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Which brand of warm baby is good? Warm baby brand finishing with reliable quality

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LSince warm baby has no technical barriers, the production cost and process requirements are relatively low, so there are many warm baby brands on the market, and all kinds of good and bad are mixed. There are many packages printed in Japanese on Amazon, and there are inexplicable fakes. If you look for a certain brand, you must go to the official store to buy it.

First of all, let’s talk about the performance of poor-quality warm babies.

One is that the heating time is insufficient. The qualified warm baby usually has a heating time of 12 to 20 hours, and the unqualified warm baby cannot reach this heating time, or even only three or four hours.

The second is that unqualified warm babies generate heat unevenly, scalding to death when it is hot, and freezing to death when it is cold. The reason for this problem is that the non-woven bag of the warm baby is unqualified, resulting in uneven oxygen entering, and uneven heating reaction. If you want to understand the principle of warm baby heating, you can read the following.

Let’s talk about the more reliable warm baby brands.

Kobayashi daily Warmer pad

When it comes to the brand “Xiaolin” (to buy), many people who are a little more particular about life should be familiar with it. Why does Nuan Bao choose Kobayashi Daily Chemical? Because the domestic “nuanbaobao” trademark is registered by Kobayashi Daily Chemical! Moreover, Nuanbao was originally invented by the Japanese (this is also the reason why many Nuanbao fake packages are printed in Japanese). Shanghai Kobayashi Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. on Tmall is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan’s “Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.”, not a counterfeit.

In fact, in terms of characteristics, this kind of thing has no characteristics, it is a qualified product, the heating time is sufficient, the temperature is not high, but it can continue to maintain a constant temperature, of course it is also expensive. Also, the packaging is ugly. Also, don’t participate in the store’s “Juhuasuan” event, because it’s for destocking, and all the products are from 2015, 2016, or even 2014, which is immoral.

Watsons Stickable Warmer pad

Watsons’ warm baby is actually not recommended to buy online, and it costs 13 yuan for postage, which is not worthwhile. If there is a Watsons store in the local area, try to go to the store to buy it.

カイロぽぽか family

The translation is “warm family heat stickable stickers”, but if you say “warm family”, not many people may know it, but if you say “kangaroo warm stickers”, there are a lot of people who know it. The reason why it is called Kangaroo Warmer is because the Japanese packaging is unknown to everyone, and the most obvious ones are the two kangaroos, so I am used to calling it Kangaroo Warmer. Compared with Kobayashi and Watsons above, Kangaroo warm baby is much cheaper and cost-effective. It is also the most recommended brand of warm baby on the wrong website.

The カイロぽかぽか family is a product of アイリスオーヤマ Co., Ltd. (Japan Alice). Alice is a relatively large manufacturer in Japan, similar to IKEA in Sweden.

Japanese white yuan warm pad stickers

This is also a Japanese brand, the quality is not bad, and more people use it, but the cost performance is not high.

Various other brands of warm babies have never been used or investigated. The brands not mentioned above do not mean that they are not good, but it is true that this business is too messy, so you need to be cautious when buying. The following are the precautions, read it before using it, don’t be sloppy.

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