated). It is generally not recommended to be used as a daily hand sanitizer. The specific method of use is introduced at the end of the article “Science Popularization | Correct Handwashing Methods”.

The so-called long-acting antibacterial of the general disposable hand sanitizer is effective for 4 to 6 hours, and there are also strange ones that are 24 hours (at least that is how it is advertised).

Some people like to use hand sanitizer as a disinfectant for the toilet at home, and spray it before use. But if this is the demand, it is recommended to buy iodophor disinfectant, after all, it is cheaper, and there are actually special products for toilet disinfection.

Disposable hand sanitizer is generally used outside. If there is no special need, it is not recommended to buy a bottle that is too large, which is inconvenient to carry. Generally, large bottles are designed for special occasions, such as hospitals and other public places. If you are in finance, you can make a big bottle and put it in the office.

German SOS hand sanitizer

Authentic German products are sold on Amazon in Germany. Judging from the evaluation, the local reputation is not bad, and there are official overseas stores on domestic Taobao. Can effectively kill 99% of bacteria, including HIV, HCV, HBV, cold viruses. This hand sanitizer is safe and non-toxic, and complies with the European Union’s maternal and child safety standards. If you have babies and young children at home, you can use it to disinfect toys, but the price/performance ratio is not high, but it is still good.

There is a Braille label on the bottle, which is quite considerate. The smell of alcohol is slightly strong when it is first sprayed out, but it dissipates quickly. After use, there will be no sticky feeling on the hands, and there will be no residual alcohol smell or fragrance.

Jianzhisu compound alcohol quick-drying spray

The name is not good, but it is a big brand in the domestic disinfection industry. Many hospitals use this brand of disinfectant. Initially, this brand of hand sanitizer was also designed for medical staff.

In addition to ethanol, polyhexamethylene biguanide hydrochloride is also added. Polyhexamethylene biguanide hydrochloride has killing and inhibitory effects on Gram-negative bacteria, Gram-positive bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms, and is currently known as the polymer antimicrobial agent with the broadest bactericidal spectrum . Although polyhexamethyleneguanidine has no obvious toxicity to the human body even at high concentrations, infants and young children have tender skin and like to bite their fingers, so it is not recommended for infants and young children.

It is slightly greasy when applied, has a slightly strong smell, and dries quickly, leaving no sticky feeling and no odor residue. Generally used for surgical disinfection, it can be seen that the disinfection effect is still very good.

Jiefurou hand sanitizer gel

Jiefurou, like the above Jianzhisu, belongs to the brand of medical-grade disinfectant, and the disinfection effect is very reliable.

Jiefurou’s hand sanitizer is gel-like, so it is a little sticky to use, and it takes a long time to rub it on your hands (it takes 1 minute, usually 20 seconds), and it evaporates slowly. At the same time, the smell of alcohol is quite strong. After drying, the smell remains slightly larger, and there will be a sticky feeling on the hands.

The main ingredients are ethanol and hydrogen peroxide, which are safe and non-toxic, but it is also not recommended for infants and young children.

Dettol Disposable Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

Dettol is a well-known brand, and its disposable antibacterial hand sanitizer is also effective, especially the long-lasting antibacterial performance is very good.

Dettol’s antibacterial hand sanitizer has a faint fragrance, which takes a while to disappear. The portable package is a very small bottle, which is mainly convenient for going out. The volatilization speed is also quite fast, and there will be no sticky feeling after use.

ZOONO Foaming Hand Sanitizer

The New Zealand brand is characterized by: the price is very expensive, just kidding, but it is really expensive. The promotion is 24-hour long-acting antibacterial. According to relevant domestic tests, the antibacterial effect is indeed good, but it is not 24-hour long-acting antibacterial, and no relevant data has been found.

The ingredients do not contain alcohol, which seems to be fraudulent. The third-party testing is indeed very safe. It claims that the product is safer than vitamin C and reaches food grade. The LD50 (half-lethal rate) concentration of vitamin C is 11900mg/kg. Zuo Nuo’s LD50 value is indeed higher than that of vitamin C, but it is not edible.

The product is rich in aloe vera extract, which has a certain skin care function, so after using it, the hands feel dry and slippery. Although it does not contain artificial fragrances, it still has a bit of a smell, which is quite pleasant.

In short, this is suitable for those who are not bad at money.

In addition, 3M has a hand sanitizer that is good for love. Although the effect is not bad, it is also very expensive, and it costs 10$ for 500ml.

The long-acting antibacterial effect of Valus and Prell is relatively poor, and the antibacterial effect is very weak after 4 hours, so it is not recommended in this article.

If after using the hand sanitizer, symptoms such as skin peeling appear on the hands, stop using it immediately and try another brand.

Again, during the writing of this article, I saw someone using hand sanitizer as a daily hand sanitizer. This is a wrong approach, especially for children, and it is not recommended.

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